adriangoode  asked:

“You’re not alone, you’ve got me.”

Violet looked up at Adrian. She never imagined he’d ever be in her life again or that she would be comforted by the fact that she had him. She found herself reaching for his hand and squeezing it. “Don’t leave..” She whispered softly and looked into his eyes. “I think I need you Adrian and I hate myself for it. I should know better but I can’t pretend that you’re not the person I turn to when it all goes wrong. It’s just a really awful way to feel about your sister’s husband.” She leaned in closer and then quickly pulled away. How could she even think about kissing him? She was with Harry, he was with Liz.. how could she be so selfish? But she was also vulnerable at the moment and felt like her whole world was falling apart. 

Vika studied him for a moment, taking in the dazed, confused look in his beautiful green eyes. Spirit was riding him hard, so she could answer honestly—when he snapped out of it and was himself again… he would have no memory of what she’d said. Smiling sadly, she nodded her head, fighting back the tears she felt pricking her eyes.

“Yes, moy Dusha… I love you with every fiber of my soul. You are my whole, entire world… and it destroys me knowing that you don’t feel the same way.”