Cousin Gijinka.  photoshop.

Whoops, drawin’ more Namco High stuff!  Whoops!  Honestly, the production team for this game is some of its biggest fans.  The whole thing was truly a labor of love.

I’ve been noticing in a the Namco High tag that people have been primarily gendering Cousin as male in fanart.  WHICH IS FINE!  Cousin was designed for people to be able project any gender onto them.  But I also want to remind players that male doesn’t have to be the default!  The sky’s the limit!!

Remember, you can play 6 characters’ stories for free over at the ShiftyLook site!

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Steam Sale Postcard.  photoshop.

Valve got a buncha artists to do trading cards for this year’s Steam Summer Sale, and I got to do one!  A big thank-you to the lovely folks at Valve who I had the pleasure of workin’ with.  Thank you guys for asking me to draw burly men playing beach volleyball in various states of undress, it was so much fun.

The Summer Sale is still running til the 22nd and you can get my trading card on Steam ‘til then!


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Summer Sale Illustration composition breakdown. (process giffinal illustration)

I received several questions about the weird black lines that appeared during the process gif posted earlier.  The gif probably moved too quickly to figure out what they correlated to, so I broke the composition down into a series of gifs.

Every aspect of the illustration was intentionally built to form a shape or line to draw the eye to the center top of the frame.  You put them together and it draws your eye directly to the volleyball!

I was largely thinking about Kali Ciesemier’s articles about composition and informal subdivision (check them out if you haven’t already!).  I was never formally trained as an illustrator and in a lot of ways I feel like I’m mostly trying to emulate things I like and make what feels right to me, ha ha.


Namco High: Cousin designs

As you might know, ShiftyLook is shutting down later this year and as a result, today is the last day to purchase Namco High.  While I still have a chance, I wanted to talk a little bit about my designs for the game!

Cousin’s appearance was probably the most important design made for the game.  They were also the only character that was created for Namco High; everyone else (excluding a few incidental background characters) was a pre-existing property character.

One of the direct orders I received was that Cousin’s Katamari antenna needed to end in a heart.  So I just played into that theme in spades (or hearts. uh).  Heart-shaped head (the v-neck sweater implies the bottom of the heart shape), heart insignia on the sweater, head and body in shades of red and pink.

Everyone who plays Namco High would need to be able to project themselves onto this avatar.  Cousin has no canon gender, orientation, or race; the player is able to decide all those things for themselves.  As such, I made certain that their design was as imprintable as possible; nondescript sexual and gender signifiers, and a non-human skintone.

The game is available to purchase for $7.50 until the end of March 28th.