My studio unfucking! I lost track of how many 20/10s this took (as well as a trip to IKEA). I started with my desk just to gain some traction in this area. Even when the desk was clean there was a ton of junk piled to the side.

The other issues I had were things like my paints - a huge mess that I had to figure out a way to organize. I also, in theory, had a place for supplies but it was these really deep drawers made of corrugated plastic. They were hard to open and everything was just dumped in there.

That’s where the trip to IKEA came in. I swapped the old chest of drawers for these customizable stacking ones. They’re pretty awesome, you pick a drawer size you like and just stack them however you want. They said not to stack them more than three high but I’m a rebel like that (not really).

I used a small version for them to make colour-coded paint drawers for the paints, and larger ones for the rest of my supplies. I know exactly where everything is now! It’s amazing. Thanks UFYH and fellow UFYH folks for helping me tackle this slowly. It seemed too daunting before but now it’s going to be a much better place to work.

I’m probably going to spend some time unfucking those shelves too but for right now it’s functional and a lot better and that’s what matters.