found this DS9 commercial the other day

was this really real

Screening and Talk with Ellen Pau
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ICI Curatorial Hub
401 Broadway, Suite 1620
New York, NY 10013

Co-founder and artistic director of Videotage, Ellen Pau will be giving a special talk at ICI about Videotage Media Art Collection, while discussing some of Videotage’s past projects, and the recent exhibition of ICI / Creative Time’s Living as Form (the nomadic version) presented in Hong Kong. For 27 years, Videotage has served as a non-profit, interdisciplinary artist collective that focuses on new media art, and provides a platform for collaborative time-based projects. It also facilitates the discussion of art and technology in the realm of everyday lives aspiring towards a collaborative and sustainable future, through numerous activities and events, exhibitions, and festivals. This talk is in conjunction with the presentation of Videotage, Hong Kong at the ICI Curatorial Hub @ TEMP.

More info:

More on Videotage’s addition to Living as Form


i couldn’t find anything about Super DS9 on tumblr and i just want to make sure people are aware of the hilarious ill-fitting music and frolicking sisko it contains