Hi everyone! here’s my new Daryl & Carol video

Song: The Hunger In Your Haunt By Crywolf
Hope you enjoy it & remember to watch in HD 

Distance Michael Imagine

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Inspired by this video

Song Recommendation(s): 

Roxanne - Chase Atlantic 

Surround You - Echosmith

It was the waiting that always got to you. 

Waiting for the day that you would see him.

Waiting for the taxi to take you to the airport.

Waiting for the plane to take you to the country he was in.

Waiting for the plane to land.

Just waiting.

And with waiting, comes time, and with time comes thinking, and with thinking comes over thinking.

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Just a short little mix of Voltage men. It was going to be the whole song but the project file was getting a little big so I decided to cut it into a few different parts, and then upload the whole video later for full enjoyment. Except, the audio’s going to be a little choppy since I’m cutting out the moaning part. I can’t seem to find anything to do with those parts….


[0:00 - 0:07] Teorus (Star- Crossed Myth)
[0:07 - 0:14] Leon (Star- Crossed Myth)
[0:15 - 0:20] Eisuke Ichinomiya (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder)
[0:21 - 0:27] Hiroki Eniwa (My Last First Kiss)
[0:28 - 0:37] Ayato Hideka (My Last First Kiss)

Part 2 || full video

Song: Pomp and Circumstance ( rachie + Kuraiinui cover )


Hold On - Alabama Shakes (acoustic cover by mannequins breathe)

Refreshing to see a rootsy, soulful jam like this hit the Hot 100.

Hope you dig the spin I put on it.


Hit the Road Jack


Collab videosong with João Neves! :)

Hope you like it & tell us what you think and what you want to hear next!


Aphex Twin / Bright Eyes Mashup - Jack Conte (by jackcontemusic)

I fucking love this guy. He’s part of Pomplamoose as well.


Too bad you’re so small, too bad you’re pointless.


This is the video for an original song I’ve written, titled “Opinion.” Enjoy!


Excellent song. Every time I hear it, it makes me wonder why I don’t record more.


Turn by Ein Astronaut

In my opinion
And on my mind
You turn it all
When the feeling’s small
All in all
All in all

I saved the link to this video months and months ago. I was organizing a bunch of bookmarks tonight and decided to watch this video again. In the video description Ein writes that there are 2 rules he stuck to when he made this video:

  1. What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for instruments or voice).
  2. What you hear it, at some point you see it (no hidden sounds).

This kid is so freaking talented. It’s ridiculous.

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This will be a short post:
I am thinking of making another one of those videosongs; however, I’m interested in covering “Never Stop” instead of making something original with numbers generated by my calculator what. I was originally going to work on this as a looping video with Brian and Vagner (maybe still will in the future), but I figured I’d give it a shot now.

See? Short.



Did I mention that we made a new video with some lovely friends?
I filmed and edited the video (and my face appears now and again where I provide some harmonies…)


I Want You Back, Jackson 5. I dig the slightly slower tempo. What do you think?