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god everyone was scared of kyungsoo and wanted nothing to do with him but he just couldn’t see… it was just his astigmatism… he couldn’t make friends bc of his astigmatism and only this overly nice tall kid with a loud booming voice and big ears would be nice and walk home with him and chanyeol probably saw how everyone avoided kyungsoo and saw kyungsoo by himself and usually alone and went out of his way to be friendly and make him feel welcomed and god chanyeol has the biggest heart and kyungsoo just has bad eyesight and this is the friendship of the century

  • James: What would you say if I said I was planning on asking Lily out?
  • Remus: Id say I think that is truly a horrible idea.
  • James: So, what you're saying is I should meet her at hogsmead and break out a few of my seductive charms.
  • Remus: Yeah that's actually the opposite of what I was saying.
  • James: I know but I didn't like what you said.