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The Remarkable Margaret Thatcher on Socialism.


is this dan socializing

(my video from my vine account, please do not steal)


10 Periscope Tips For Your Business

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@lil_henstridge: Just another day at the office 🐶🐶 @shaynsanford #iaindecaestecker x (x)

So I work with a Cullen look-alike

GUYS. (and gals)

Today I was introduced to some new people at my work, and a few of them will be working directly under me (teehee, under me. I’m a mature adult I swear), and ONE OF THEM IS A SPITTING IMAGE OF CULLEN.

Like, the curly hair that he OBVIOUSLY styles, the strong jawline, the stubble and neckbeard, the goofy grin. AND HE IS GOING TO BE WORKING DIRECTLY FOR ME. ON MY TEAM.

How do I deal with this??


@chloebennet: That smile at the end. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!??!!!! #Tbt (x)