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raw: We are so fascinated by @NathalieEmmanuel and her amazing hair! Who else wishes they could try that out for a day?😍 We made sure to capture the #GameOfThrones star in all her glory, and we can’t wait to show you guys the full feature on Friday! Make sure to have our post notifications on so you can be notified the second it’s live! #RawPages x #NathalieEmmanuel 🔥❤️

emonitela: This is I Don’t Know How But They Found me, the brainchild of Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman. They boast a big, sexy sound and make fantastic use of Weeke’s illustrious voice. The band is also no stranger to social media shenanigans, making their allure even harder to resist. Keep your eye on @idkhow cuz we’re glad we found them…you’ll be glad you did too.

there we have our first clip of actual studio recording and it sounds fantastic!