It’s all been leading up to this: the Star Wars Rebels season 1 finale, Fire Across the Galaxy. Don’t miss the action, Monday 9p/8c on Disney XD!


Cute little baby kisses a Pit Bull on the nose and gets the sweetest response in return.


Honeymoon Diaries: (2:07… jones actually caught some of it on camera) i know i say “i almost died” often but this time i actually mean it.


Weekly Idol with Big Byung // part 2 3 4


opening night thoughts !


Watch a panel discussion from The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles. Members of the cast of HBO’s acclaimed series ‘Looking’ including Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez, Murray Bartlett, Raúl Castillo, Lauren Weedman, Daniel Franzese, and Executive Producers Andrew Haigh and Michael Lannan will share behind-the-scenes insights and “making of” anecdotes from season two.


Wn yo mato a esos culiaos xd la broma más brigida xd


so now what?

Masterlist of my Glee fandom videos

Brittany & Santana

Multifandom with Brittany and/or Santana in them

Santana Lopez


Stephen Amell

22 Hours Left. 90+ Countries Reached. 42,000+ Shirts Sold.

And a shoutout to my friends in New Caledonia & Oman. I looked up where you were online.

Lastly… I get people asking all the time about the Sinceriously campaign after the fact. If you’ve participated and supported Stand for the Silent (Official)& Paws and Stripes, please share this post. xo


Austin Carlile Interview.