Whole first draft of the “Let It Go” revamp storyboards!!

Well, I went and got the whole thing out over the course of about a week I guess. Was 5 days since I posted the first portion of it and I guess I went and did all the rest since it got around.

I admit, I got super lazy with a lot of it and some of it isn’t as clear and I’m sorry about that but… I’m tired haha… Also I have a ton of other projects to do. I’m surprised I did it all tbh. It’s one of the longest storyboard sequences I’ve done so far!

Though it was for fun, it was at least also a good practice for me. I knew I needed something more visual than what the original was and though I had the vision it’s always hard to make out what you actually have in mind and do it justice. It’s a start though! Thank you all for the nice comments you’ve had before! I hope you enjoy the rest~

(Maybe one day I’d try cleaning it up more idk.)

Frozen © Disney
Music ©  Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez
Storyboards done by me




Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne & Karlie Kloss At The 2015 MTV VMAs


Ari by Ariana Grande | Ultra Beauty


katblaque‘s thrifting tips!

These are a great start! Here’s what helps me:

  • Be aware of what brands and styles fit you the best and search for them

  • If you can afford to have an item altered, go get it! I have to get my pants hemmed because it’s really hard to find Petite and Petite Short pants. If a shirt is a little too big, but otherwise fits great, I get it altered by a friend, relative or professional. 

  • Keep in mind what you are able to wash. There are great tricks out there if you can’t afford dry cleaning. If you can’t have dry cleaned items, pay attention to fabrics that do well/can survive old washers and dryers

  • Try shoes on. Sometimes one shoe fits okay but the second shoe doesn’t fit the right way. Or there may be something sticky on the inside, or they aren’t true to size.

  • If you’re thrifiting formal dresses, don’t be surprised if the dress that fits you is several sizes larger than what you’re used to wearing. Formal sizes often run smaller than casual dresses.

  • If you have physical limitations like I do, bring a buddy who likes the search and knows this may take all day. When you find things that fit, you might have to make an additional decision of what is the easiest to put on without assistance.

  • If you have affordable access to someone who can alter clothing, you can take items that are difficult to put on and have them modified to accommodate you.

  • Thrift stores are my favorite places to find ties for work. There are great styles available! I have a thing for older patterns/materials.

I have done a lot of fanbots in my time (x) 

Fanbot creators credited in the videos these gifs came from. But I only made the one on the top left.

NONE of these are my original designs. I just recreated them for some awesome artists and creators and I loved doing each and every one of them. 

One last time, these are not my original designs. If you created one of these fanbots and would like me to credit you in this post just let me know.

Thank you everyone for allowing me to recreate your amazing designs! I love face painting and I love seeing how happy it makes you all. Thank you  :)


It’s the Localised version of those Japanese guide videos from earlier this year, Pretty informative!


Demi Lovato on Jimmy Kimmel Live COMPLETE Interview


misha at vancon, panel, part1

part 2


part 4


nhlpa_official An intense bubble hockey game going on right now #NHLPARookieShowcase

I got an anon saying that they thought I used too much editing and didn’t actually sound like that. Which, honestly, I find to be flattering? Anyway, here’s a crappy, unedited clip from my phone that I took for a friend of me messing around at midnight last night (in pjs with crazy hair and day-old makeup). The phone was just sitting on the keyboard so video and sound quality are equally awful. I hope that’s unedited enough! Lmao. Yay for showing your flaws, too. ;)