For our first piece, Kevin and I extended the work we did in April and May of 2011 when we used a Kinect sensor, projection mapping, sound and video to animate a collection of fictional letters through readers’ interactions with an antique rolltop desk. This time we wanted to work on a smaller scale, so we projected video into a Kosta Boda snowball candleholder designed by Ann Warff. We hoped the candleholder’s rippled glass would diffuse the video imagery into the kind of flickering light one might find on a table set for a romantic dinner, as it is in the poem at the core of this piece.




Kristin Turner’s video collage and song treatment of Hoa Nguyen’s “Roll in your skull gone green” from Red Juice!  

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by Alyssa Plan 


Ester, la piel no dice mentiras

Creemos que conocemos el rumbo de nuestra vida pero por ejemplo, nunca nos hemos fijado demasiado en las reacciones de nuestra propia piel.
Principalmente, Ester trata sobre el amor y el propio sinsentido de la vida, reconstruyendo un viaje sencillo en un mundo complejo. Regresar donde nunca estuvimos al oponernos a ese mundo interior vivido; cerrar los ojos sin vergüenza y tararear una canción infantil. Sentir, como si fuera la primera vez, las propias transformaciones de nuestra piel, y así recuperar la relación íntima con nuestros propios deseos y con nuestra libertad.

synopsis in english

We think that we know where we are going with our lives without ever having given much thought to the reaction of our own skin.
A woman meets another called Ester and the refelctions of this woman create a sharp, humouristic regression of untimely romantic frenzy.
It appears to be on the surface a daily meditation with a simple narrative, however reading between the lines it subtly reveals humourous situations such as the incommunication caused by the generation gap between parents and children, the demystification of homosexuality and the battle of the sexes.
Time, frozen since the moment the characters meet, passes in a room where we only see a large white bed. This space “so familiar ”provides the perfect excuse for self analysis, which is encapsulated in this visual tale which transcends the space in which it takes place.
It is all held together with an open structure as common and as universal as the memories of a woman who doesn´t even mention her name, but through her we discover that she renounces her former life and owes her rebirth to the person she loves.
The young girl, with her sensual gaze, her eroticism and her wildness was born free and has found hersef slowly building, like any woman, the idealized dream imposed on her by others.
In essence, Ester is a love story about life´s senselessness, which relates a simple journey through a complex world. It is about going back to places we have never been since we deny the interior world, about closing our eyes shamelessly and humming a nursery rhyme, about feeling, as if it were the first time, the very transformations of our own skin and thus recovering the intimate relationship with our own desires and with our own freedom.