Singing in the Shower (Draco Malfoy Imagine)


Requested- could you do a Draco molfoy x reader Draco ace the reader have been married a couple months the readers in the shower and Draco heard her singing and records it later on they are look for family photos for there kids project and they find the video

note: y/k/n=your kid’s name

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You considered yourself a very lucky person, to get to marry Draco Malfoy. He thought the same way about you. The two of you were soulmates ever since you laid eyes on each other. 

Both of you moved into the lovely and new house that Draco bought and you were the one who designed the interior. You loved it so much, especially the bathroom. It had a steam shower that you can’t live without.

This morning, just as your usual schedule, you entered the bathroom for a shower. The hot water ran through your body and you started humming your favorite songs. Unknowingly, you started singing them and held the faucet like a microphone.

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Grant Gustin


imagine visiting grant on the set of work

imagine visiting grant at work pt 2

imagine grant talking about you and only you in a youtube video

not requested 1

Barry Allen

imagine barry being late for your first date

imagine meeting barry and him looking at you like this

imagine barry finding out you’re back from your trip

imagine always embarrassing barry in public 

imagine getting hurt and yelling and getting barry’s attention

imagine barry finding out you like him

imagine barry laughing at your terrible puns

imagine barry always agreeing with you when you rant

request 1

request 2

request 3

not requested 1

Sebastian Smythe

coming soon

Legendary Moments In The ToppKlass Fandom Part 2

This is long late but here’s part 2! Click on each for links

Link to part 1

I would have included gohn, seogoong and kidoh but this is topp dogg only. I will be making a kidoh one because the amount of things he has done so far is deserving of its own post.

Okay, I noticed something about the logo on Patrick’s hand in the music video.

So this is the logo on the webpage. We don’t get too many clear shots at the logo in the video, but there’s a pretty good look when Patrick is carrying the case:

It’s a bit small, but when you watch the video, it’s clearly the same logo. 

Now, here’s the logo again on Patrick’s hand after it’s been cut off:

The three dots are in a different position. Rather than one dot on either side of the middle spike and one on top of the middle, there is one dot on top of each spike. Maybe just a mistake of the props guys, but since we’re given a very clear shot of the logo, it could be relevant.