videonotes - a new way to take notes of a video

This website called, allows you to watch a video and type up your notes in this clever and simple way. Simple paste the URL/ Web address of your video into the appropriate box. Then press play and type up your notes. Your typing are linked to the video - in other words when you click on the notes, that moment in the video is selected and you can play it from that point.

If you have your student Gmail account open in the same browser, your notes can be saved to your Google Drive. You can then reopen your notes in the Google Drive or in your account. 

Try it out.

Okay, I noticed something about the logo on Patrick’s hand in the music video.

So this is the logo on the webpage. We don’t get too many clear shots at the logo in the video, but there’s a pretty good look when Patrick is carrying the case:

It’s a bit small, but when you watch the video, it’s clearly the same logo. 

Now, here’s the logo again on Patrick’s hand after it’s been cut off:

The three dots are in a different position. Rather than one dot on either side of the middle spike and one on top of the middle, there is one dot on top of each spike. Maybe just a mistake of the props guys, but since we’re given a very clear shot of the logo, it could be relevant.