Video Jam 2014, Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester is no stranger to International artists, boasting a hugely successful International Festival which, even though in its infancy, has welcomed huge artists such as marina Abramovic in her experimental opera and Bjork who dazzled the stage with her technology based show in 2011.

Manchester however is one city that understands its roots and is not willing to uplift them just yet. Manchester’s current show is curated and exhibits the work of Manchester artist ryan Gander an ex Manchester Metropolitan student that often incorporates his city into his work.

A side piece that featured in the show was Video jam, a highly interactive show that invited a handful of video artists that commissioned live music to play against a live performance of their piece. Nik, stands amongst the audience, unaware of the music that is to play alongside his video when an orchestra appear from the back of the room. A beautiful, resounding, and almost scifi esque noise trembles as the musicians react to the work. Unassuming and bashfully like a child watching the fireworks go off on November 5th, he   connects the work of his own hands and the reaction of the orchestra together in silence.

Manchester is able to showcase both its local artists and international ones without either getting lost, or drowned out by the constant patter of new sensations running in and out of the city.

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