A Random Programming Encounter in the Narrative Unit

Halfway through writing about our characters for this Unit, we jumped into a new program and a new language. Word-based programming, on a little something called ‘Twine’. 

Using this program we made the beginnings of a choose your own adventure game.

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Wow, I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted here in a long time.

As you can see, i made a bunch of progress on LRHH (Little Red Hiding Hood, still temporary name btw). I don’t even remember what was the last thing I posted here but anyway: 

- the guard AI works fine now, though there are still lots of things to add and change as well as making several child classes with slightly different behaviors. 

- the player can now walk, run and sneak, although right now this only affects movement speed; later when I implement the ‘sound and noise’ system, of course running will alert close-by guards while sneaking will make next to no noise.

- I worked on th inventory and items too: now you can pick up items from the ground, select one to ‘hold’ (will make it so the item actually appears in the player’s hand) and drop it. It’s still a bit bug it but I know how to fix it. After that, will come the item throwing.

- Last but not least, I modeled the two main characters of the game, Red (the player character) and the Wolf, and implemented them into the game. I might make a separate post to show them off better. No idea why when the camera zooms out, Red’s mouth becomes invisible. I will definitely fix that somehow.

I also have some bad news about Comfy Alchemist (nothing too dramatic, we’re not dropping it or anything), but I’ll make another post about that.