DJ Cutman’s MAGfest DJ Session. All I gotta say is holy fucking shit.

- Tracklist -
ArkasiaConcept - Soliders
Turbo_Mode - Dr. WahWee ft. Dj CUTMAN
CutCraft - Dj CUTMAN vs Pegboard Nerds
_ensanre_ - Expectations
Ben Briggs - Too Soon (bLiNd Remix)
Dj CUTMAN - Powerglove ft. Ben Briggs (Shane Mesa remix)
Dj CUTMAN - Powerglove ft. Ben Briggs (Superspink remix)
Savant - Breakdown
Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time (Nakedupsidedown remix)
Dj CUTMAN - Cheetahmen In Black
Ben Briggs - Relax (Dj CUTMAN’s Relax bootleg)
Daft Punk - Robot Rock (The Frim remix)
Absrdst - Suckin’ on a Wiener ft. The Game Grumps (Dj CUTMAN’s MAGFest edit)
Dj CUTMAN - Gravity Falls Remix
Groundislava - Cool Party

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Hey everybody, just wanted to make this post to inform you all about this tribute album for Animal Crossing that Benjamin Briggs & ectogemia (Nathan Becker) made called “Animal Crossing: K.K. and Friends”. I had listened to the first 3 tracks that were available on the GameChops bandcamp page, and they were just amazing! I can’t wait for this album to be released! Speaking of the release date for this album, it comes out on June 9 (the release date for Animal Crossing: New Leaf) and pre-orders for it are now available! I will leave a link for it right here:

 If you are a fan of the Animal Crossing franchise or the music or both, then I highly recommend buying this album!!

Artwork by Tron Bonne Art
Netlabel: GameChops


ChasingBleeps - Nano

External image
Chasing Bleeps from Scotland set out to make a simple, repetitive and soothing album and he did just that. Nano is based off the soft, round sound produced by chiptune tracker Nanoloop, and the results are lovely. Relaxing, moving Chiptune that’s perfect for doing work, or hanging out by the beach. Love this album, love it even more that it’s name-your-price. Download on Bandcamp and listen below.

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GameChops: A GameMusic / Chiptune Netlabel

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April 3rd, 2012 marks a momentous day for me. It’s the launch of my not-for-profit internet record label GameChops. Over the last few years of DJing VGM and making beats I’ve met a lot of great people and learned a tremendous amount about production, performance, and making music a greater part of my life. With GameChops, I hope to give back to this vibrant, supportive scene.

I love hearing bits of original game music in new productions. Chiptune samples are my favorites, I don’t care if it’s a funk tune or a rap track, you throw a Nintendo or a raw sawtooth wave in there and I am hooked. It was this irrational love of game sounds that got me started as Dj CUTMAN; I was working as a hiphop engineer and I made my first video game beats while hanging out in the studio after recording sessions.

External image
The debut release for GameChops is none other than Benjamin Briggs, veteran OCRemixer and budding digital DJ. The release is an EP inspired by Diddy Kong Racing aptly titled Bootleg Circuit. Thsip reductions cleverly utilize in-game samples to create a five track electro-house marathon worthy of any street race or game party. Grab the release on GameChops.

Head over to to check out all the releases. Please support this project by adding GameChops on Facebook. Here’s to much more music.


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How a NES Power Adapter Saved MAGFest

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Dale North posted this incredible story of how a NES Power Adapter saved the legendary performance by Nobuo Uematsu and Earthbound Papas at this year’s MAGFest.

During rehearsal, The Papas had found that they were missing the power adapter to a necessary instrument pedal. No stores in the area had what was required, but thanks to some MAGFest ingenuity and fancy wirework, a technician was able to modify a power supply from a Nintendo Entertainment System to power the composer’s instrument. How fitting :)

Read the non-butchered story on Destructoid.

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Da Chip Vol. II - Daft Punk Revisited on Vintage Game Systems

External image

The DA CHIP project started back in 2008 as an open competition organised on the 8bitcollective website by two french artists, Je deviens dj en 3 jours and Zombectro.

Four years later, the project returns, this time providing an expansive cast of chiptune talent in 13 crunchy chip tracks. From Sabrepulse to Cheapshot, Rushjet1 to Henry Homesweet, Da Chip Vol. II is a diverse and rocking album worthy of any gameboy.
And best of all, it’s free.

Download both albums at

For a full list of artists involved, visit

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Bagu and the Riverman: An All-Zelda Chiptune House EP

External image
It’s a rare thing that I’m involved in something so epicly adventurous as this EP. Featuring music inspired by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (composed by Akito Nakatsuka), this Chiptune / House / Moobah / Electro album is five tracks of solid adventuring badassery. It’s particularly monumental for me, as it’s the first collection of remixes I’ve done without samples of in-game music. Legendary chiptune tracking was done by Spamtron, using renoise and modtracker. I handled the drum sequencing and mixing. The result are epic, dancable, and, most importantly, fun! Pick up the EP (5 tracks with 2 bonus tracks) over at Bandcamp for only 5 bucks.

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Dj CUTMAN & An0va - Strobe (Deadmau5)

External image
It’s my birthday!

To celebrate, I’m releasing a very special chiptune! It’s a collaboration with An0va, an all-gameboy cover of EDM producer and performer Deadmau5! This is an extra exciting track for me, as it is an 100% legal cover thanks to mechanical licensing. It is also (by far) the longest I have spent on a track on LSDj, and working with An0va was a blast!

You can pick up the two versions of this track on Bandcamp!

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Dj CUTMAN - Dubstep Is Dead

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I released a new mix today, originally crafted for a show with my buddies at Toats Orig. I spent this morning editing this nice little blurb on Soundcloud, so a little copy/paste action should let you know how I’m feeling >;]

Dubstep Is Dead is meant to be a eulogy for the classic meaning of the word Dubstep; a genre that got its start with underground garage mixes in the UK. This mix comprises of the tracks and artists that I believe have taken the genre to new places, incorporating elements of progressive house, electro, chiptune and tech. This is not to say that dubstep itself is gone from this planet forever, but rather it has risen like a Phoenix… here to destroy us all.

Released on Halloween 2011, a one year anniversary of live dubstep mixing for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the MIXES thus far. A big, big thank you to all the artists, blogs, and labels who’ve provided me with the music I spin, this is truly a team effort.

As a way to say thank-you, I’ve posted a complete tracklist with links to the artist’s Soundcloud pages and download locations for all of the tracks (many of them available for free).

Dubstep is Dead by Dj CUTMAN

As always, support me and these artists by sharing this mix using the buttons below. The mix is offered as a free download from Soundcloud.

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Shnabubula - NES Jams

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A flawless fusion of incredible piano arrangement and Famitracker NES programming, Shnabubula’s new release from Ubiktune is not to be missed. With tunes from games like Zelda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Contra, and MegaMan, what’s not to like?

Grab the album on Ubiktune or on Bandcamp!

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Nophi Records - 99 Problems (But a Chip Ain't One)

External image
New release from Atlanta based Nophi Records are 13 bumping chiptune tracks from a slew of 8bit talent, including An0va, Bubblyfish, Cheap Dinosaurs and even a track from myself :] The album is available right now from Bandcamp.

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Smithsonian - The Art of Video Games

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The Smithsonian Museum of American Art is holding an exhibit on the art of video games, from the early 1970s all the way up until today. Five eras of video game graphics, from the dawn of the video game, to 8-bit, through the 16-bit “Bit Wars” era, transition to 3D graphics and up until today. The exhibit runs from March 16th, 2012 to September 30th, 2012.

The Art of Video Games is one of the first exhibitions to explore the forty-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, with a focus on striking visual effects and the creative use of new technologies. It features some of the most influential artists and designers during five eras of game technology, from early pioneers to contemporary designers. The exhibition focuses on the interplay of graphics, technology and storytelling through some of the best games for twenty gaming systems ranging from the Atari VCS to the PlayStation 3. Eighty games, selected with the help of the public, demonstrate the evolution of the medium.
[ more ]

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The Earthbound Papas (Nobuo Uematsu) at MAGFest X

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Nobuo Uematsu, the composer best known for his legendary music for Final Fantasy, played with his band Earthbound Papas at this year’s MAGFest. The Music and Gaming (MAG) festival has been running for ten years, this year moving into a much larger venue and hosting the largest collection of video game related music talent the world has even known. In the past, MAGFest has hosted ground-breaking acts such as The Protomen, Metroid Metal, Rare Candy and Bit Brigade, but this year to celebrate the tenth anniversary, the man who composed some of the greatest gaming music of all time graced the MAG stage.

We are lucky enough to have the dedicated EmFedEx from the Chip Music Chronicle record the entirety of the Uematsu’s set with the Earthbound Papas. View the entire set as a playlist on youtube, or check out my absolute favorite song in the embeded video below.

Watch the entire set on the Chip Music Chronicle.

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Smiletron - Vision

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Smiletron is the most dedicated musician I have known. From production, to package, to the way the message is delivered, Smiletron’s work is remarkable. His new release, VISION, is ten tracks of progressive chipmusic, offered completely for free. With it, a note:

External image

VISION can be downloaded here. Smiletron can be found on Tumblr and Facebook.

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Shave it, Pirates! Zedd vs. Big Giant Circles Mash-Up

Working on my set for MAGFest, I came up with this at a coffee shop. Three days of listening to nothing but this, the final mix. is up for download. Please support the artists sampled in this mashup by buying their songs at the links below.

Samples linked below! Get'em!

Support Big Giant Circles!

Support ZEDD!

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Big Giant Circles - Imposter Nostalgia

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This post is long overdue! Jimmy Hinson, also known as Big Giant Circles, is a BAFTA-nominated music composer, rexmier, gamer, and staff member at Overclocked Remix. He’s best known for his work on BioWare’s epic Mass Effect 2, but this post is about something equality as epic, but in a different direction…

Imposer Nostalgia is BGC’s tribute to the game music of old, utilizing samples and synths to create compelling and energetic ‘fakebit’ chiptune. For those not familiar, 'fakebit’ is a term for music that sounds like 8-bit, but in reality has many more bits. so many bits! This 20 track album is the cream of the crop of chiptune style compositions, with killer production that exhibits BGC’s expertise for sound design and mixing. Imposer Nostalgia is not to be missed. I digress, on to the music!

The album is available from Bandcamp for $5, or $10 for a hard-copy. Follow Big Giant Circles on Facebook and Twitter.

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