Music Questions

Just for fun :) (feel free to add more)

🎶 Favorite song?

🎤 Favorite band/singer?

🎵 Favorite musical genre?

🎼 A song you would dedicate to someone?

🎸 First concert you went to?

🎹 Favorite instrument?

🔕 Least favorite musical genre?

💣 A song that you hate?

💿 Favorite CD?

🎮 Favorite videogame soundtrack?

🎌 Favorite anime soundtrack?

🎬 Favorite film soundtrack?

🎧 Earphones or Headphones?

Story of Seasons - Summer Night
  • Story of Seasons - Summer Night
  • Story of Seasons Soundtrack

I absolutely love how they actually made music for the nighttime (and even for specific seasons!) in the new Harvest Moon-err… Story of Seasons. My favorite is the Summer Night!

Vorpal Blade Combat
  • Vorpal Blade Combat
  • Jason Tai
  • Alice Madness Returns OST

Alice: Madness Returns ( Album OST soundtrack )

Vorpal Blade Combat - Jason Tai

All rights reserved © American Mcgee’s Alice

Wild West
  • Wild West
  • Graeme Norgate
  • TimeSplitters

Hey look!!! 

It’s another Billy-The-Kitten headcannon!!!

This time the headcannon has to do with a brawl that goes down between Billy & Freddy.

The Fazbear Gang (Vs.) The Kitten Platoon

**I do not own Billy-The-Kitten. I only provide the voice**

**Billy-The-Kitten belongs to the original creator/mun.**

- (Video link) -

The Overlook Manse
  • The Overlook Manse
  • Eric Brosius
  • Thief: Deadly Shadows OST

Eric Brosius The Overlook Manse (2004)  //

  I’ve always enjoyed the stealth genre of gaming.  When it blends a great game with great music, it only makes it that much better.  Eric Brosius has been doing the soundtrack for the series ever since the first game came out on the PC.  Incredibly atmospheric and ambient.