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  • trans girl wearing a scarf, daisy dukes, & tights: i have several friends who i have casual sex with.
  • trans girl wearing a tattoo choker, a skirt, & thigh high tights: i'm in three committed polyamorous relationships.
  • trans girl wearing a videogame t-shirt, an unbuttoned flannel shirt, and jeans: i'm engaged.
  • trans girl wearing a long skirt, a crop-top, matching rose gold choker and earrings, and a pair of cat ears in public: i'm married to my wife.
  • trans girl wearing a tuxedo and an Oculus Rift: I have five wives.
  • trans girl wearing a Samus Aran cosplay: I'm aseuxal.
  • trans girl wearing a sparkling black dress and hefting a rapier: I'm aromantic.

ok, so like. Fate fandom loves to make jokes about the Lancers E rank luck, but why don’t we see more jokes about Iskanders Luck rank?

Look at that shit. A+ rank luck. And just like how the Lancer’s E rank luck is shown in the story with them always getting the short end of the stick, Iskanders super powerful A+ rank is really evident in Fate Zero. The Rider team has a great time all throughout FZ.

While other masters are dying horribly, Waver is going through a coming of age story, having supportive grandparents, and building one of the most powerful relationships in his life.

While other servants are suffering under shitty masters who dont care about them (yo, Diarmund, Hassan, Arturia hows life?) Iskander is making the Holy Grail War his party, having dinner with Waver’s fake grandparents, going shopping and buying videogames, ordering shirts online and also building a great relationship with Waver.

They even have the happiest ending! While everyone else is drowning in despair and death, Iskander dies yes, but goes out content and even happy. Waver DOESNT DIE OR EVEN GET PERMANENTLY INJURED, and in the end goes home with some valuable life lessons. This is in the same series where Saber’s idealism is pounded into the ground, Diarmund has his every hope shredded and then his life, and Kiritsugu finds out all his “killing for the greater good” thing has accomplished is nearly triggering the apocalypse. Seriously: Good Luck Iskander makes your destiny better

I would love to see some AU’s where other masters from other stories summon Iskander and enjoy the benefits of his ridiculously good luck.

omnibug  asked:

Hi! Can you make a list of your favorite tshirt stores, and/or those of your friends? Love your stuff!

Oh wow, thank you! Okay, this is a big question, and I hadn’t thought to make a list. I will probably go back to this and add stuff from time to time, as I will no doubt forget some friends and/or find new stuff as time goes on. 

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