videogame romantics

If people don’t actively ship 9S and 2B or just don’t think they make a good couple for some reason then that’s their business but people genuinely trying to argue that they only like eachother as “mother and son” or “brother and sister” are veering severely into denying reality territory since there are multiple canon confirmations that their feelings are romantic.

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what tattoos do you have

Semi colon on my wrist
Neil young lyrics on my arm “it’s better to burn out than to fade away”
Aku aku from crash bandicoot on my arm and an unfinished legend of Zelda majoras mask piece on my forearm. That arm is being turned into a gaming sleeve if you couldn’t tell, haha Edit: I forgot my supernatural tattoo :( I have the sigil on my leg with the script that’s on the colt “non timebo mala”