videogame poster

I know I promised that Freiza was next, but after Photoshop being a bitch and not saving all of my progress this happened.


           To be honest I’m not all that pissed about it cause it led me to make this. Honestly I think it’s the best thing I ever made. And I’m a self-judgmental fuck so it takes a lot for me to say that

           Jim Sterling I really hope you don’t start thinking I’m obsessed or something, but your work really speaks to me. You’ve had an impact on my attitude and work that I really thank you for and I wish you all the best on your second year of independence. So here’s to you Jim! A picture that doesn’t even have you in it.

This stars The Jimsaw Killer! An evil monster that terrorizes the games industries’ guilty parties’ and puts them in ironic death traps (that totally aren’t being used with Patreon funds)! Though it seems his rein of terror ended this Halloween (in an unknown location that really isn’t Jim Sterling’s garage, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME!!!!), we’ll never know if he is truly gone.

I don’t normally do this but if you like this, show the love. I worked really hard on it and it would mean the world to me =)

And Jim if you see this one too. Thank God for you =)