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Italy / Saint Francis’ Boy’s Home (US)

Uncharted 4

I didn’t get many screenshots of Italy, sadly 8(

Have some Milla from Freedom Planet! Saw the “Milla” gameplay trailer for Freedom Planet 2 recently as well as the killer concept art by  and just had to draw some fan art of her. The new sprite animations and character designs are fantastic and super charming! You too can watch the trailer Also, keep on a lookout for the upcoming demo ;)

Watchdogs 2

I didn’t even know this was coming out already, took me by surprise a litte.

The first game was… problematic. White stubbly lead character full of manpain and dubious motivations, barely any women who don’t just need protecting, no poc… 
Despite that, I played it through because dammit I liked the gameplay and I did the whole thing sneak-mode with hacking everything.

This game though?

Different creature entirely.

Your lead? A black man who has a criminal record because the system is rigged. 
Your friends? Another black man, a white guy who’s face isn’t shown so far (though this household has firmly classed him as pansexual), an autistic man who isn’t a joke and an Indian woman (I was worried first that she’d just be an artsy type, but hell no, she kicks these guys’ butts in coding and daring do just as much)

Setup? Forget manpain. No such thing here. This is activism (and hacktivism, of course). This is the actual war against the surveillance dependent big brother state. It breaks the fourth wall plenty with tons of references to real world business and shady dealings. It’s not even all that subtle about them.

In the end, yes ok, it’s still a Ubisoft game, lots of money is made off this and it’s in itself part of a capitalist system, but fuck I’m so glad to not be playing the same game for once.

I’m not far in yet, only a couple main missions and plenty of ‘nudling’ on the side, and it could all still change, but fucking hell I love it so far.

On sale here:

Plush made by me HappyKittyShop. Reblog don’t repost.

Switch pup inspired by my friends version of him the artist @tsaoshin from the new Nintendo console called Switch that everyone thinks looks like a derpy puppy face.

Measuring 8 inches width and 8 inches height. Embroidered face, paws, satin stitched spots filled with poly fill and plastic pellets.

Not for young children.