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Stages from King of Fighters ‘96

Always loved the overpass stage, and I’m also glad to see the classic desert truck-stop made it’s return; an SNK staple, yes?

source - TheFightersGeneration


These are from a set of backgrounds I did for an app game for the Swiss chocolate brand Minor, working with the lovely people from IF Games and Boutiq. Everything inspired in the amazing Swiss landscapes. 

The game is only available in Switzerland but you can see the promo trailer here. And if you live there and want to try to win some chocolate, have a look at this promotion.

I will publish some more drawings as long as they don’t give away the game  ;-) 

More of my artwork on facebook. You’re welcome to visit! 


got tagged by ticklingmyfancies ! well, I had Bonaparte crossing the alps and some stuff 1 week ago but then I completely changed it into that, because I love it! Second art with stars is by jiruchan! ;)

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