New English Trailer for Persona 5

Person 5 may have gotten delayed for the 1000th time for western audiences, but Atlus has come through with a new English trailer to help ease the pain.

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Too much time on my own… Oh well, I’ll keep on playing detective games for a while

Cosplay Character: Naoto Shirogane
Anime/ Game: Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4


• The moment Gladio wants to play #FFXV but there’s Nocto’s mess everywhere! 😆

I heard you wanted more videos so here I am to make you happy! ❤️

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It’s High Noon - Overwatch fan art by Kan Liu(666K信譞)

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“Inspiration (pose) came from Michel Jackson. “It’s High Noon, let’s dance on the moon!”

More selected McCree art on my tumblr [here]

More Overwatch related art on my tumblr [here]

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Pokemon Go uses your phones maps in order to have the servers lag as much and so your connection is as fast as possible, but here’s a way to make the game WAY faster. 

Go to, or download google maps, go to setting, click offline maps, press the plus sign, and download the map of your area. 

This makes the map load up almost instantly and saves data on your phone, REBLOG TO SAVE A LIFE!!! 


Sorry for the half-assed sketch, but I would take forever to make a proper drawing. And I wanted to wish Jumin happy birthday~~