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The Hideaway Bar
Sydney, Australia | 7.6.15


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Caitlyn Jenner Tells Her Story Starting July 26th



For the first time I managed to record the entire process! I was thinking in doing something with it, but such is my luck it was a bad art day—and that means changing directions more than once, until the cursed artwork looks right. Not sure if it’s worth watching. Maybe it’s to learn what not do?

Pela primeira vez gravei o processo todo! Estava pensando em fazer algo com isso, mas tal é minha sorte que era um dia ruim para arte—e isso significa mudar de direção mais de uma vez, até que a maldita ilustração pareça correta. Não sei se vale à pena assistir. Talvez seja para aprender o que não se deve fazer?


Fall Out Boy Talk Star Wars Episode 7


Published on Jul 6, 2015

The die-hard fanboys tell Gigwise about their hopes for the next movie.

“That trailer looks amazing,” smiles Patrick Stump, with a rush of fanboy anticipation for what the next instalment of Star Wars may hold. “I thought it was fake the first time I saw it,” adds Pete Wentz, “I think when he like drops into the view, the Storm Trooper, I thought it was something a fan put together.”

Guitarist Joe Trohman continues: “But then it wasn’t, and you were flabbergasted”. Such is the life of a shameless hardcore Star Wars fanatics - an emotional rollercoaster of love, fear, devotion, and hope.


This one is awesome. Want to feel like you’re flying through Jurassic Park? Some gorgeous video of Kauai.