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Secrets, Secrets, Secrets

When Y/N followed the boys down to South Africa for their trip, she never thought she would end up falling in love with one of them.

But as the days went on, she realized that was exactly what was happening.

She was falling for Joe.

And apparently, he was falling for her.

Halfway through their trip, the two ended up on one of the beaches one night, talking as they walked along the shore line. And by time they made it back to the house, their hands were joined together and they were grinning.

Caspar, Josh, and Oli grumbled that it was about time before congratulating them.

Now, Caspar was doing a live stream while everyone was lazing around the house, deciding to take a day off to do nothing, except some minor editing.

Joe was laying on the couch, with Y/N on top of him, her chin on his chest, his arm on the small of her back, tracing circles into the skin he’d exposed when he pushed her shirt up.

Her fingers were running through his hair, the two of them talking softly while Oli edited some photos, and Josh worked on a video.

“We have such a thrilling time when we’re here!” Caspar announced to the camera, Oli and Josh shown behind him. “We actually do, but today was a rest day.” He explained.

“A rest day for you!” Josh called out without lifting his eyes, “Some of us are trying to work.”

“I am working.” Caspar glanced over his shoulder at the ginger, “I’m just having more fun than you.”

“He could be having plenty of fun,” Oli laughed, “You never know with Josh.”

“I’m not a robot.”

“No, but gingers have no souls.”

“Go back to editing your video,” Josh rolled his eyes as Oli and Caspar laughed.

“And oh, what could be going on here…” Caspar panned the camera across the room, showing Y/N and Joe, but only quickly, barely a second, although the couple never noticed, still talking softly to each other.

“Secrets, secrets, secrets.” Caspar winked at the camera, although when he placed it back down on the desk, the edge of couch could be seen, along with Joe’s arm occasionally, the one tucked under his head. And from time to time, Y/N’s arm appeared too.

The viewers began to speculate.

“What the hell did you do, Casp?” Joe sighed later that night, scrolling through Twitter, which had blown up.

He hadn’t checked it all day, he barely did while in South Africa.

“What’s going on?” Y/N asked, walking over to him, handing him his drink before curling up at his side, leaning against his side to look at his phone.

“Caspar teased the viewers, and now everyone knows about us.”

“They can’t see her face!” Caspar defended himself.

“Yeah, all they know is that Joe had a girl laying on top of him.” Oli smirked.

“Your fans aren’t going to let this go,” Y/N said to Joe, “What do you want to do?”

“Let’s just leave it for now,” He replied, tossing his phone onto the seat beside him, smiling at her. “And enjoy our time in South Africa.”

“That sounds like a very lovely plan.” She smiled back, leaning in to kiss him quickly.

“Which means no more live streams for you!” Josh patted Caspar on the shoulder as he walked past, “Or vlogging. You’ll pull a Jim.”

Big Bang Reacts To Their GF Winning 6 Awards In One Night

A/N: You’re a foreign singer that is nominated for awards in Korea.

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He watched as you walked past him and up to the stage to collect your 6th award tonight. 

His heart was full of pride and he was smiling through out the whole night.

“Congratulations jagiya! You deserve it!”

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He was getting ready to perform when you were up accepting your last award.

“Do you have anything to say to Y/n? She just won 6 awards.”

“6?! Really?! Woah.. She’s so talented. I love you, jagiya!” He said to the camera, giving a heart sign.

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“We have a video for Y/n.” The announcers said before giving you you’re award.

It was a video of your boyfriend, Seungri, dancing to your song on an airplane.

He cleared his throat after laughing from hitting his head, “Ah, My dear Y/n. I am so happy that you have won this award. I am so proud of you.”

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“You’re girlfriend just won 6 awards, despite her not being Korean, do you have anything to say?” The interviewer asked him.

“Aish.. She’s amazing. What else is there to say?”

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He was on a variety show and there was a part where they wanted to show him the footage of you winning your awards.

“Ah she’s so talented. I’d even go as far as to say she’s better than you.” One of the hosts joked to GD.

He laughed and smiled, “Ah she is. She’s very talented and all around amazing. I’m so happy to have her in my life.”

Too Close To Death - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1075
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Featuring: Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson
Warnings: swearing, guns, talk of death, fighting
Requested by anon
An imagine where Y/N is Bucky Barnes’ girlfriend and it takes place during CACW, Brock Rumlow is after her so Bucky protects Y/N from him since Brock is like obsessed with eliminating her and he tells the Avengers that she can’t hide from him.
Authors Note: this takes place duing the Lagos scene in CACW so yeee. Also, it is completely different from the actal story line but holy shit this would be so cool as the movie like im dead. ALSO: bucky isnt in this a lot but its bucky x reader so yay and i also used a hamilton line so theres that

Masterlist. Request List.

“I’m going on a really dangerous mission soon,” You talked over the phone, “So, if I don’t make it back-”

“Don’t talk like that,” Bucky cut you off, “You’ll be fine, I’m sure of it.”

“Babe,” You said, making sure not to use Bucky’s name to keep him and your relationship a secret, “It’s Crossbones, you know how much he wants to eliminate me, I’m not sure if I’ll make this out alive.”

“(YN), you are going to live through this. You’re strong inside and outside, Brock Rumlow has nothing against you, you can take him out easily,” Bucky encouraged.

“I love you,” You said, tears welling up in your eyes.

“(Y/N), there’s something you have to see,” Steve passed through the hallway you were hiding in, catching your attention.

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Hey guys! I hope you’re all well! I’m so glad to finally be able to update you on our special video project. If you couldn’t already guess from the first teaser we’re making a “Blessed Messiah and the Tower of Ai” fanmade video featuring Haikyuu characters! We also have a couple announcements:

1.) The deadline for the art contest will be extended to Sunday the 20th. Reminder that winners will be featured in the final video. Refer to the first teaser for more details! Don’t forget to submit your art with the #HQTOAArtContest hashtag!! 

2.) We’re having a giveaway! We’ll be giving away a poster, I’ll be posting that soon!

This will be hella angsty–

anonymous asked:

I think today feels very quiet because every day has felt like a busy week for us haha. But we did get a selfie and the music video announcement. Having said that, tomorrow is a Sunday and it will be two weeks since Louis tweeted that good day tweet. So I say they end it !!! Also, I continue to believe sony would only benefit from the end happening before Harry's album drops

You’re probably right, lots of adrenaline and nothing to do with it! I just can’t shake the feeling though…..

(And yes, totally agree with your last point)

Zoe Sugg - You tell her she’s going to be an Auntie 

“Are you ready?” Joe asks smiling down at you. You nod not trusting your voice to form the right words to reply but he squeezes your hand a little tighter than before to assure you that everything would be okay.

Last week you had found out that you and your boyfriend Joe Sugg were expecting a baby, you were 11 weeks and wanted to wait until 12 weeks where the risk of miscarriage is a smaller chance because you didn’t want to tell everyone then something bad happens.

Zoe would be the first person you and Joe would tell because you had been planning for weeks to go and visit her while Alfie was on his book tour so it just seemed like the perfect opportunity to tell her and even though you knew she would be excited for you both you couldn’t help but feel nervous because if people knew about it, it became real which meant that in 28 weeks time you and Joe would become parents.

Joe knocks on the door that Zoe is quick to answer because she has already had to open the gate for you at the front of the house. Zoe hugs Joe and then you, she has always been someone that hugs you really tight and it never bothered you or Joe before but as you look at Joe over her shoulder he is glaring at Zoe as if to silently tell her to be careful with you even though she doesn’t even know you are pregnant yet.

When Zoe eventually does let go you walk back over to Joe’s side and hug him, you walk into the living room you flop down onto the couch and snuggle into Joe’s chest, Zoe watches you both with a grin on her face and when you look at her questioningly she just shrugs her shoulders and grins

“You two are just adorable” she smiles


Zoe decides that she doesn’t want to film a video that day and the plan that you had to reveal it to her involved being in a video so you and Joe have to keep the secret over night. 

The secret nearly slips out when Zoe offers you wine, even though she doesn’t drink often when you and Joe are around she often does because it is such a rare occasion that you see each other but Joe quickly jumps to your aid when your stumbling over your words trying to think up an excuse.

“(Y/N) has given up alcohol for new year.. resolution.. you know” he says almost perfectly smooth

“How boring” she smirks handing you a water that you asked for instead of the wine she was offering, you internally sigh with relief and smile up at Joe as he grins down at you humorously because of your terrible attempt at keeping a secret.


“Okay are you ready?” Zoe asks throwing herself down on the bed in the spare bedroom, Joe has told her he will set up the camera and the lights which confuses her because he never likes to do that but she accepts it happy not to have to do the extra work.

Joe zooms it in on Zoe without her knowing and then you both go and sit beside her, she checks one last time in the mirror that she has no makeup on her teeth, that all of her hair is curled and that none of her eye shadow has fallen down onto her cheeks before coming to sit back down.

“Want to do the thumbnail first?” Joe asks and thankfully Zoe agrees because you don’t think you could hold it in any longer. You, Zoe and Joe get into a position that allows Zoe to edit things in later, you can almost sense the nervous feeling in the air but that must be just because you are about to tell her because Zoe doesn’t seem to notice it all

“3…2…1 Say You’re going to be an Auntie!” you and Joe both say, Zoe stays perfectly still before breaking into a small laughter

“Hah… shut up!” she says before turning to look at you, once it had been said you knew you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from smiling so when she sees this she starts to scream in delight

“NO WAY!” she yells launching herself at you almost knocking you off of the bed to hug you 

“Be careful Zoe!” Joe demands but you just hug her back rocking from side to side “I also did 50% of the work too you know” Joe says with a laugh so Zoe lets you go and hugs him too

Once everyone has calmed down and tears have been wiped away from eyes Zoe starts to ask you questions.

“How long have you known?” she asks narrowing her eyes at you as she thinks about last night when you turned away the wine

“About a week, we wanted to wait until i was 12 weeks” you explain laughing as Zoe hits you on the arm lightly 

“Can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” she laughs before hugging you again

“And you got that all on video!” she says throwing her head into her hands in embarrassment

“Yes we did” Joe smirks “Once we have announced it in a video - in which we are using that video, you can use it too” Joe explains

“When are you making a video?” Zoe asks clearly impatient and wanting to tell her fans that she is going to be an Auntie

“When we get home, after we have told all close family and friends” you say “We will text you so if you have the video ready once we have put our announcement video up you can put that up” you smile as Zoe nods eagerly hoping that it is very soon.

“We know we are young but we’re excited” Joe says rubbing your almost flat stomach

“I’m excited for you and age has nothing to do with it, you are going to be great parents. Please get Caspar’s reaction on record!” Zoe begs giggling at the though of Caspar going crazy about becoming an Uncle.

Random Shit Part 6

Random Shit Part 6


Hi everyone! I’ve been gone from this account for so long and I know there have been going on so much lately with Zayn quitting the band and all the Little mix promotion, but I’m going to explain everything NOW.

Zayn Quitting + The Paris Trip

As we all know Zayn has quit One Direction (I’m crying inside). His reason was that he just simply wanted to be a ’’’’’’’ normal 22-year old’’’’’’’ and that he was tired of touring around and stuff. Well as we all know he isn’t being a normal 22 year old lad because he still has management people following him around. ANYWAYS this is not about Zayn quiting the band it’s more about what happened WHEN he did it. So right, after Zayn quit the band he went to Paris with his family and… dndndn… PERRIE. And just to prove that they were together Perrie had the perfect opportunity to post loads of selfies and pictures of her and Zayn.

The weird part is with this picture above is that Waliyha posted the same exact photo a few minutes after Perrie uploaded it. Another weird thing is that the time in Paris when the photos were uploaded were 3 AM. Who is awake at 3 AM and starts posting pictures AT THE SAME GOD DAMN TIME?  My money is on that modest posted the photos on both the accounts or Perrie and Waliyha just happened to post the same photo at the same almost exact time (which happens in RARE cases) 3AM in the morning.

And then doniya started posted pictures on her instagram 3AM in the morning as well. But the weird part is, I just went through her instagram account and this photo isn’t there anymore. She deleted it.

Anywho, All these photos were released when Little mix had an announcement about making a new music video.

We have all acknowledged that getting Zerrie photos on Perrie’s account when Little Mix have an announcement is NOT a coincidence and has happened before.

Other weird things is that a few days later “paparazzi” photos started to get released. We all know that it’s forbidden to have paparazzis in France snapping pictures of celebrities but we still got photos of them.

Look at the watermarks on the photo above this text, it says XPOSURE PHOTOS and If you guy’s don’t know what that is, here is a photo to clarify that

Modest obviously hired people to take photos of them and then SOLD them to XPOSURE and other sites just to make a fortune AND to get celeb gossip.

What we also got was loads of fake accounts posting new photos of the family and Zerrie.

Here is one for an example. this was posted from an fake Waliyha account. How the hell did a fake account access these kind of photos? this literally screams MODEST. There was a safaa account as well posting pictures but I’m too lazy to look for them. Let’s continue

Rumors and Promotion

First let’s start with the rumors. We all know that Zayn have this bad boy image and every damn magazine publishes something bad about him, rumors of him cheating and stuff. It happened A LOT this year as well. Let’s take a look shall we

But not on to my favourite of them all…

Lauren Richardson, it was a lot of rumors and news about this girl and that Zayn cheated on Perrie with this girl. Honestly we can’t know for sure what happened he could have cheated, but one thing that makes one of his cheating scandals real is this one…

If him cheating scandals are real WHY haven’t Perrie broken up with him already? Well I think we all know the answer to that question. BECAUSE LITTLE MIX needs PROMOTION.

Something that really bothers me is that THEY STILL use Zayn’s name in articles that is about Perrie or Little Mix.

there is so many more, these are just a couple of them. They need to write down Zayn’s name just to get extra readers in case people didn’t know who his fiancee was. (which probably the whole world knows)

Something that happened as well was that Perrie didn’t wear her engagement ring for a whole month and her excuse was that it was getting cleaned.

The part I love the most about this article is “But jewellery expert Lewis Malka says it is the norm to clean jewellery within 24 hours.”

She didn’t wear the god damn ring for a whole month which made everyone think that they probably had broken up or something, so that made the headlines, everyone started to make a big deal out of it and wanted answers, the only answer they got from Perrie was that it was still getting cleaned.

But after a month she started wearing it again and she started to show off the ring again. There was this tweet someone tweeted to their friend (I think) 2 years ago and she didn’t even tag perrie or little mix but somehow Perrie found the tweet and replied.

I know this was 2 years ago and you probably wonder why I’m bringing this up, but it’s because they didn’t tag her, they didn’t even write her NAME in the tweet but she still managed to find that tweet and reply to it. She obviously searches on some words on twitter and look for people tweeting about it. Isn’t that slightly WEIRD? And well done perrie calling people dumbass I know that they called her that as well but she shouldn’t get to their level she should keep it classy. 

Still don’t think Zayn promotes Little Mix? think again. As I said before in the beginning of this post, Zayn has people following him around (people from modest) and here is one proof of that

He is still under the controll of Management.

So MailOnline did this article about this guy in Little Mix video, that he looked like ZAYN MALIK, first of all MailOnline, have you seen Zayn? Because if you have then you’d know that Zayn does not look like that and that they are not similar in any possible way. BUT of course they are going to write an article about that with that headline because that will make people watch Little Mix video and get them more views.


Something funny about this picture is that this photo is in fact not a Zerrie photo even tho a Zerrie Instagram account posted it, it’s a photo of Percy and Annabeth. Perrie liked it making people believe that Zerrie is real just because she liked it

So there was some rumors about Zerrie breaking up and then within 24 hours we get a photo of Perrie in the “Zerrie house” and She posts a selfie with her cat with a picture of Zayn in the background making people believe that they are still together.

Now to my favourite part of this episode of random shit part 6 is this photo… Why the hell did she have to make the picture of her prom dress black and white? Let me tell you why, because she wanted people to think that it was her wedding dress. People commented loads of stuff about their wedding and stuff, the funny thing is, Little mix made an interview and then Perrie got a question that said “Which question you don’t ever want to be asked again? and then she answered “I’m sick of getting asked, When is the wedding, when is the wedding? I get married when I’m bloody ready!”

Well dear Perrie, why in the world would you post a photo of your prom dress in BLACK N WHITE and expect people to stop ASKING that question? BTW if some of you don’t believe that, that is her prom dress, here is a photo of it with its original colour: Purple.

Not the best photo but anyways.

So remember when Perrie posted this photo?

This basically explains all I was about to say so… Let’s move on to the next pictures

So Perrie posted this on her birthday making sure that we all know that they are together but there is something wrong with this photo… Zayn has dyed his hair blonde

And on the previous photo his hair is black and it’s not fully shaved. If you look closely you can see that the hair on top if his head is longer than his sides. I mean he could for sure dyed his hair back to black but the odd part is that it cannot grow that fast. So that picture has to be an old one. But Perrie then also posted this picture and she is wearing the exact same top

Either she just wore the same top as that photo or it’s simply photoshopped?

Tell me guys what you think of this post and message me if I’m missing something out!

I know I’ve been MIA for a LONG while now but life got in the way. I’ve reseaved over 100 followers under 24 hours and that’s CRAZY!

Loads of love! xx




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Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions Announcement/Preview

VIDEO DESCRIPTION:  We are going to have a new trailer for the movie in 12/12/2015 in Jump Fiesta Event! This video is like a preview/annoucement for it…


'Michael's Secret Baby'

requested by anonymous

summary: you and Michael had kept your pregnancy secret, but it was never going to go unnoticed forever

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[ROUGH TRANS] 140816 Fan Account: Sendai Concert night session

After Neverland when the stage darkened, KISSmes revealed the slogan to congratulate on Hoon’s birthday. Almost all of the KISSmes held the slogan and it was beautiful.

When Hoon saw the slogans, he said “Thank you” happily many times and broke into a smile, but the other members’ reactions were small, saying “Eh? Today is Hoon’s birthday?” And Soohyun changed the topic quickly, “We have an important announcement. Video cue~” Then the jewelry making video appeared on screen.

Suddenly the jewelry video was corrupted and the screen was darkened. While the fans were still surprised, a different video appeared on the screen. It was filmed in a small room backstage, and the members were sincerely writing birthday messages on a chocolate board with chocolate pen.

After writing on the chocolate board, they faced the camera and send a message to Hoon individually.
Jun: “Thank you for always teaching me Japanese~”
Kevin: “Hoon is my precious friend♡”
Soohyun: “(in Korean) I recalled the day when we first met. It’s been 2, 3 years since that day. Let’s sing good songs together in the future as well~ *small voice* Happy birthday~ If I don’t do this sneakily, he might overhear and find out hehe *happily* Congrats! Happy birthday!”

Hoon was leaning on the set-up wall on the stage watching the video. Though his face can’t be seen, we can still feel that he was touched and was about to cry.

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5SOS Weekly Update: February 14, 2014- February 20, 2014

So this week the guys finished up their radio tour at Capital FM Birmingham and Lincs FM.

They even ended the radio tour with an acoustic version of She Looks So Perfect

She Looks So Perfect Acoustic Performance

Check out a couple of videos of them on Capital FM Birmingham

5 Seconds of Summer Game- The Erm Squirm

5 Seconds of Summer- Who Has the Hottest Mom?

After the radio tour, it was time to head back to London to rehearse for their upcoming UK tour that starts on the 23 of February

Here are some pictures of them goofing around during rehearsals this week

One of the most exciting things that happened this week was going to the Brits. They even walked the red carpet!

Meeting Ashton at the Brits

Also, the guys received their hard copies of their EP. If you still haven’t pre ordered your copy you can purchase it by clicking here or on itunes!

Of course one of the first things the guys did was play with the stickers

To end the week, the guys had a twitcam and of course things got a little weird…

So pretty much they just wanted to let you know that SLSP music video comes out Monday and that anyone in the US/Mexico/ Canada can preorder SLSP on Itunes on Tuesday. To watch the complete video click here

Other News:

The guys announced that they are going on a US/ Canada tour in April!

Other pictures from this week: 

Videos from this Week

Ticket Presale

Tour Annoucement

America and Canada we have an announcement Today!! :-)


The reason I eat biscuits in the morning

I’d definately hit on you

Want to read past 5sos weekly updates? Click here!