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I don't know why, but the concept of Vidcon seems a bit self-indulgent to me. "A convention for famous people on YouTube? Where do I sign up?!" Could you do your best to sell me on the idea?

You’re not wrong. A huge amount of the con was just sort of a freefloating mega-meet-‘n’-greet for swaths of very young fans and extremely famous youtube stars I’ve never heard of. The con has grown from 1,400 attendees to 18,000 in four years, and youtube culture has changed similarly. I saw lots of mobbish fan behavior going on, but honestly, the fans who approached me we more relaxed and polite than I’ve met in other places (maybe because I was extra Z-list at this con.)

There were also a bunch of panels that got into interesting concepts—I wish I’d been able to check more of them out. Oh, and there were some fun stage performances and bands.

There was a big “expo hall” featuring a lot of non-internet-related corporate sponsors with gigantic displays, which I thought ran counter to the homey feeling a con ought to have, but there were enough cool things going on to give it a carnival midway feel at times (arcade games, scavenger hunts, indoor Quidditch.)

If you have any affinity for modern day youtube culture it would be worth going to. The majority of attendees were teenage girls who are hella into youtube personalities and their worlds. If you’re not either of those things, it’s probably not for you.

(Hank Green seems keen on making GOOP REALM 5000 happen. It will be the truest of conventions.)


Hannah Hart VidCon Interview 2014 (Anne-Elise Duss)

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Here’s my experience at this year’s VidCon with cameos from The Lizzie Bennet crew, Shipwrecked, Liam Dryden, Muzzled peeps, and more. And maybe you!