video: memento vivere

WIP sketch of Vivian…this is an expression of hers I’ve wanted to draw properly for quiet some time now, her warm glower. Vivian’s eyes can’t sparkle anymore as the brightness has long since been sucked out of her eyes. But sometimes she can give this warm glower but only to those she loves most. Still may tweak some things but I think this is one of my best drawings of her so far…or at least I’d like to hope it will be by the time I’m finished. 

Found this character quiz here:

[ meet the muse. ]

Fill in about your muse: Vivian

➥ What is your character’s full name?: still working on her full name but part of the reason she doesn’t know her full name in the first place is because she is a Norwegian/French bastard born on the frozen shores of Russia and never knew her father. When were they born?: Arkhangelsk Russia, though in Vivian’s lifetime this city was called ‘Bjarmaland.’ (Ivan the terrible did not give Arkhangelsk its modern name until the 1400’s if my memory isn’t too far off…)

➥ What are their parent’s names?: father: unknown Viking male, mother: Marceline

➥ Do they have any brothers or sisters?: oooo that hurts… Vivian does not know this, but shortly before her mother died Marceline had become pregnant even with a 2nd child. But she herself was dying and could hardly care for Vivian much less raise another child. So sad to say but Marceline took steps to forcefully miscarry the baby. Something she felt rather trapped to doing but something that plagued her conscious until she took her own life some months later.

➥ What kind of eyes do they have?: dark dark brown eyes, very wide and round and set deeply in her skull.

➥ What kind of hair do they have?: brown hair with some reddish tints in it, Vivian prefers to keep her hair cropped short and so it sort of flip flops every which way.

➥ What is their complexion like?: deathly pale, Vivian hates it. 

➥ What body type are they?: Vivian has many health problems, one of these being an overactive metabolism. So even when she has enough food to eat and proper care it’s very difficult for her to maintain a healthy body weight. Her bones are weak and fragile and she bruises and bleeds easily. 

➥ What is listening to their voice like?: well Vivian came out with some luck in this department because I personally think she has a very beautiful voice most of the time. Now when she is frustrated or very angry her voice can drop surprisingly low and with the brisk quipped pattern of her speech can in some cases make her voice sound surprisingly harsh. 

➥ What do they hate most about themselves?: a lot of things I’m afraid…but most of all probably that her body was never strong enough to support her will to live, and thus regardless of her attempts to preserve her condition she was unable to see her son grow up. She died at age 26 when her son was just 8 years old. 

➥ Do they have a favorite quote?: well herself she can be sited saying “vat de hell?” Quite often….lol.

➥ What sort of music do they enjoy?: pagan music music played around a bond fire at a festival.

➥ Have/would they ever cheat(ed) on a partner?: hum even though Vivian has what we could call a more twisted personal code of honor, and she makes no attempt to hide she has no love for her husband… I don’t think she would ever cheat on Alexander. Also Vivian is just not very interested in sex in general because it’s something her physical conditions don’t allow her to enjoy. So she would just lack any motivation or desire to even think of cheating like that.

➥ Have they been cheated on by a partner?: no. She…hasn’t had much in the way of romantic partners in the first place. However she has been…assaulted more than once and I won’t go into more detail than that. 

➥ Have they ever lost someone close to them?: Poor Vivian…so many times… she lost pretty much everyone she truly loved and then once she had her son, she was unable to stay with him long enough because her ailing body finally caught up to her and in a twisted spin of fate removed her from him.

➥ What is their favorite sound?: hum have to think about this one. Maybe the drip drop if icicles melting signaling the nearing to the end of the harsh winters to allow for a brief period of warmth.

➥ Are they judgmental of others?: not particularly, she kind of just doesn’t give a fuck about with other people do so long as they don’t give her any problems or bring harm to another. Due to traumatic events in her past however she can sometimes have bizarre opinions about society in general. 

➥ Have they ever been drunk?: maybe a few times but due to her extremely sensitive conditions she does not make a habit of this. I’m sure she’d have one of the most horrible hangovers….

➥ What are they like when they stay up all night?: more grumpy than usual due to sleep deprivation and probably more paranoid or easily agitated.

➥ Have they ever been arrested?: yes, and also nearly executed.

➥ What evokes strong memories for them?: rain, flute music and the French language .

➥ What do they do on rainy days?: try to avoid windows and keep herself busy, the rain reminds her of one of the worst days of her life so…yeah.

➥ What religion are they?: Vivian is not religious. She was raised in a world of clashing warring religions and kind of got lost in the middle of it all. She does sort of have a personal affiliation with Norse religion but…I would never say she follows it or worships any of the pagan gods. 

➥ What word do they overuse the most?: probably ‘darling’ *and with her accent comes out always sounding more like “darlink.”

➥ What do they wear to bed?: just a plain shift something loose and light on her sensitive skin.

➥ Do they have any tattoos or piercings?: no tattoos but Vivian has a lot of ear piercings. At least about eight piercings. 

➥ What type of clothing are they most comfortable in?: well, that would be more peasant looking clothes however Vivian later developed a taste for fine dresses and gowns. Can’t say they were the most comfortable but they made her feel a little better about herself so that counts for something. She likes high collars that fan out behind her head, something about them makes her feel secure.

➥ What is their most disliked food?: anything too salty, sweet or spicy. Vivian has a very delicate stomach and eats very dry plain foods, anything too rich could make her very sick. And since she’s not used to eating things with a stronger flavor it should go without saying that should she happen to take a bite of something rich she’d probably spit it back out on the spot.

➥ Do they have any enemies?: oh boy yes…um…several. Probably the worst though was Alexander’s father Isaak.

➥ What does their writing look like?: aww…well one of the best things Alex ever did for Vivian was teaching her how to write and read (at least the bear minimum.) I think her writing would look a bit like how runic inscriptions do, just with the Russian cryllic text instead.

➥ What disgusts them?: Vivian had not so nice experiences with Catholicism so she really thinks poorly of that religion. She hates the idea of monarchs bathing in riches while their own people starve, when she comes into power she takes steps to change this. She is disgusted with the possessive controlling nature of men. Thought she recognizes it’s not entirely men’s fault. Society has groomed people to think and behave a vparticular way and it’s that that she detests most. But anyone tying to force her to change or censor herself or to claim to own or control her is what offends her most of all. If you care or respect Vivian at all, take heed to be very careful how you use possessive pronouns around her, she is very particular about the use of such words particularly when they are directed at her.