video: memento vivere

memento mori

if there is one thing that you learn in your life, it must be “memento mori.”

memento mori is the reminder that you will die one day; whatever you choose to do between your birth and death is up to you, but make it your best.

you have multiple chances to do one thing: live.

so go on and live because memento mori.

A sketch of how Vivian may have looked towards the end of her pregnancy. It really drained all the strength out of her and I think she was probably bed-ridden through a lot of it much to her dismay. Vivian has had many brushes with death, but I guess this one comes across rather haunting to me because of how long she teetered on the edge. Her weak malfunctioning body pushed to the very brink of what it could bare. 

So I finally figured out my tattoos and how they’re gonna look. The two phrases are latin.

memento vivere = remember to live

memento mori = remember you are mortal

Basically together they mean “remember to live, but do not forget you are mortal”

I’m 95% certain I’m gonna get them on my ribcage, like memento vivere on one side and memento mori on the other. It’ll probably hurt like a motherfucker, but I think it’ll be worth it. What do you guys think, about the idea/location/how badass it is/whatever?

Some concept sketches of a Rouge Viking girl that Allister encounters during his wandering through Norway. And no, she does not become his love interest. But they do become close friends, almost like brother and sister. Please Like/Reblog but do NOT Repost. Thank you.