video: i have a secret
Video: Chelsea Manning explains why she leaked secret military documents
In an exclusive ABC News interview, Manning talks about why she risked her career to disclose the information and her fight for transgender rights while in military prison.
By ABC News

“I have a responsibility to the public …we all have a responsibility,” Chelsea Manning describes what motivated her to disclose US war logs. Chelsea’s first interview, slated to air next week on ABC’s Nightline, was previewed today on Good Morning America.


Forgive me Lord for I have sinned.

i just wanted to say that i have been looking forward to dan’s new ‘secret’ video for ages now. and i can honestly say that i wasn’t disappointed. i loved it and everything about it.

i did see some comments about how “it wasn’t him coming out” and that to me is ridiculous because if and when dan decides to come out is HIS decision.

dan is our loud slightly problematic (we all are) cherub and he MUST BE PROTECTED

p.s. shout out to whoever sent him the entire bee movie script in morse code. you are all our hero x

@thehoodiepanda Thot Be Gone-ing Cult Joseph while Mary eats some “I’m sorry for Thot Be Gone-ing you” brownies.

For the art request you talked about during the Super Secret Sneak Peek video. I don’t have a Twitter, so I have to send it through Tumblr.

(For dating games, I suggest Hatoful Boyfriend, that’s some quality stuff. And if you need moisturizers, go for creams or stuff in tubs rather than lotions.)

Anonymous said:

Hi!! Do you have any top favorite sugamon fics that you suggest to read? :)

Be Mine, Baby (series)

nothing makes sense when you’re in love

All I Want Is The Taste That Your Lips Allow.

Ten Years.

Silky Bunny

Boy, I’ve Been Watching You Like a Hawk in the Sky


Sex & Mixtapes

when the lights go out (run away with me)

이사 (Move)

Nothing Like Us.

Apex Predator

come closer, tell a secret boy

I Will Have You

Video Camera

six to nine (we’ll play the game)

cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts

Allure(You’ve got it)

Swirling Colours of our Galaxy

never settle (chasing down the devil)


This isn’t happening.
            Screw you.

Newest video,hope you like and enjoy it.

Oh NaNa + Don't Recall + Rumor lyrics analysis

Most of the people like to analyzed mvs, but i realized (as many others did) that KARD has been telling a story throughout their songs, so i wanted to give my interpretation of this story. Plot wise this story is very simple and character-driven, the narrative is constructed in three acts (which i found interesting, i thought they would go for a Act I - Act III kind of story, like the ones short films have because of the simplicity of the story). It’s very easy to spot which ones are the key point in this narrative, but i will keep it short because i don’t want this to be a thesis lol

Let’s start with Act I, and that’s where Oh NaNa takes place. The song is the beginning of the story, describing us how the two people met and the emotions they went through are majority positives. We can be sure of this because the type of music also give us a clue, it’s very pop and dance-y (unlike the other two songs, that even though they’re still dance songs, the rhythm gets darker with each one) Also something i’d like to point out is the asthetic of the MVs, i’m not analyzing the music videos, but we can really see they also give clues about the story. Oh NaNa is a very dark MV, and I mean that literally. We can’t see anything, not even the dance moves. But the song is talking about meeting someone new and getting into a pretty passionate relationship. The dark in this MV represent that “i still don’t know you” kind of feeling. While in Don’t Recall, we can clearly see their faces and the shadows and even though they’re prominent, they don’t take the protagonism in this MV like in Oh NaNa. What’s more is that the dance part in Don’t Recall is completely white, there are no more shadows, the “i still don’t know you” feeling is gone and now everything is clear to the two people in the story. But the others part of the music video, like i said before, those have shadows which probably means there are secrets behind the new “I know you completely” feeling they have in the MV. It’s the contrast of white and dark colors that show us a little insight of what kind of relationship these two people were having. But when we see Rumor, we get again the same type of aesthetic we got from Oh NaNa, the shadows, the dark colors, probably representing the fact that they are strangers again and that they don’t know each other anymore, or at least as good as they thought they did.

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Q & A with Akon

Akon feature requested by seymaincikli. :)

It is time for Akon to answer questions sent in by you the fans!

1. (from nerdactusaur)

Q: Akon, what are those horn things on your head?

A: …They are horns. What do you think they are?


Q: Akon, why do you have horns now when you didn’t in the flashback?

A: They grew in when I hit puberty.

3. (from firebyfire)

Q: Akon, do you and other 12th members make bets about which of you is going to be changed into walking bombs the next time?

A: Of course not. That would be unbelievably tasteless.

We play bingo instead. “Coworker turned into bomb” is the free square.


Q: Are you mad that you still haven’t made lieutenant?

A: I actually prefer *not* to be used as bait and/or a human bomb, so I’m pretty happy with third seat.

5. (from idontwanttorelapse)

Q: Have you even achieved shikai?

A: Yup. Don’t hold your breath to see it, though.


Q: I can’t believe you have secret video cameras in Squad 12!! Aren’t you worried about what your captain will do when he finds out?

A: It’s been like 50 years, and he still haven’t noticed. And if he does find ‘em, I’ll just blame them on Urahara. That always works.

7. (from lilvest)

Q: How many body mods do you have?

A: A better question would be - how much of my body is still original? And the answer would be - I don’t remember anymore. Prob not a whole lot.


Q: Do you like working for Kurotsuchi or Urahara better?

A: I’m not suicidal enough to answer.

9. (from 7emptymirrors)

Q: Is it true what they say about you and Hisagi?

A: Our captain has a strict “no dating” policy for his squad members. For me to sleep with Hisagi would be about as suicidal as planting secret cameras in my captain’s office.


Q: Were you weirded out when Ukitake asked you to make those life-sized statues of Hitsugaya and Byakuya?

A: I work in Squad 12. The request would have to be way more bizarre than that to weird me out.

11. (from animeisawesomeness)

Q: Whats the weirdest thing Kurosutchi has dressed up as?

A: Hard to beat the current daffodil look. He’s like some sort of sadistic flower.


Q: You basically saved Soul Society when you let Ichigo out of that garganta. Do you think you’ll get recognition?

A: Probably not. Best way to survive in Squad 12 is not to draw attention to yourself, you know.

13. (from our-flame-never-goes-out)

Q: So you were in the Maggot’s Nest? What’s that about?

A: …I’d rather not talk about that.

14. (from mharleyhotrod)

Q:Has the captain ever “experimented” on you?
Human bombs, tested poisons and the such? Or is that just for Nemu?

A: The captain has certain…types he likes to experiment on. Nemu to be sure, because he can control her. People he finds threatening in various ways, like those who are too handsome to live. Luckily, I am none of those things.

15. (from J)

Q: What is your most heartwarming experience you had while working in Squad 12?

A: When the captain turns into goo, he has to stay that way for a while. The last time it happened, Lieutenant Kurotsuchi stood watch over his bucket for more than a day, and then Rin came up to her with this plate of cupcakes and told her she needed to eat something. In the end, we all ended up eating those stupid cupcakes and talking - without the captain around, for the first time in ages. It was - nice.

in that video of d+p from the last tatinof show/after party(??) where people are screaming, taking pictures, and trying to touch them is just so strange? i don’t see them as celebrities/famous, they’re just two nerdy guys who make videos that make me laugh and i sometimes get to chat with them for an hour once a week 


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