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Hi, I've been recommended to come speak to you. I have a character called Shiva in my boom who is a Muslim woman, but the god Shiva is a Hindu god. I was wondering if I could have an opinion on this and whether or not it's okay to have this character with this name? ( The book in question is a sci-fi/fantasy/horror story with a very racially diverse cast, all of who, are named after mythological figure or creature.)

Naming Muslim Woman After Hindu God

Why must their name be Shiva? Honestly, there are a billion gorgeous Islamic names. Save the Hindu name for a girl who is actually Hindu. From an Islamic teaching POV, the prophet has said that any names indicating servitude to another must be changed. Naming someone after a god in another religion definitely implies that.

I am not sure of the background of your character, but I highly doubt Muslim parents would name their children after a Hindu god, and if your character is a convert then it would only be realistic for her to change her old name to suit her better.

My advice would be to change their name to something with Islamic connotations, like Aisha after a wife of the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) or Tasbeeh. Googling Muslim names gives you a million results. If characters must have religion or mythology-related names in your book, then use any of those.

-Yasmin There’s also discussion about naming characters after gods in Naming Characters After Deities And Spirits: Santeria As Example. ~Mod Colette

Karishma  & Satpreet (Hindu Wedding) || Dubai,UAE ||

This was a great big fun filled Indian wedding in Dubai. First it started with the vibrant mehendi/sangeet ceremony then moved onto highlight the grand wedding/reception. I loved all the brides gowns which were colorful and beautiful. The couples shots in the desert were different but cool to watch.


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GRANDEST wedding video I’ve seen yet! Shaana and Uraaz’s wedding in the Umaid Bhawan Palace was an extravagant celebration to watch. The palace was an absolutely stunning venue for the wedding decorated with tons of beautiful floral décor. Filmed beautifully by the wedding filmer, I loved seeing the brides beautiful lengha and all the male guests wearing the same turbans.


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