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the problem with matpat, in my opinion is well how do i even explain it. Frankly the best way to pinpoint my problem with MatPat is a FNAF theory for the latest game in the series, Sister Location. You know, the game series that ABSOLUTELY MADE HIS DAMN CHANNEL and he spends 5 minutes before tackling the theory at hand criticizing Scott Cawthon on his writing and that he, MatPat, knows better what's canon than Scott Cawthon. He's so overly smug and arrogant.

You guys want to know my problems with MatPat?

This anon pretty much just underlined one of my most major points.

Here’s something so many people don’t seem to get about the field both I and MatPat are in:

Channels like ours, despite how much original material we try to make and inject into our videos, survive completely on the content other people make. We are ‘derivative content channels’–we only get to make videos because other people made something we can discuss, and analyze, and rotate all around to show our audiences all the cool pieces involved in a thing that someone else made.

When it comes to mainstream media products like theatrical films, major console video games, etc., it’s more than okay to complain and talk about their faults and failings; these are professional-grade products that are supposed to be of the highest quality and pedigree, made by veterans and educated professionals in their fields with plenty of money and resources to do the job write and make sure consumers feel good.

When it comes to independent material, like I mostly cover, you’re dealing with someone who was brave enough to try something without all the pedigree, resources, power, and experience of the mainstream field. And often, the independent material is made by someone who did everything themselves.

If you’re making your bread and butter on YouTube covering mainstream stuff, you’re part of a very large group in a very large field of media that extends well beyond YouTube.

If you’re covering indie material and lone creators who are making things with cameras they bought at a local store and computers in their basements after long days of work in their home town, then you’re working with underdogs, and being a parasite to those underdogs instead of a mutualistic symbiote is totally intolerable to me. You don’t go and tear down people who have nothing and are just trying to make their way up, and if you’re gaining something from them, you’d better be giving something in return.

Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s series has been MatPat’s biggest goldmine, and I’ve seen MatPat turn from being a mutualistic symbiote to hateful parasite while still fully aware that Scott Cawthon is an indie creator whose work made Game Theory thousands and thousands of dollars.

I know YouTube figures, and I can tell you that MatPat’s FNAF videos have certainly made him at least $1,000 each, with earlier entries making at least $3,000 by the time they made 3 million views. It’s not possible that they haven’t.

Has Scott himself become wealthy from his creation? Hell yeah! Does that change the fact that he’s an indie creator who got extremely lucky and does everything himself, and all of his work is the reason MatPat’s been making a disgusting amount of YouTube bucks? 


If you want to see the phrase “Biting the hand that feeds you” in action, look no further than Game Theory. MatPat’s very direction for Five Nights coverage has gone from biting the hand that fed him to actually eating it for the sole purpose of hurting Scott Cawthon while still making money off his work.

I have watched MatPat attack Scott Cawthon, insult Scott Cawthon, tell the man he can’t write his own games correctly, insist that he’s broken his own story because MatPat can’t make sense of something, and generally be a hateful, disrespectful, ungrateful narcissist.

I HAVE SEEN MATPAT MAKE A THEORY VIDEO MONTHS IN ADVANCE OF A GAME BEING RELEASED. Do you think that’s because he GENUINELY figured out a game he hadn’t even seen, or because he knew he’d make LOTS OF MONEY doing it?

And yet MatPat still has the audacity to attack, insult, demean, and devalue a man whose work has personally made him thousands of dollars and many millions of views and subscribers. Not just a man, either, but an indie creator who has done everything himself and devoted so many sleepless nights to making Five Nights at Freddy’s games, doing his best to improve each new installment so it makes us more impressed than before.

Scott Cawthon got lucky, yes, but he’s still the man who was about to quit his dream of being a professional video game developer if ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s,’ a Hail Mary attempt, did not work. He still has run this ship alone and done everything in his power to keep it pure and stay a Scott Cawthon original despite all the success and fame he’s achieved.

Is the man above criticism because of who he is, what he’s been, and what he’s achieved? No, of course not. But should criticism of him and his work be delivered respectfully, in a way that isn’t smug and cruel?

Yes, especially when it’s criticism levied by someone who made thousands of dollars off Scott Cawthon’s work and continues to do so. Instead, MatPat chose to effectively spit in Scott’s face with his platform while reaching into his wallet.

And that’s just one major reason I lost immense respect for him.

Happy #internationalwomensday from me and the little woman I am raising. I heard someone say yesterday at the @theirworldorg #rewritingthecode breakfast that today is our day, but so was yesterday and so is tomorrow. I loved that. Women are powerful, capable, loving creatures (just like men) and it’s up to us to raise our friends and sisters and mothers and daughters with courage and compassion and motivation to make every little corner of the world a good place. I feel so passionate today that I might film a main channel video because there’s so much we can do. Women are badass.

and here we have Artemi “Only Vodka” Panarin 


Bon Jovi - Because We Can

I don’t wanna be another wave in the ocean
I am a rock not just another grain of sand
I wanna be the one you run to when you need a shoulder
I ain’t a soldier but I’m here to take a stand
Because we can

Just another Sunday conversation: 

Me: “I love our new rice cooker! The rice is perfect. No sticking to the bottom of the pot. No burning. Fluffly all the way through…” 

Raindrop-Rouge: “*puts fluff everywhere even in her food”

Me: “PFFFFF! LOL. Yeah, that’s us.” 

Apparently, @raindrop-rouge​ and I have life figured all out. <3

this is a weird thought I had the other day, and it kind of comforted me so I thought I’d share it

humans aren’t really… biologically designed to be happy and functional?

like evolutionarily, we’re designed to survive and populate, and our behaviors reflect that. if we were designed to be happy, we’d be a totally different species.

but we’re not. all anyone is built to do is keep going. so if we go for a while of not being happy, if we spend a day or two just chilling on the couch and watching videos because that’s all we can manage, if we don’t act perfectly in our own emotional interests, if we can’t always be logical or reasonable… maybe that’s not so bad.

because we’re still going

and as far as life cares, that’s a win.

Luca briefly fell in love with this lookalike, but then the little thing bolted in the opposite direction to his owner and just… kept running?

Imagine Woozi getting really excited about a new game he just got and he can’t wait to play it when he’s done with his work.

Still on Hiatus

Thank you for being very patient and understanding (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ ) 

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who in the ot4 do you think would get along best like romantically with each supergirl character



Lexa and Lena.

Raven and Maggie or Alex… or Maggie and Alex.

Clarke and Alex.

Octavia and Maggie or Lena

… I’m just trying to imagine any of them with Kara and them all being exasperated by her bubby shiny nature… though I think that holds true more for their canon characterizations and not OT4. I keep kind of wanting to put O and Kara together… so there’s that, mostly because I feel like they could work, but it’d also be amusing af.

Also, Clarke and O are bi, and Raven is pan… and I feel like I should list non-female options for them, but honestly for main male characters we kinda have James, Winn, Mon-el, and J’onn… and the closest I feel like it might work is Clarke and Winn, but even that doesn’t quite feel right. Raven and James? potentially.

More crude video because it’s all I can manage but can we talk about Ben here? Ben being a leader, being in command, being a friend, but also needing to get everyone home. Ben has a LOT on his plate here but he’s steady. I keep remembering something one of his soldiers journaled about him. “There was no falter in his step. ”

Hetalia Headcanons: What the Countries Smell Like
  • Italy: Kitchens and herbs and chocolate and faintly of watercolor paint
  • Germany: Musky smell, like leather and sweat and gunpowder, faintly of dogs
  • Japan: Water - the ocean and hot springs
  • America: Burgers and Axe cologne and leather
  • England: Rain and tea leaves and old books
  • China: Ink and wood and green tea
  • Russia: Vodka (not too strong though) and sunflowers and cologne
  • France: Pastries, roses, red wine and cologne (a bit stronger than the rest of the countries)
  • Romano: Brick ovens and powerful spices and cologne, sometimes like grass
  • Spain: Cinnamon and tomatoes and adobe bricks and earthiness
  • Ukraine: Grass and dirt and sunflowers and warm milk, almost like a baby's smell
  • Belarus: Vodka (a bit stronger than Russia) and smoke, covered by perfume
  • Canada: Maple syrup and other sweet things
  • Cuba: Ocean air and cigars
  • Austria: Metal and wood and candle wax
  • Switzerland: Gunpowder and smoke
  • Liechtenstein: Flowers and fresh cut grass and a little bit of gunpowder
  • Belgium: Bakeries and fresh bread and chocolate
  • Rome: Warm kitchens, tomatoes, and the smell of the sidewalk after the rain stops
  • Prussia: Too much cologne
  • Hungary: Flowers and laundry soap, with a little bit of gunpowder in there
  • Denmark: Beer and cologne
  • Iceland: Beaches and sand, a salty-cold smell
  • Finland: Crayons and firewood and sweet fruits
  • Norway: Roasting meat and old metal armor and fires, but also has a sweet sort of smell
  • Sweden: Rusting metal and hot cocoa and bonfires
  • Estonia: Metal and old wood and fresh linens
  • Latvia: Foods and sweets, yummy-smelling things
  • Poland: New fabric and hair product
  • Lithuania: Antiseptic solutions and old metal
  • Greece: Wheat fields and dust, with a sort of warm smell of a hot day
  • Sealand: Salt water and oil and old factories
  • Seychelles: The ocean and beaches and flowers and sunny days
  • Scotland: Musky cologne and cigars and grass
  • Romania: Smells of cologne, which is covering a faint smell of blood and chemicals
  • Seborga: Smells faintly of herbs, mostly of the ocean
  • India: Deep spices and sand and incense
  • (Made by both najikasun and cocopowder16)