Replay’s on point





😂😂😂😂 JInyoungie is always spitting on Jackson 😂😂😂 Jackson’s “Do you wanna build a snowman” is the CUTEST THING EVER 😍

Okay some people thought I did the subs but it’s the official v app subs… I only edited the video haha I know it’s not Jr. But jinyoungie! I wonder who did the official subs 😅

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Watch the full video here:—FINAL-Opening-Live

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the local news keeps reporting about this grocery store that was shut down for a rat infestation and recently opened, but instead of showing anything new they keep replaying the video that got the store shut down in the first place: a rat crawling aaaaall over the fresh produce

and because this is california, it’s absolutely necessary for the video to have a comment like this:

I realize that recently I haven’t rambled here as much as I usually do or talked about video games with u all, life has been so busy for me these last couple months~

I’m studying a lot for various things like ballet and school and other interests I have

I’m still alive lol


This was the best moment of 2015