I just saw this video by Trisha where she talks about body shaming and how from the age of 8 kids used to call her fat, ugly and disgusting and I am crying so hard right now because it started when I was 8 too. 

And then for 7 years of my life I had to part myself between school and having perfect grades to dancing class and swimming classes so that I could be thin. At fucking 8 years old I started to worry about how to lose weight so that people won’t judge me. A child that small should NOT worry about their body, they should be happy and living their lives not living a hell like I did. I got skinnier but they still called me names so I just gave up. Dancing was my passion but seeing how no matter how thin or how many shows I had or awards won, kids in my school would still avoid me and call me fat and ugly all the time, made me stop doing anything.

Then I got back to my big self and those 4 years of highschool were A NIGHTMARE, I am in a very good place mentally right now but looking back at how I was treated back then, I am surprised I didn’t kill myself and stop it all.

SO NEVER EVER IN YOUR LIVES CALL SOMEONE, ESPECIALLY A CHILD FAT AND DISGUSTING. They will live with it for the rest of their lives and it will hunt them forever. Your 5 seconds of fun and jokes are the equivalent of a lifetime dealing with insecurities, trust issues and eating disorders for the person they are making fun of.


VHS Head - Enter the Devil

The world needs more video nasty mashups.

anonymous asked:

youtube isnt taking down lgbt videos, but it is "restricting" them, so when you have "Restricted Mode" (no nsfw) turned on, they cant be watched.

A: I’ve seen screenshots of people getting their videos shut down (and a few that i used to watch are shut down too)



WE ARE NOT NSFW, if cishets are free to talk about sex in their videos or do nasty red jokes or even touch their parters butt/show suggestive junk WITHOUT getting their videos flagged then we shouldn’t have ours just because we are LGBTQ.

Point on point is disgusting, insulting, stupid and offensive, fuck youtube

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