[FANCAM] Youngjae sends a video message to all Australian IGOT7 for unable to come. He looked really really sick & pale in the video. This sunshine even apologizing for being sick. Don’t be Youngjae. Don’t be disappointed too.Get the treatment & get better. We’ll be waiting.   ❤

by: jinlissul

  • Wildcat: Say the magic words Mini and I'm yours
  • Mini: Jose Rico Taco Nacho Quesadilla Mendilla Jones
  • Wildcat: I was waiting for 'I love you' but you really do know the way to my heart

Translation of Lee Jong Suk’s video message to fans after his Variety FM in Japan on 02.02.17:

“Hello everyone, I am Lee Jong Suk. The FM just ended; thanks to all of you, I received positive energy before the filming of my new drama. I want to make use of it and work hard to repay everyone. Thank you very much for today. Love you all!”

Cr: With JS Japan  Via: Chinese trans by: 摇曳绽放的花

Eng Trans By: irenetan


NEW VIDEO! Here are some more forwarded messages for @danisnotonfire