Schedule Changes

As many of you know, I’ve been thinking for the past few months about some changes that might make my life a bit less stressful and give me time to 1) work on all the things I do for my stream outside of actually streaming and 2) have a life outside of work. 

The state of the stream/my life now.

To provide some context, I wanted to elaborate on a regular “day in my life”. Most days, I wake up around 9am. I get ready, walk Rhea for about an hour and a half, and then eat “breakfast” around half past 11am. I spend the next 3-4 hours answering emails, messages, editing videos, or doing regular “life stuff” (I’m an actual human! I have to clean and stuff, apparently). I eat lunch and take the dogs out. I stream 4pm-10pm. I take Rhea out again, get home and eat dinner around 11pm. I spend another 3-4 hours answering emails, messages, editing videos… you know the drill. Rinse and repeat, seven days a week.

So I spend about 10-12 hours a day working on stream-related things, which is 70-84 hours a week. I don’t usually have a lot of spare time for things like the gym, preparing actual healthy food, working on my car, or relaxing (which I’ve been encouraged to try). So here’s what’s going to happen starting this upcoming week (Feb 15th)!

I’ll be taking Mondays off.

In the 20+ months since I started streaming, I haven’t had a regularly scheduled day off. I did this because I wanted to leave myself the flexibility to take days off, whatever days they were, as I wanted. The problem with this is, I end up going weeks without taking a day off because I have the mentality that I can just do my work around my streaming schedule, which means I typically stay up into the early hours of the morning, barely sleep, and spend my entire day working or streaming. My life is pretty consumed by work, to be honest, which I don’t want to sound like a complaint in any way. I absolutely love my job and that’s what makes it hard for me to get myself to step away from it - I’m just acknowledging that I’m a workaholic and that I’m going to have to force myself to take breaks.

I took the day off for the Superbowl and, though I spent a few hours watching the game, I realized I spent the rest of the day working and still wasn’t finished with my to-do list. A regular day off is going to really help me get work done, feel less stressed, and I believe it’ll improve the quality of my stream because I’ll (presumably) be able to get more sleep and feel less overwhelmed.

I’ll be streaming at 2pm PT every Tuesday - Sunday.

I always hesitate to move my stream time because I know that it can negatively impact people’s ability to watch the broadcast. But, I’m hoping that the earlier time might make it easier for people to watch (especially you EU folks, who are used to my stream starting at midnight!) Plus, most people don’t go to start work after they’ve already been awake for seven hours - I realized that I expend most of my energy before I’ve even started streaming, which leaves me exhausted and probably less entertaining to you all. I’m hoping that streaming earlier will balance my schedule out more so I’m not starting my stream as a tired zombie.

If these changes make it harder for you to catch my broadcasts, I’m sorry about that and I hope that you understand I’ve been thinking about these changes for a long time and there’s a large part of me that’s still grumpy about taking a day off. But I’m optimistic that these changes will benefit the majority because:

  1. Better start time for many
  2. Better attitude from me
  3. More time for supplemental content creation (YouTube clips and Let’s Plays)

Thank you all, as ever, for your steadfast support and understanding. I regularly think about how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such amazing, altruistic people, and hope that these changes will be for the better of our community.

Calling all shippers !

Alright, I'mma cut right to the chase : I’m at a total editing block. I have so many ideas and things rolling around in my head, but I have nowhere to start from. Sooo, I decided to open video requests ! Reblog or message me with what pairings you’d like to see and a few songs. If any of the ideas interest me, I’ll be glad to do them !

no zoemund please. or anything on gmw that isn’t rilaya or larkle.


“Ni hao (hello), it’s Lee Pace. I can’t wait to see you all in China for the first Coca-Cola Fanstang Comic Con in Guangzhou by Wizard World on May 30th and May 31st. And then travel to meet some of you as well in Shanghai. Stay tuned on Fanstang Weibo to hear all the details. And make sure to get your tickets on …. Wo ai ni (I love you).” (x)