Anti is missing his gauges, Dark is missing his tie… And this post by Jack makes me suspicious that that’s important. 

What if that wasn’t Anti and Dark? Jack said Anti and Dark couldn’t meet. What if that’s still true? And Mark set up Dark as a legitimately dangerous, creepy manipulator. A video like this seems slightly out of character, even if he did remain serious during it.

What if that video was what it was? It was Mark’s 18 million sub video, his big collab with other youtubers, some fun times! Jokes all around, poke fun at the audience, at the concept of dark youtubers, of Dark and Anti. They didn’t have their proper costumes because they’re mocking them. 

So, then. What happens when the real Anti and Dark show up? Gauges and tie and all, both furious that they were made a mockery of?

do you remember when they were all trying to come up with a prank to get back Jaebum and Bambam suggested to just scare him with chainsaws and Jinyoung was like “no were gonna do this month long project and everyone is gonna ask what’s wrong with me and I’m gonna be distant from everyone and Mark can threaten to go back to America wait yeah we’ll all act like Mark has a problem and hates us and Jackson is gonna get really angry and is probably gonna cry and we’ll even get other groups on it too and say there’s some bad rumor about got7 we’ll act like something is seriously wrong with us to do a hidden camera for Jaebum” like what is his damage holy shit


Now, I have just watched and enjoyed another Cards Against Humanity video from Mark, with Ethan and Tyler. Now here are a number of things I took note of:

> After around 13 minutes, Tyler begins to laugh at some cards that are funny for whatever reason, something relatively normal with this game right? When he has this laughing fit not only does the background music cut out but both Mark and Ethan look slightly puzzled/disturbed. This not only makes it seem slightly more scary, but also more…real. Well, he sort of goes into another laughing fit after a brief moment of composure after the first, and the shot soon cuts away…but instead of the video moving on normally, the screen of whatever you’re watching the video on goes crimson. Just plain crimson. The regular light music continues on in the background whilst that colour persists for 20-30 seconds. Then, the video continues as normal, with no acknowledgment of any issues. Now, this could be an editing issue that they just didn’t notice when putting it together; but I think that is HIGHLY unlikely. So, it may transpire that something or even someone has corrupted that part of the video; but that isn’t the part that concerns me. I am worried, because it happened just after Tyler had an ever so slightly irregular laughing fit. So it really does beg the question: Did something or someone corrupt Tyler momentarily? I hope not.

> The other ‘thing’ that seemed a little odd in this particular video of Mark’s is the very end. Traditionally at the end of a Markiplier video there will be a little repeated visual of something that looked funny in the video, accompanied by his happy outro theme. However, this time it was a little strange. Firstly, the clip itself wasn’t all that unique since it was just Mark looking down and then up. That was it. Except, he didn’t just look up…he glitched up. You see it for just a brief moment but it’s there, and Mark is seemingly emotionless during the minimal transition. We all know that glitching full stop is a sign that there is something irregular happening, but the lack of added effects or editing interests me because on this occasion it’s been done very simply and without too much finesse. So, what exactly is it?

> This final point links in with the previous since it concerns the ending clip. When I first saw it I perceived that Mark was relatively emotionless, but now I’m not so sure. Looking at it now it’s clear that Mark is in fact smiling when he’s facing the camera, but this smile doesn’t feel as charming as usual. The smile is there but for me it doesn’t really feel that Mark is there with it, if you get what I mean. Combined with the glitching, I don’t think that this ‘happy’ expression is all it seems.

To conclude, there is some video manipulation like what we usually look for but this seems more elegant and professional. It doesn’t have the madness of Warfstache or the intensity of Dark. It’s more methodical and organised which would, from my perspective, suggest Google. You see when Dark has intervened there’s the telltale audio disturbance as well as intense visuals, and with Warstache he makes it into a whole spectacle. Markiplier TV proved that.

Perhaps after Google’s update he wanted to prove ‘how useful’ he could be? However the suggestion that he could have an influence over Mark and Tyler could imply that he wasn’t working alone. So I guess what I’m really asking is….

@markiplier should we be concerned?


Research has shown that these Marmosets can learn by watching how-to videos.

They installed a TV and played a video of other marmosets manipulating a box in order to take out a treat, with most of those who watched the video learning to do it themselves.

(Via Nature)

I’m always surprised whenever I read a fic and it’s so damn good and obviously the author has been beating on their craft for years, taking time to lay out the plot elements and capture the characters, and there’s, like, only a handful of comments.  

And in most of these cases, the hit count is definitely not the problem.

Whatever you guys read, please consider getting in the commenting habit. For those of you who write and publish on the site  and ask for comments on your stories, this goes double (or even triple) for you since you know how time-consuming writing is and how much it means to an author to get feedback from readers… even if the comment itself takes less than a minute to type in. 

But this doesn’t just apply to fanfiction. It applies to fanart, manipulations, songs, videos, comics, etc. etc.  Whenever you reblog someone’s work, take a moment to express yourself in the post - not just the tags - so the creator can see it. You will make them inexplicably happy. 

We’re in the middle of a hiatus. Let’s keep morale high and keep encouraging our content creators with just a few personal words. Even if it’s you smashing your head repeatedly against the keyboard, or saying something simple like, I love this! or pointing out a favourite part….take the time to give some encouragement. I guarantee you, you will make someone’s day and that’s worth overcoming a bit of laziness or shyness, don’t you think? 

For your consideration


It’s impossible to comment on every fic; sometimes you really don’t know what to say or its cumbersome to type on a mobile device atm – but the 80/20 rule applies. If you comment on most of the content you consume, you will be making the fandom a much more encouraging place and attract more fans to our corner of the web and get even MORE wonderful content.

And trust me, the tv people are paying attention to how big and active a fandom is…

We all do our part. Support our content creators. Build our community. Especially since we are an exceptionally loving and welcoming bunch.

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omg a modern-day youtuber au. jim vlogs, does comedy skits, and also plays scary games (which is what he's most known for). spock does makeup reviews, tutorials for (non-volatile) science experiments, and neat math games, tricks, and walk-throughs for the more difficult stuff. bones doesn't have one, but shows up in their videos anyway. they collaborate a lot together. jim's most popular video is of all three of them playing five nights at freddy's w face cam. bones fell out of his chair ;)

  • The first time Bones shows up in one of their videos, it’s mostly coincidental. Spock is in the living room because the lighting works better there. He’s just casually talking about MAC’s new mascara line when Bones just passes by behind him. He’s pulling on his leather jacket, and grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl. “I’m off to work,” he says, kissing Spock’s cheek, “tell Jim I said hi, okay?” “Of course,” Spock says. He doesn’t edit Bones’ brief visit out of the video, and so his first online appearance is made.
  • “Jim, I’m not sure this is a good idea,” Spock says. He’s filming Jim standing on the kitchen table – that’s something that can honestly only go wrong. The ceiling fan is spinning on full speed, and Jim looks awfully determined to do something stupid. “What’s the worst that could happen?” Jim asks, and Spock raises an eyebrow. “You could get seriously hurt,” he replied. “I’ll be fine,” Jim says. Honestly, Spock doesn’t know why Jim insists on doing stupid stunts and getting hurt doing so. Jim probably doesn’t even know, either. Jim gets enough subscribers just based on video games, but he insists on jumping off high things, or, in this case, jump headfirst into a spinning ceiling fan because he made a bet with one of his viewers. Spock also films Bones when he stitches the back of Jim’s head afterwards. “Got anything to say to the audience?” Jim asks to Bones. He looks pained, even though he’s grinning when Bones sits behind him and fixes him up. “Yeah,” Bones says, briefly glancing at Spock’s phone as he films, “don’t try this stupidity at home. Also don’t date a complete idiot.” 
  • Bones shows up in videos more often from that moment on, and people are asking for him. So he assists Spock in this video where he’s manipulating electricity, and they make a smartphone hologram together. He plays against Jim in a game called Ultimate Chicken Horse - and Jim’s views skyrocket when Bones presses a kiss to Jim’s neck to distract him from winning.
  • He’s requested to join in Spock and Jim’s videos more often, but because Bones works fulltime (and then some), and he’s tired when he comes home, he doesn’t always comply to those requests. He’s in almost all of Jim’s vlogs, though. Jim films them on the couch - Bones’ back pressed against Spock’s chest and he’s quietly napping while Spock’s working on crossword puzzles. They’re always just short, uninteresting videos, but they are somehow very popular.
  • Jim often shows up in Spock’s videos, too. They race through a maths exam, which proves that Jim is also incredibly smart - even if Spock finishes it slightly faster. Spock does a make-up tutorial and uses Jim’s face doing so. Bones is his next victim, and even Bones just sits down and lets Spock do his job.
  • Because make-up is literally Spock’s job, and he vlogs about being on a movie set because he’s doing the makeup for the stars of the movie. The vlogs are destined to Jim and Bones, mostly, because he’s on set for the full three weeks they are scheduled to shoot. Jim responds with a vlog of the two of them at home. Bones is going through medical reports, Jim is distracting him with messages from and to Spock, and he’s forcing himself in Bones’ personal space - as usual, until Bones responds to the camera and says just a quick “good luck on set, darlin’.”
  • In Spock’s absence, Bones joins Jim playing video games. Bones has agreed to join Jim for a full playthrough on this game called Outlast, though he has no knowledge of what this game is all about. Pretty much immediately after the first jump scare, however, he regrets promising to sit through the whole game. Jim is tensed while playing, he’s on edge and he’s just saying “I’m so scared,” but it has nothing on Bones. Bones’ hand is on Jim’s arm, his shoulder, the arm rest of his chair. And as soon as they have to run from the first bad guy, Bones is just yelling at Jim - not at the game. “Get in the fucking vent, Jim. The vent! Do I need to fucking spell that out for you?!” “Bones, you’re stressing me out more than the game does!” Jim counters, simultaneously annoyed and amused. The first video ends when they die a gruesome death after having been chased, and Bones just yanks his headphones off. “No. I did not sign up for this.” He says, and like that, he walks out of Jim’s room. Jim glances at the door as it slams shut, and then back in the camera. “Check in for part 2 soon,” he says with a smirk. It’s one of the most watched videos on Jim’s channel from then on, and Bones begrudgingly agrees to continue.
  • But not all is always so great, because Bones has a stressful job, and he doesn’t always understand the obsession his two boyfriends have with just uploading every moment of their lives to YouTube. The morning after Spock’s returned, Jim and Spock quietly shoot a vlog together - which mostly consists of a few kisses and soft “I’m so happy you’re back”, while Bones is still asleep. When he wakes up, though, and he sees a camera, he just groans and turns his back to them. “Bones, don’t you have anything to say about Spock’s return?” Jim asks. “Yeah,” Bones says, “but not to the fucking camera. I was working til midnight last night and I’m hungover- I don’t need everything filmed right now.”
  • It’s fine. It’s understandable. Jim and Spock leave the bedroom to instead film in the kitchen. Or, Jim films while Spock prepares breakfast for the three of them. “Bones and I are playing the Outlast DLC tonight,” Jim explains, “and the three of us are gonna do a Let’s Play of Five Nights of Freddy’s tomorrow. I don’t think we can convince Bones to do any more horror afterwards. It’s not really his thing,” Jim says, and Spock chuckles softly. “He can sleep in between us tonight,” he says with a small smile, and Jim nods. “Sounds good to me.”
  • Bones’ presence in Jim’s videos is hilarious. Because Bones is on edge all the time. He’s literally watching through his fingers, and he absolutely freaks out during the DLC. “Jim, do something!” “This is a cut scene, Bones. I literally can’t-” “Do something! I’m a doctor and that is not how you do surgery– Jim!” Now, Jim is grossed out at everything the main character has to endure, but Bones is literally either standing on his chair or standing behind it - as if that’s going to make the game more bearable. “I hate you for putting me through this,” Bones says, slouches back down in his chair eventually, and Jim laughs. “You love me,” he says, and Bones only huffs.
  • Jim admires Spock from the couch while he’s doing a live Q&A for his audience on science and math questions. And he seems to have little trouble answering every question thrown at him. Spock’s so incredibly intelligent, it almost seems a shame he’s not chasing a career in either fields instead of a makeup artist, but at the end of the day, Spock knows what he enjoys doing professionally. All the nerdy stuff’s just a hobby. Bones passes by Spock, kissing him just briefly. “See you tonight,” Bones says, and Spock nods. “Don’t be late, we’re shooting tonight.” “Yeah, yeah.” Bones says, waving Spock off before kissing Jim goodbye, too.
  • And he’s there, on time. Bones is fine until all three of them sit in that dark room and Jim holds the controller while the other two sit with him. Spock doesn’t seem too affected by horror games. Honestly, the way Bones gets startled every time one of those animatronics jumps out at them scares Spock more than the actual game. And Jim is really trying to win, because he’s not into losing and because he wants to make it through all the nights to see what happens at the end. But his own attention span gets in the way of concentrating on the game, and so he keeps losing and Bones keeps jumping. Eventually, he jumps far and hard enough to topple backwards with his chair. “I’m so done with this shit,” Bones says, getting up from the ground with Spock’s help, “my heart literally hurts, I can’t do this. I hate both of you.” He snarls at them before leaving the room. Spock turns to Jim worriedly. “Do you think we broke him?” “Nah,” Jim says, leaning back in his chair, “he’ll suffer through Outlast 2 with us when it’s released, because he loves us. Plus, we’ll make it up to him tonight.” He finishes, shooting the camera just a short, meaningful smirk, before stopping the recording.
Dear Austin Jones

Two years ago, when everyone was against you, and the internet was howling with rage, a few of us stuck by you. We stuck by you because of your apology. We stuck by you through rant videos, people calling us stupid for still following you, and our own brains warning us.

In your apology video, you explained what happened, where you had been mentally because of it, and what was going to happen next. We stuck by you because you had a moment of weakness and you made a mistake. They were twerking videos. Just that. No private parts being shown, no dirty words.

We stood by you as everyone called you out. We helped you rebuild after it died down. Those of us that vocalized our anger on social media before the apology were scared shitless when you told us of your suicidal plan. We were almost the cause of it, and we would’ve been if you had done it.

You made a goddamn music video about all the hateful things that were said to you. You manipulated us. You lied. The music video, the suicide plan, the entire apology video was based around you and how depressed you are and your depression medication and anything else you could slip into it to make us feel sorry enough to forgive you.

It was not just twerking videos.

You manipulated these underage girls into twerking and a bit more, even asking them to put emphasis on their age.

Damon Fizzy was shamed and threatened for shining light on this two years ago. God bless that boy because all he wanted to do was keep your fans safe, because you sure as Hell weren’t.

Rot in prison, and don’t ever even try to come back to YouTube in 15 years, there will be no one here for you, and if you try to rebuild, we will tell them what you did.

- Your (now ex) fan of five years, Leigh

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imagine: anti was up on the screen at PAX but we're the only ones who could see it. bob wade amy mark ethan signe tyler couldn't see it etc.. it was only us jack and robin. robin is used as anti's toy bc when anti is weak and cant manipulate the videos or anything he needs someone to add him in. jack is scared of anti and is pretending that its all okay and fine but apart of the blood oath is that anti has to make it seem innocent and cute and so he chooses what we do or dont see. WE. ARE. DEAD.

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As someone who is fairly well versed in photo, video, and audio manipulation it’s fairly difficult to keep my cool when my social media feeds are filled with sloughs of peeps posting digitally doctored viral content, some very obviously so, blindly accepting them as real events without questioning or fact checking their validity just because it confirms their biases, fits a particular narrative, favors convenience, feels infectiously shareable, or is outrageous enough to garner maximum hits. When internet users claim to be “woke” while not even realizing that they’re posting fictionalized content, it’s very discouraging. I will admit that I get fooled myself from time to time, but some people just fall for every single thing and it’s horrifying frankly… especially when politics or world events that affect large groups of people are involved. Stay vigilant, be skeptical, double check sources, confirm the facts as best you can, and never stop questioning what you see on your fast paced glowing screen. The internet is far more dangerous than it’s ever been, full of carefully hand crafted media designed to appeal to you and catch your attention for views. We must all learn to spot the bait before the unforeseen consequences truly wake us up.

FFXV Secret Santa Roundup

With the holidays quickly approaching, we’re starting to see some great things in the works, mainly–Secret Santas

There are many corners of the FFXV fandom which means many different opportunities for Secret Santa exchanges! Below are a list of the ones I’ve come across for handy and quick references. If you see one you like, follow/visit their blogs for more details and sign up!

[All of these accept both fanfic, fanart, and graphic manipulations/videos for gifts]

1. FFXV Small Secret Santa —- Official Post

  • A small exchange of either sketches or 500 word drabbles
  • Sign Up Deadline: Oct 28
  • Matches: Nov 4
  • Gift Reveal: Dec 23

2. Promptis Winter Exchange —- @promptiswinterexchange, AO3

  • Fic word count ranging from 1k or completed artwork
  • Sign Up Deadline: Nov 3
  • Matches: Nov 5
  • Gift Reveal: Dec 25

3. Ignoct Secret Santa —- @ignoctsecretsanta

  • Fic word count ranging from 1.5k or completed artwork
  • Sign Up Deadline: Nov 5
  • Matches: Nov 6
  • Gift Reveal: Dec 24

4. 2017 FFXV Holiday Gift Exchange Extravaganza —- @the-gift-of-ffxv

  • Fic word count ranging from 3.5k or completed artwork
  • Sign Up Deadline: Oct 29
  • Matches Sent: Oct 29 - Nov 1
  • Gift Reveal: Dec 1 - Dec 15

[If you have another FFXV Secret Santa you’d like added to this list, let me know! And as always, please share this with anyone who’d like to join!]


Amazing Photo Manipulation Magic Speed Process [Time Lapse] (Speed Art)

We were watching the PLAY


I just re-watched tfp to overanalyse the utter shit this episode was and found something that made me a little suspicious:

This shot is one of the cameras in Eurus cell. It is one of the recorded videos that show her manipulating the prison warden, and it reads 18992201.Of couse they could be random numbers, but I thought hey, why not strip them down. The first idea was a date, 22.01.1899, but I couldn´t really find anything.

But what if we seperate them? There have been numerous rumours that we might get a fourth episode next sunday and someone even found out that yahoo has a fourth episode listed.

The date for that episode is the 22.01.

Now we´ve still got 1899 left. A little google search on Arhtur Conan Doyle was done and I found THIS:


Now, lets see what we got this episode:

Honor Kneafsey

the girl who not only played the girl on the plane, but also one of the sisters at the beginning in A Scandal in Belgravia. (Plus: everyone on the plane in tfp was “asleep”, just like the dead people in asib)

A Study in Pink

basically the whole ending of this episode was asip flashbacks. We´ve got shock blankets, 221b, even the flippin text Sherlock send (You know where to find me. SH) is the exact same text he send to Lestrade in the beginning of asip. Everything is back to the beginning.

There is so much more to this, but I really want to believe I´m on the right track here. They promised us a rug pull, but they had to give us a rug first. This is it.

The reason TFP was so bad was because it wasn´t the original story. It´s a PLAY. In fact, this is THE PLAY where one of Conan Doyles famous quotes regarding his characters comes from:

Doyle later recounted how he had received a cable from Gillette inquiring, “May I marry Holmes?”, to which Conan Doyle replied, “You may marry him, murder him, or do anything you like to him.

THAT IS WHAT THEY DID. They redid 1899 and made us believe we we´re watching the original story. But it´s not, and we will have to wait to the 22.01 to find out what really happened.

(sorry if this was rambly. I am neither a good writer nor is my english good enough to put all my thoughts into words. but my key message is: if you are still willing to hope, please do!)

Onision Rant: Trisha Response Part 1

I made it 8 mins in to his new vid responding to Tisha Paytas vid about him before rage quitting for now (the manipulation/victim blaming was getting to me); but here are the points I want to discuss so far.
1.) He brings up ages of his ex’s as: 24 (skye), 17 (he makes a point to say legally lulz it wasn’t , shiloh), 26 (AJ), 24 (Minx), 17 (lainey), and 18 (billie).
First off while yes skye was his age so not creepy he says her age as 24, this is false they dated in their teens and married at like what 18? He’s trying to fluff the numbers in his favor. It’s also important to note that the only 2 that were really in that above 20 bracket also dumped him a month or less into the relationship, because they were smarter and could see the abusive nature he really has (also not die hard fans).
He also makes a point to say (when Trish brings up dating fans) that his ex wife was a fan, what was she a fan of his in high school when they met and started dating? He didn’t do anything then, he hadn’t made it on youtube yet (which he did with a lot of help from her). To say she was a fan is a big stretch.
2.) While talking about the fan thing he also says “ if you ask them (lainey) about how happy they are being married to me they’ll have the same answer as I have, we are so much better then our exs to each other. There’s much raw honesty, theres so much passion, theres so much happiness, Like 99% of the time things are awesome.”
True ifnyou ask lainey during lovebombing times I’m sure they would say they were happy, but their twitter and livestreams tell a different story when greg is on his down with them kick. Lainey has told us that Greg has manipulated them, that he is emotionally and verbally abusive as well. He also says better than their exs, again abusers like him target people in abusive situations so they can be the savior and use that “ at least I’m not your ex, HE was the one really bad to you” (like he did billie too). As for more honesty, is that the honesty you had to manipulate your wife (wont do things friends wouldn’t do) to cuddle with laineys gf, or how about telling lainey how the ~polyamorous~ relationship is going be, not letting them express their feelings or have any say in the matter. More passion? Like when you almost left your pregnant partner for their 18 year old gf, or later told them you just wanted to be single (second break up during pregnancy) and the lovebombing afterwords. So much happiness, like how lainey said “fuck 2017 already, it’s already shit” or how everytime they brought their gf back ( due to your manipulation) they felt like dying.
3.) When Trish is talking about her experience with being given a ultimatum in a relationship like what he did with billie, “ just say no, if someone says ‘hey you have to do this to ge back with me’ you don’t have to do it, just move on. It’s very simple Trisha and it’s weird anyone would act like this is a victimizing situation when 1.) that person is nowhere near around, they are across the country when they are given this decision. And 2.) The individual has every right to say no, it’s all about how bad you want to be with the people that you clearly do want to be back with because you agreed to it”
(I’m going to break 3 up into quotes cause it’s long) In this one he is trying to explain away his abuse. He says it’s impossible since she’s soooo far away, but emotional abuse has no distance boundaries. You can groom amd emotionally abuse from the computer or a text. The video “ The 6 Master Manipulation Narcissist Use” that I posted yesterday kind goes over that im the veiled threats bit. Also the she had a right to say no, correct and she did and then you kept going until you got a bit of what you wanted, her being humiliated. Persuasion is not consent. Even though you are trying to explain this away, greg, you are doing horribly and exactly what Trish was talking about. You shouldn’t have to do things like the things you wanted because you want to get back with someone, this is grade A emotional abuse. There isna reason all your ~lovers~ that were over 23 only dated you a month tops, it’s because they did say no to this kinda stuff, they did say no to your abuse. They had a more developed frontal lobe ( decision making part of the brain) that told them these are red flags, and why you go after (and have longer relationships) with teens, expecially again fans that already hold you high.
“ Some people think that’s totally unfair to wear an honesty message on your body that identifies what you are. ME being an honest person, I’m not affraid of people knowing whether or not I tell the truth, of I tell the truth great, if I don’t then people should know. The people that get most upset about this are dishonest who don’t want people to know they are dishonest. After all secrets are the best friend of liars”
He’s trying to cleverly be mean to billie even now and this whole thing is shit. First off it is horrible to try to get someone to get “ I’m a liar” tattooed on them. This is not different then the scare given on the hands of people that stole bread in the 1700s or a scarlet letter. Your sins do not defy you. You are not the same person you were 5 years ago ( well except greg he’s stuck in his own lil world). People change and grow from their mistakes. A tattoo is forever, one “mistake” doesn’t make up who you are forever. I’m going to skip a lil ahead here to “the people that get most upset” part, I’ll get back to your honesty. No I’m a pretty honest person and I’d be upset if someone was trying to force a scarlet letter on me. Billie also did admit to lying and said she wasn’t completely innocent in the whole situation, unlike you that lovedbombed and passed blame to ~evil men stealing women~, she took the more grown up response and took ownership of her faults (that weren’t horrible anyway). Plus lying about smoking weed is not that big or bad of a lie (no matter legality, she’s a white cute teen girl with no record, she wouldn’t get shit but maybe a fine, and that’s pushing it). I have more respect for her, a person that admits their faults and shows remorse, then a person like you that is never to blame and “ is brutality honest”, so let’s talk about that honesty. It’s normal to lie, everyone does, from little to big, from good lies (that make people feel better) to bad ones that destroy lives. A study from a few years back even shows that most married couples lie to each other in every 1 outta 10 interactions, 3 in 10 if not married. You saying that you never lie alone is a lie. And agian for the punishment you wanted for billie it was not a worthy lie. It’s also common for people in emotionally abusive situations to lie in order to not feel the wrath, expecially little lies, because thr truth would be blown way out.of portion (lol sound familiar).
To go back to to “ME being an honest person, I’m not affraid of people knowing whether or not I tell the truth….” no Greg you do “worry” well not exactly but you do want to force that “honest” lable on yourself. You’re not honest though, you lied at least twice in this vid alone. You also say you should let people know things that identity you by ways of marking your body, so I have some tattoo ideas for you. If you really want me to start writting you praises just get “ I’m a manipulator, emotionally and verbally abusive and a cheater” on your back.

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oh my fucking god! the thing you do with a fucking sims game! it's like watching a silent film. this is some amazing visual storytelling. i actually felt tense while looking at your last post. i felt feelings while looking at something! i don't know if your aware of your visual literacy skills (and some obvious understanding how to manipulate a video game), but oh my god!!!


You have no idea how happy this has made me, I have no words.

I hope you get some good karma coming your way, you are legit so, so lovely x