We were watching the PLAY


I just re-watched tfp to overanalyse the utter shit this episode was and found something that made me a little suspicious:

This shot is one of the cameras in Eurus cell. It is one of the recorded videos that show her manipulating the prison warden, and it reads 18992201.Of couse they could be random numbers, but I thought hey, why not strip them down. The first idea was a date, 22.01.1899, but I couldn´t really find anything.

But what if we seperate them? There have been numerous rumours that we might get a fourth episode next sunday and someone even found out that yahoo has a fourth episode listed.

The date for that episode is the 22.01.

Now we´ve still got 1899 left. A little google search on Arhtur Conan Doyle was done and I found THIS:


Now, lets see what we got this episode:

Honor Kneafsey

the girl who not only played the girl on the plane, but also one of the sisters at the beginning in A Scandal in Belgravia. (Plus: everyone on the plane in tfp was “asleep”, just like the dead people in asib)

A Study in Pink

basically the whole ending of this episode was asip flashbacks. We´ve got shock blankets, 221b, even the flippin text Sherlock send (You know where to find me. SH) is the exact same text he send to Lestrade in the beginning of asip. Everything is back to the beginning.

There is so much more to this, but I really want to believe I´m on the right track here. They promised us a rug pull, but they had to give us a rug first. This is it.

The reason TFP was so bad was because it wasn´t the original story. It´s a PLAY. In fact, this is THE PLAY where one of Conan Doyles famous quotes regarding his characters comes from:

Doyle later recounted how he had received a cable from Gillette inquiring, “May I marry Holmes?”, to which Conan Doyle replied, “You may marry him, murder him, or do anything you like to him.

THAT IS WHAT THEY DID. They redid 1899 and made us believe we we´re watching the original story. But it´s not, and we will have to wait to the 22.01 to find out what really happened.

(sorry if this was rambly. I am neither a good writer nor is my english good enough to put all my thoughts into words. but my key message is: if you are still willing to hope, please do!)

These two always manage to get out of their game! Ahhh xD

We went on a supermarket once and saw an aisle( @xinniazeos made me spell it like that xD) with the spaghetti sauce and ketchups are on the same aisle. They said, Sans and papyrus and so I made this xD

I got scolded by a guard xD

I have commissions, here is the info:

guys I think taehyung isn’t going to be on twitter for a long time because once again, antifans have manipulated a video to attack him. basically, they framed taehyung to look like a homophobe (which we know is entirely wrong). right now, if you type in “뷔” into the search bar on twitter the words “remark” and “homophobe” are the first suggestions. so please don’t be bitter over the fact that taehyung didn’t post anything for jin’s birthday. for some reason taehyung has always been the target of malicious comments and we know how bad they make the bts members feel and unfortunately, multiple antifans attacks have occurred over the past two days. people have been bitter over bts’s success and have been trying to bring it down with plagiarism accusations, behavior issues, and manipulated media even though bts have done nothing wrong and it only takes people with common sense to realize that. this is the reason why it may have been hard for the members to be celebrating jin’s birthday happily on twitter and it maybe hard for some of the members to come online for a while.

please take some time to send positive messages to bts :(

ok about that tho

my therapist and I were discussing why bpd is treated so differently from npd/aspd and it has to do with psychiatric sexism p much? Most borderlines are dfab/women so are primarily seen as victims by society, unable to control their emotions and reactions…. whereas aspd/npd tends to be predominantly men, who are seen as rational and completely in control of their actions, which in turn contributes to the stigma that borderlines should be helped and pitied since they “can’t help it” but every narcissist/antisocial Literally Does Everything On Purpose And Is A Raging Sadist Hellbent On The Destruction Of Humanity And You In Particular

[trump voice] bad

This is a advertisement for an indie - game I’ve been working on with a friend for a while now. This composition is still being edited , but this is what I have so far. I’m pretty stoked to be working on this.


REMEMBER Star dance battle????? I wish I was around for this show. Look how Seohyun is with the dance line!

anonymous asked:

if Harley *really* wants to walk Figsy, why doesn't he just go walk her. The only reason he wants to walk figs is so he can film Figsy and talk about figs as another way to get at you. Again trying to convince people you're a bad person who doesn't care about animals, that you abandoned your dog with a person who never walks her. Obvious Lies.

You are SPOT ON. Ugh so now I have to talk about Harley and his lies AGAIN. It’s clear he will try absolutely ANYTHING to get at me. Please share this on his manipulative video. No I did NOT ever ban him or his girlfriend from filming or photographing figsy or walking her ffs. SHOW me the proof of where I said that, he is of course making it up again. He is a pathological liar. He has been showing her in vids and taking pics already for ages so why would I suddenly have a problem with it? Imagine even if I did say that (which I didn’t) and that he desperately wanted to walk/see her then as you say why not just see her and NOT take photos or film? Because all he wants to do is USE her against me of course.  

What I DID say however is that they cannot be allowed to take her from her home and use her as a weapon against me. She needs to be left out of all this. Both him and his girlfriend have made videos bullying and misrepresenting me then all of a sudden they are wanting to TAKE figsy from her present home and keep her at their place. This is not ok. She loves the family she is with and they look after her. I chose this family after very careful consideration and particularly because the male of the house is a beautiful kind man. She also has a dog friend. She does not need to be removed from there and I know it would be highly stressful for her. She does not like Harley, she does not trust him and shakes with fear around him nor does she like crowds. Harley has a number of young boys and girls staying in his backyard and I know Figsy will find this intensely stressful. She is comfortable where she is.

The whole point is though Harley doesn’t actually care about Figsy he just likes using her for views and he just lives close to her right now so it’s easy for him to appear like he is the one who cares. He was ALWAYS trying to get me to find another home for Figsy when we were together because she clearly didn’t like him. Remember this, Harley is an opportunist, the only reason he is trying this angle now is purely to use Figsy as yet ANOTHER weapon against me and I won’t let her be used like that. Move on Harley!


Lol @ the ‘Anti’s’ for thinking that the ‘Deanee’ carpool with Maryse and Miz was after the Rumble, I didn’t go to the Rumble. Or making up stories about dean ‘hiding his face’. And some are saying that Dean and Renee didn’t actually carpool, and that my videos are manipulative, because they happened to stop at certain points. I was recording on snapchat because I was sending the videos to my friends and didn’t think on saving them at first, and also because my storage was full. But they won’t understand that of course. I also did not see any camera crew around them so I am not sure if they were filming for anything. They could possibly just be four friends carpooling because they are now friends and want to hang out, it doesn’t have to be for TD or anything like the Antis claim it is for, because Dean is supposedly being 'forced’ to hang out with her. He wasnt hiding his face when they both walked towards the car until around the end when Miz began to put the luggage.
They act like they were there and feel like they know so much about Renees life. It’s sad that their lives revolve around someone who doesn’t give two shits about what they have to say. Especially having a whole blog about her, hating on her every single move and claiming a relationship is fake when CLEARLY they are dating. They really need to get a life and stop being so bitter.

The media manipulating his videos and content to fit they on agenda is really scary, we can`t be manipulated by them like that, it`s the most outrageous thing i ever saw happen on the internet…he is not an anti-semitic, don`t be an alienated person…i stand against a manipulative media, i stand for the truth, i stand for pewdiepie.

Help pewdiepie, he is a great guy..Please share this, let the world know how wrong and destructive this kind of “jornalism” is.

the thing that makes me the most frustrated when bts gets hit with another plague of senseless plagiarism accusations is that I know that the accusations won’t just stay within the bounds of “plagiarism”. No, anti-fans will pull out things that have nothing to do with the situation at hand: manipulated videos, past controversies and misunderstandings, fake interviews and quotes, old mistakes, anything that can defame the boys.

and that is what hurts and frustrates the most.

because even though bts has apologized for and acknowledged ALL of their past ignorance, it will never be enough.

because even though bts has continuously spoke out on issues that others have remained silent on, it will never be enough

because even though bts has educated themselves and continues to educate themselves (always asking for the counsel of experts and written text before speaking on certain issues), it will never be enough.

because even though bts hasn’t done anything problematic in the past couple of years while your favs have, it will still never be enough.

and that is why my heart always drops in my chest when I see yet another #PlagiarismBoyz trending. Nothing will ever be enough for antifans to stop attacking.

Video game concept.

You manipulate the stars, and change constellations to affect people’s horoscopes, navigational systems, bird migration patterns, whatever else stars affect, and all in all the general aesthetic of the night sky. Thus you change the course of history and the world.

It would be like one of those God Simulator ones, except you cannot directly affect the planet. You can only really confuse the planet.

The Sun also counts as a star. So you could like just blow that up or whatever too if you wanted I guess. A quick ending. Good job.

Zuka Mashup

Do not repost, reupload, reuse, or otherwise manipulate this video in any way. All property of Hankyu and Takarazuka Revue.

The product of 6 hours of procrastination with inspiration from @takarasienne and cheerleading from @chasin-after-you@hoshigomi​, @flibbityflob​, and @officeladythyme​.

Have clips from 15 shows smooshed into one cohesive whole

Music: Takarazuka Fantasia, Hanagumi 2015

1) Fantasia Hana 2015
2) Hot Shot from Fantasia Hana2015
3) Pair dance from Gold Spark!
4) Me and My Girl Tsuki 2008
5) Apassionado! Revue Tsuki 2008
6) Die Fleidermaus Hoshi 2016
7) Elisabeth Yuki 2007
8) Napoleon Hoshi 2014
9) Fantasia Hana 2015
10) La Esmeralda NHK Yuki 2015
11) 1789 Tsuki 2015
12) Fantasia Hana 2015
13) The Wanderer Kenshin Yuki 2015
14) Elisabeth Tsuki 2009
15) The Scarlet Pimpernel Hoshi 2008
16) Shangri-La Sora 2010
17) HOT EYES Sora 2016
18) Romeo et Juliette Hoshi 2013
19) Fantasia Hana 2015