So if you’ve been following Nintendo Switch news today, you may have come across this image

These are companies confirmed to be working on titles for the newly announced Nintendo Switch. Some of these are easily recognized like Sega and Square Enix, who are both confirmed to be working on NS titles at the moment but what about the others? Well allow me to try and and go through these partners by erecting a text wall:

505 Games: Currently working on a game called “Freaktown” for most modern platforms, it’s not a stretch to assume they’ll be making an NS port as well. 505 seem to publish for companies like Arc System Works and From Software

Activision: These are the guys behind Call of Duty. Every Nintendo console (except the 3DS surprisingly) has at least 1  Call of Duty.

Arc System Works: This company is behind the legendary Guilty Gear fighting series but more recently they put out Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden on the 3DS.

Atlus: JRPGS. Most notably Shin Megami Tensei and Persona. On the Wii U, this company developed Tokyo Mirage Session.

Bandai Namco: Other than publishing Souls games, BN has the rights to publish several anime properties including One Piece and Dragon Ball Z. They’ve also worked with Nintendo on Smash Bros For 3DS and Wii U

Bethesda: In the Nintendo Switch reveal, we watch as the man in the trailer plays Skyrim at home and while traveling. Other than the HD re-release of Skyrim, Bethesda is responsible for the latest Fallout titles, Doom and, Dishonored.

Capcom: This company is responsible for Street Fighter, Resident Evil and, Phoenix Wright. I’m crossing my fingers for a Nintendo vs Capcom game since it’s unlikely we’ll see another Marvel vs Capcom

Code Masters: Once a maker of peripherals, it looks like the bread-and-butter of Code Masters are racing games like the gorgeous Dirt series and the F1 series.

EA: The recipients of the Worst Company of the Year award in 2013 and 2014, EA has published the yearly Madden and Fifa sports titles we all have to endure. More recently this is the company behind Battlefield 1 and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. They also control The Sims and Sim City IP.

From Software: Dark Souls. From Soft also developed Demons Souls and Bloodbourn but since Sony own those two brands, it’s more likely we’ll see a complete Dark Souls 3 and possibly a Dark Souls 1 remaster. From also controls the Armored Core IP and a cult favorite of mine, Otogi: Myth of Demons

Frozenbyte: This is the company behind the Trine trilogy. This year they’re releasing a game called Shadwen.

Gametrust: The only game I see by this company is Song of the Deep so there’s something to hype you guys up: Song of the Deep is probably coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Grasshopper Manufacture: Headed by Goichi Suda 51, this studio worked on Killer is Dead, Lollipop Chainsaw, Liberation Maiden and, the No More Heroes games.

GungHo: This year they did Let it Die but their most notable title other than that was Puzzle and Dragons which lives on as a manga in Koro Koro magazine. They’re also credited with the Tomba games but I’m not holding out hope for a revival (though I guess that’s not impossible)

Hamster Corporation: This is a games publisher which seem to have rights to older IP such as Ninja Jajamaru-Kun, Ninja Kid and, not much else…the most note-worthy game I see credited to them is a PS2 version of Raiden, a space-based schmup.

Inti Creates: A development company staffed by former Capcom staff, this company is credited with the recent Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 and the abysmal Mighty No. 9.

KT (Koei Tecmo): If it ends in “Warriors” it was made by this company: Hyrule Warriors, Berserk Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Gundam Warriors and, One Piece: Pirate Warriors to name a very, very few.

Konami: This is the company behind Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Castlevania and, Mystical Ninja Staring Goemon. Recently, they seem to have pulled away from traditional gaming but massive fan backlash may be just enough to bring them back into games development. At the very least, they may just let another company produce a game based on one of those IPs.

Level 5: This company is behind Yo-Kai Watch, Ni No Kuni, Fantasy Life and Inazuma Eleven. Game Freak has announced recently that they’re working on a Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch so perhaps Level 5 will be doing the same with the popular Yo-Kai Watch.

Marvelous Entertainment: This is a production company who have been credited for games such as Senran Kagura: Estival Vs, Rune Factory,  Harvest Moon and, Valhalla Knights

Maximum Games: A publisher/distribution company credited for games such as Lichdom Battlemage, Worms, Putty Squad, and this year’s Road Rash revival.

Nippon Ichi Software: Disgaea, Prinny and, Criminal Girls are the big three you may have heard of from NIS.

Parity Bit Inc: All I can find from this company is Pocket Football Club and, Derby Stallion 64

Platinum: The kings of great games that nobody buys, Platinum is the company behind Bayonetta 1 and 2. They’re currently working on Scalebound which is projected to launch in 2017. They also worked on Transformers Devistation and TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan.

Sega: A new Sonic the Hedgehog game is already confirmed to be in development for the Nintendo Switch. Sega is also the owners of the Nights into Dreams, Alex Kidd and, Shinobi IP’s. 

Spike Chunsoft: They’re currently developing Danganrompa V3 but in the past they are credited with games like Zero Time Dilemma and, One Piece: Burning  Blood. 

Square-Enix: Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are the biggest IP Square has and Dragon Quest X is already confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. Other IP Square Enix controls include Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, and Hitman.

Starbreeze Studios: A developer AND Publisher, Starbreeze are credited for games like this year’s Overkill’s Walking Dead and Dead by Daylight. Other games include Riddick, The Darkness and, Enclave.

Take-Two Interactive: Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne and Midnight Club.

Telltale Games: This company is responsible for interactive story games like Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us and the new Batman series.

THQ-Nordic: Darksiders is probably the biggest thing by THQ-Nordic but they’re also credited for work on Painkiller.

Tokyo RPG Factory: All I can find from this company is I Am Setsuna. 

TT Games: This is the company behind the modern Lego games such as Lego City Undercover, Lego Marvel Superheroes and, Lego Worlds.

Ubisoft: This company is credited for the Tom Clancy, Assassin’s Creed, Rayman and, Far Cry series.

Warner Bros Interactive: This seems to be a straight-up publishing company. They have recently published the Arkham games, Mortal Kombat, Lego Star Wars Episode VII, Mad Max, and Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor. Injustice 2 is a good bet for being included on upcoming Nintendo Switch titles.

Rekochoku: Rekochoku seems to be a Japanese-based music streaming service that offered some kind of service on Japanese 3DS and Wii consoles.

Audiokinetic Wwise: This seems to be a development tool for use by Nintendo Switch developers. It seems to be used mostly in sound mixing and it looks like all other game platforms use this application.

Autodesk: Another application used to develop games, this application seems to focus on lighting effects and realistic lighting in general.

Criware: Another development tool for realistic lighting, visuals and sound design.

DeNA: A mobile developer noted for games like Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Miitomo.

Epic Games: Their most recent game is Paragon but they’re also credited with work on Bulletstorm (which is allegedly getting a remaster) and the Gears of War series.

FMOD: Audio software used in game development and present on games on multiple platforms.

Havok: A physics engine used in games for many years, consoles and, generations.

Rad Game Tools: Developers of the Bink 2 Codec, this is used for game development.

Silicon Studio: The three biggest games by this company are Bravely Default, Bravely Second and, 3D Dot Game Heroes.

Ubitus: A game development tool; it seems to be used for porting games from one console to others.

Unity: A game engine used by independent developers and even some larger studios. Games developed using the Unity engine include Yooka-Laylee, Surgeon Simulator, Slender: The Arrival, Hearthstone, Grow Home and, Ori and the Blind Forest.

Web Technologies: This is a developer of game development software like OPTPiX. The general friendliness of their main website makes me thing their software centers around indie development.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion and indeed, helps to build up your own personal hype! 


CONFIRMED: Ryder’s name comes from Sally Ride, the first American woman in space!

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Red Dead Redemption 2 First Trailer & Details


Pokémon Sun and Moon (2016) | Announcement Trailer


PlayStation employee builds a customer controller for gamer with cerebral palsy

Peter Byrne of South Amboy, New Jersey, has been gaming since he was a kid and had no issue with previous PlayStation controllers, but found the manufacturer’s latest edition to be troublesome.

Alex Nawabi, a retail marketer for PlayStation, responded immediately saying he would look into it, and after initially saying that the problem would be impossible to fix, the PlayStation employee mailed Byrne a care package which included a new modified controller and a powerful personal letter.

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Dishonored 2 Game Informer Details

  • Visually the game pretty much looks like a more detailed version of the last game.
  • Before anyone asks, there’s no co-op, as they weren’t sure how to design that in.
  • The game runs on a modified version of idtech5 they’ve dubbed The Void Engine.
  • The game takes place 15 years after the original.
  • After the events of the first game, Corvo was concerned that at some point, people would attempt to assassinate Emily. As such, he spent said 15 years training her how to be a magical assassin like him whenever she wasn’t too busy being Empress.
  • The game starts out with you playing as Emily during a coup d'etat and having to escape.
  • Afterwards, you choose whether to play as Emily on her quest to reclaim her throne, or as Corvo with the same objective.
  • “When fans found out they could play Dishonored 2 from the perspective of Emily Kaldwin, they were overwhelmingly positive. "The response was stunning for us,” Smith says.“
  • The game starts and ends in Dunwall, but the rest of the game takes place in Karnaca, which is inspired by Mediterranean European countries and is the birthplace of Corvo. Karnaca is also where the majority of the game takes place.
  • There’s a bunch of stuff about their art design process in here. Let’s just suffice it to say that if you liked how the first game looked and how the universe was, you should be satisfied here.
  • Anton Sokolov is back.
  • The plot setup for how missions works sounds pretty similar. There’s some public figure doing bad things and you get information/help from other characters to help in your goal of taking them down.
  • The guards are a lot smarter this time and can also do things like vault around and scale objects to chase you.
  • Emily has a new set of powers. Far Reach is this giant hand grappling hook thing that pulls you around. It’s like blink, except you actually physically move across spaces, so guards can notice you. Far Reach can also be used as a weapon by swinging around environment objects.
  • The game is a lot more vertical so these movement abilities are especially important.
  • You can do non-lethal aerial takedowns.
  • Missions have various options for completion and progression throughout, much like the previous game.
  • You can use guards as human shields.
  • Non-lethal/stealth options have been expanded quite a bit to be more up to par with the amount of lethal options.
  • Another one of Emily’s abilities is Mesmerize, which stuns multiple guards temporarily.
  • You can puts guards into beds to avoid suspicion.
  • There’s a bunch of difficulty sliders for things like how visible you are in cover.
  • There’s quick saving/quick load in all versions of the game now along with checkpoints so you don’t risk losing much progress at any given time.
  • Coy non-comment about mods. Please download™.
  • Another of Emily’s powers is Domino. You link up to four guards together, and then whatever happens to one guard, happens to the rest. For example, if you link four guards, and then lead one into a stun mine, all four are stunned.
  • This also works with Doppelganger, where you create a clone of yourself, then link it to the guards, and blow up your own clone.
  • Emily also has the Shadow Walk ability which lets her slink into shadows and squeeze into tight places.
  • Some of the missions have neutral areas where you can go around and talk to the various citizens to get a feel for the city and hints toward your mission.
  • Your base of operations is a boat.
  • Batman Detective Vision returns.
  • Both Emily and Corvo have a pistol, sword, and crossbow, but they look different. Also they have different end game upgrades to the items.
  • Corvo has the same powers as the last game, but they’re upgraded and expanded.
  • Corvo is voiced by Garrett from Thief because Harvey and Raf like Thief and this game has obviously ate its lunch.
  • Corvo’s Bend Time ability can now also fast forward time.
  • Corvo’s possession ability can now be chained between creatures.
  • The abilities now unlock in a tree.
  • Corvo’s blink can assassinate someone through a glass window starting at level 1.
  • The mansion from the trailer is an interlocking puzzle level where you pull levers and open new areas and all sorts of stuff like that.
  • The clockwork soldiers are now wood instead of porcelain, though it’s nice looking wood.
  • They’re trying to make the ending and morality systems less bad this time.

Square Enix has just revealed that a KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Sora Play Arts Kai is now up for preorder from their online store! The figure will be releasing on January 30, 2017 and costs $149.99.

From the latest chapter in the globally beloved KINGDOM HEARTS series by Disney and Square Enix, KINGDOM HEARTS III, the protagonist Sora now makes an appearance to the Play Arts Kai action figure line!

Accompanying the improvements in the graphic technology of the game, our designers have paid close attention to expressing the minute details in the sculptwork of Sora in his slightly more mature and grown-up figure.

The costume design is based on the look of Sora’s KINGDOM HEARTS II outfit, with the predominantly red and black color scheme of KINGDOM HEARTS 3D: DREAM DROP DISTANCE.

He is highly poseable due to the utilization of flexible materials. The Keyblade that can change form into a double crossbow – which could be called the trademark of this title — is also included as an accessory part. With all these features and more, this figure is certainly an eagerly awaited collector’s item for fans.

Figure includes display stand.

Figure Size (inches): W 3.14" x D 2" x H 8.8" tall Release:  January 30, 2017
The Stanley Parable’s designer lied to Rick and Morty’s creator — and now they’re making a game together
By Nick Robinson

“Last month, Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland announced that he was partnering with Epic Games veteran Tanya Watson to launch a games studio focused on high-quality VR experiences. Today, Squanchtendo (yes, that’s their actual name) announces their first project: a game called Accounting, which Roiland is designing in collaboration with The Stanley Parable designer William Pugh.

“William lied to me and said he worked at [Titanfall 2 developer] Respawn,” Roiland told Polygon at PAX West earlier this month. “I was in the building where Respawn’s offices were, and I wanted a tour. I was like, ‘Oh my god, maybe if I tweet, somebody [at Respawn] will see it and give me a tour.’”

There was only one problem with this: William Pugh doesn’t work at Respawn. William Pugh has never worked at Respawn. Willliam Pugh doesn’t even work in the same country as Respawn. Currently, William Pugh directs his own small game studio called Crows Crows Crows, built to create experimental games like Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist, which it released for free last year.

“I immediately followed him, and I direct messaged him, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I’m right here! I’m like in the lobby!’” said Roiland. “And he’s like "Listen, I don’t … I’m so sorry, I don’t actually work at Respawn. But I’m a huge fan of Rick and Morty.”

“I found out who he was, and I had already played and loved The Stanley Parable, so I was like, ‘Oh my god! Dude, I’m a huge fan!’” said Roiland. “And it was like this … weird switcheroonie, y'know, like, ‘I don’t work at Respawn, but I made this game.’”

The rest is history. After their chance Twitter meeting, Pugh and Roiland flew out to Los Angeles and spent a week jamming out a game idea: prototyping it, recording all the dialogue, and running back and forth between them to implement it.

The result: Accounting, a surreal, laugh-out-loud HTC Vive game that sees you putting on a VR mask and exploring surreal, unpredictable room-scale worlds, most of which consist of Roiland and Pugh screaming hilarious improvised dialogue at you. You’ll later find another VR headset within that world and then go one layer deeper to begin the cycle anew.

Accounting is coming ‘very soon,’ Squanchtendo says on the game’s website, and it will be available as a free download from Steam.”


Pokémon Go changed this boy with autism’s life

Whether you love it, hate it or are apathetic about it, Pokémon Go is changing lives. Like Ralphie Koppelman: a 6-year-old boy who has autism spectrum disorder and hyperlexia. Individuals on the autism spectrum and with hyperlexia struggle in social interactions. But now thanks to Pokémon Go, Ralphie was interacting with neighbors, friends and strangers. And he isn’t an anomaly.

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Square Enix has unveiled a new batch of KINGDOM HEARTS Static Arts Mini figurines at San Diego Comic Con, featuring none other than Chirithy, Meow Wow and Shadow Heartless!

Other new items shown off at the event include the KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Sora Play Arts KaiKH2 Sora 6-inch statue, and Organization Coat Roxas PAK. Old favorites like Halloween Town Sora and KH2 Riku PAK, KH Mobile Trading Arts and Chirithy Plush are also available for purchase at Comic Con!

Churro, who is attending the event, has taken some pictures of these little critters! Check them out!

Update: New images courtesy of Square Enix


Nintendo Switch | Preview Trailer

The Switch is currently scheduled for a March 2017 release.


Here’s what happens when your house is a Pokémon Go gym

Massachusetts resident Boon Sheridan and his wife live in a building that was originally a 19th century church and now it’s become a gym Pokémon Go. Sheridan documented the phenomenon on Twitter, which included plenty of passerbys, parked cars and even the gym master. Sheridan looked into getting the gym removed — but Niantic would only do it under one circumstance.

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Halfway through your walk to school, a wild Charmander appears. Just a few throws of a Pokéball, and it could be yours. Will you stop to catch it?

Nintendo is betting you will. Not just that, they’re betting that you’ve waited most of your life to see a Pokémon in the real world.

Pokémon Go — the upcoming iOS and Android app from Nintendo, The Pokémon Co., and developer Niantic Labs — promises to let anyone with a smart phone “find” and train the diverse creatures of Pokémon all around them.

For aspiring Trainers, it could be an entirely new way to interact with a now 20-year-old franchise.

To Be The Very Best: Pokémon Enters Into Augmented Reality

Image: Courtesy of Niantic Labs