Alessia Cara confirms her quick rise to fame on debut EP Four Pink Walls

Alessia Cara became an overnight star thanks to Here, a debut that sounds as if she set in between Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar in music school, paying close attention to what either one of them was doing and picking up a thing or two on the road. On her highly anticipated debut EP Four Pink Walls, she makes up the early promise of the quick rise to fame. Ranging from teen-friendly pop on Seventeen (”now I wish I could freeze the time at seventeen”) to LA convertible sing-a-long I’m Yours, it’s a 5-track-hit-affair. With the home-recorded DIY-videos for the remaining EP tracks, she hints back to her early days on Youtube covering her favorite stars - it’s just a matter of time before she becomes one of them and the next generation covers her tracks.


So I needed a game case for my growing 3DS library and instead of buying one I decided to make my own. I figured nothing was more appropriate than a Mario cube for that purpose. With that in mind, I modeled, printed, and painted what I think is a pretty cool case. Hope ya’ll like it too.


As geektastic cakes go, this transforming Optimus Prime birthday cake is extra-super awesome! When the son of YouTube contributor Russell Munro requested a Transformers-themed cake for his 6th birthday, the boy’s impressively geeky parents got to work on something truly exceptional. Russell Munro used a 3D printer to create a transforming frame for the cake that moves on small servo motors and his wife made the segmented Optimus Prime cake itself.

When assembled the actual cake conceals the mechanism that moves it. The leader of the Autobots speaks one of his most famous lines: “At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall.” Then he rises rises, transforming from a truck into his standing robot mode:

Here’s the video of the cake’s transformation process from truck to robot and back down to truck:

For a better look at the mechanism itself, this video shows the 3D-printed frame without the cake:

[via Gizmodo and psfk]


Cool 20 Something Female
Step 1: The female, 20-something cartoon torso is built on two basic shapes: torso and hips.
Step 2: The top shape wedges into the second shape.
Step 3: The neck and the thighs wedge into the main body.
Step 4: Completed Image: 20 Something Female

Source: Cartoon Cool: How to Draw New Retro-Style Cartoons (Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, New York.

Christopher Hart: Draw Female Characters (Video Playlist)

DIY Temporary Tattoos Tutorial and Downloads from Nur Noch.

Everyone has heard of temporary tattoo paper; it’s available online and at places like Staples. I like this tutorial because there is a download with pretty images already reversed and ready to print. The downloads are on Flickr and you must download each image individually. TIP: pick the highest resolution setting for the ones you download.

My 2 favorites are these ones:

If you’d like to go the temporary but natural route, That Cheap Bitch created a written and video tutorial for these DIY Dried Flower Temporary Tattoos.


If You Want to Become a Better Filmmaker, Study Bad Movies:


Pastel Mini Skater Dress by Yumi King



I know the Fantastic Four movie was horrible but I think we can all agree that these cupcakes are delicious. Enjoy!

DIY Bead Dangle Tutorial from Emerging Creatively


This DIY will teach you how to make a bead dangle/wire wrapped headpin.  

If you are looking for basic to advanced wire work jewelry tutorials or great tips on selling jewelry (online, craft fairs, etc…) this is an excellent site. Seriously, I was just scrolling through her posts for over an hour.

There is a detailed written tutorial and a video tutorial here - the best of both worlds. 


how to make a printed clutch!