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Things to do instead of eating

Things to Do Instead Of Eating:
- read 50 pages of a book
- Binge watch a TV series or a new movie
- Organize even more
- Write down rewards for each goal weight
- Paint nails
- Shower
- Take a relaxing bath
- Find a game to play
- Learn something new
-Plan your outfits
-Do homework
-Create a journal
-Walk around
-Lay in bed
-Play with a cat
-Plan your meals and when you can eat
-Shop online
-Look at thinspo
-Work on that fanfic
-Text someone
Give someone a phone call
-Work on calligraphy
-Plan ways to make money
-Make a collage
-Make punishments for eating
-Make a list
-Look at hairstyles
-Listen to music
-Watch YouTube
-Get into a new fandom
-Create a bucket list
-Create a new project
-Rewrite school notes
-Sign up for something new
-Find a new hobby
-Work on a hobby
-Work on your dream
-Look at your dream home
-Plan a trip
-Create a new music playlist
-Run somewhere
-Pet a dog
-Watch funny videos
-Go shopping
-Go to a friend’s house
-Plan a party
-Go on omegle
(If you have a s.o.) have sex
-Watch DIY videos and actually try it
-Throw away food DONT EAT IT
smoke weed
-Smoke cigarettes
-Drink coffee
-Drink green tea
-Make some memes
- Go somewhere you’ve never been. It could be a shop down the road or a different city, just avoid restaurants!
Redecorate your room
- Dye your hair
- Cut your hair
- Paint your room
- Put posters up
- Repaint your door
- Start saving up for something
- Paint your mailbox (if you own it)


Hi everyone!

For the past few days between things I’ve been working on this little DIY video! It was my second go at these shrink plastic pins and thought they’re pretty fun and easy to make so I put together this DIY video :-) 

It’s my very first video but I’m hoping to do some more, so if you’ve got any suggestions as to what you’d like to see I’d love to hear. 


shoutout to all the girls who have ever felt like the ugly one in their group of lighter skinned friends, shoutout to all the girls that have ever purchased skin bleach products to make their skin lighter, shoutout to all the girls who have watched diy videos on youtube just to find a way to be light, shoutout to all the girls who have been told they were ugly bc their skin was darker than others, shoutout to all the girls who don’t go out in the sun anymore in fear of getting darker, shoutout to all the girls that wear sunscreen, long sleeves, etc. to avoid the sun from touching their skin, shoutout to all the girls who are dark-skinned, bc they are beautiful & deserve better


By Soyummy on Instagram 💝

the gangsey and youtube

-they have a group channel!!
-and create really eclectic content lmao
-which means they’re fairly popular
-ok let’s start w gansey
-he does a kinda…. drunk history thing except he’s not drunk and all he’s allowed to use as a source is one wikipedia page which he gets ten minutes to read through
-it’s a mess
-oh he also does monthly videos of him reacting to things in pop culture bc he’s as aware of pop culture as most elderly folk
-noah does makeup tutorials
-hear me out
-he does really outlandish looks that look absolutely amazing?? and he does weekly videos which can be:
-looks only using drugstore products
-looks using only vegan products
-looks using products for sensitive skin
-it just depends on how he feels when he wants to film
-(sometimes he flickers and blames it on camera quality. shh)
-blue does rant videos, diy videos and sometimes features the girls of 300 fox way
-her rant videos are incredibly popular because ?? she speaks the Truth and has no filter
-ok so sometimes the popularity
is through discourse but…… she can handle herself…… y’all…..
-her diy videos are usually like those ‘reuse ur old clothes’ videos bc she’s Cool like that
-and smart
-she mainly features orla in the diy fashion because orla actually knows fashion and blue. doesn’t really.
-calla gets featured in the rants
-she is both feared and adored
-ronan does stunt videos and most of their fanbase worry for his health tbh
-he’s the only one who doesn’t post regularly
-it’s 3am on a monday and whoops everyone’s watching ronan lynch somersault off monmouth manufacturing and landing on a skateboard or something
-he did post a video of chainsaw too once
-she kept trying to peck the camera
-adam doesn’t post often, but they’re regular
-like maybe a video every two months
-he usually does book reviews or positivity videos
-(one time he posted a video of him playing the ukelele and the fanbase went wild)
-(then again,, it was ‘can’t help falling in love’ and “for ronan” was the title)
-group videos are always chaotic but Great
-you can tell they’re all really close and it’s so cute
-one time they did a video where they had to sing songs from musicals and if they didn’t know the words they had to make them up
-most of the made up lyrics had to be bleeped out
-one time they videoed a road trip
-henry was featured in that one. #sarchengsy was. lowkey viral. for a while.
-this was very self indulgent im not sorry
-it’s also probably been done


Guys, seriously, I dunno how I encountered this vid (probably recommended to me on youtube cause I watch all sort of Moana shit), but it’s amazeballs. I love DIY videos (could get stuck watching them for hours in a row). But this prop is truly one of the best I’ve ever seen. Wow. Such dedication, and quite a funny clip too!

anonymous asked:

I love my man Phil. That video was amazing.

it was soooooo good wtf???!!? first of all i didn’t expect it to work so well but it turned out beautiful and i loved his creative touches w the glow in the dark powder and all the glitter sjhsdbdjdjd. why does phil love glitter so much??? also he was just so pleasant to watch in this like he was having so much fun and you could tell he really was looking forward to making this slime lmao. and i loved that he didn’t rly care that it’s not “high brow” and even took the effort to jokingly drag himself for that. basically phils utter and complete lack of fucks to give about his channels content or any kind of “quality threshold” is something i’ve always loved about him. ik people always wish that he’d return to the creative adventuring of his old vids but i love that he defined for himself that his channel is to do stuff he has fun doing and that he knows will be light and uplifting for his viewers. he doesn’t take it any more seriously than those parameters demand and it’s so refreshing honestly.

also can we just take a moment to appreciate all of the “edgy”/sexual humor in this?? hahah the allusions to the weird stains he’ll have on his jeans from the glue, the glitter looking like a unicorn sneeze or “other bodily function,” the whole cocaine joke????? wtf man i was living. also the return of the shirtless horse washing boy in the screen cap he included of his insta explore page …… i’m not trying to be Fake Deep here but i was feeling some things to know he’s just happily reiterating that topless boys show up in his recommended vids for his whole yt audience to see.

ughhh and then the whole end bit when he was speaking in his softer deeper voice behind the camera and playing around w the slime on his dresser was just … Good. i loved this, loved watching him have so much fun and make an AP video that seemed to defy the persona-y boundaries he often sets for himself on that channel. he was so natural and chill and a lil bit more adult in his humor but still retained that heartwarming element that makes phils vids so lovely to watch :) i only wish it’d been like ten more mins of him playing with it, especially that glow in the dark view. good stuff.

I went into the library for 1 video game, checked out 4 books and bought 2 on sale.

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