Shoma Uno - SP at 2016 GPF (86.82, 4th | Protocols)

Fight back in the free skate ♥


Peng/Jin’s SP at the 2016 GPF (70.84, 4th | Protocols)


Hey all! During the two months, I freelanced some 2D Animation with the awesome french studio, Studio La Cachette. The thing that kept me sort of busy during my off times is now publicly online (and now I can bring it up!). It’s for the worlds 2016 event for the League of Legends tournament! It was my first time animating in a sort of Sakuga style of animation since I’m more used to a generic style of hand drawn animation. I had to look up the animation styles of Takeshi Koike and You Yoshinari (since that was the style they were aiming for), so it was a wonderful learning experience for me.

I wanna thank Ulysse for the great opportunity, and the wonderful team (Which was a blast to work with by the way). It was a lot of fun, and I’d love to work with these guys again!

Here be some of my roughs!

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#tbt to the Fun Home kids’ ham4ham [x x]

But imagine best friend Michael and you playing some video game and then Michael looks at you and goes “If I beat you, I get a kiss”


read along with the lyrics


Comp. Match Start + Announcer Lines by Saikyo Husky

We’ve been holding off talking about matchmaking things until they’ve been made official due to the nature of how it’s still very much in alpha rather than beta -  but with matchmaking being teased almost every week thus far for Team Fortress 2, it’s time to take a look at some of the MM-related things found within the data mines.

We’ve found a video showcasing the HUD and overlay. Some new Announcer lines have been added. There’s flashy countdown graphics 10 seconds before the match starts. 6 players show up on the scoreboard, while 9 players are present within this particular test. Looks like the 9v9 overlay will need some tweaks, if Valve is implementing it with the MM 6v6 that’s been confirmed.

There is also an update to the competitive matchmaking menu (sourced from here). The competitive logo has been emblazoned on the HUD, and rankings have been renamed once again. The ranks based on current datamining are as follows:

  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_0” “Fresh Meat”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_1” “Fresh Meat”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_2” “Troublemaker”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_3” “Small-Time Thug”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_4” “Local Enforcer”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_5” “Problem Solver”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_6” “Hired Gun”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_7” “Mercenary”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_8” “Field Mercenary”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_9” “Contract Killer”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_10” “Master Persuader”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_11” “Headhunter”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_12” “Liquidator”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_13” “Executioner”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_14” “Kill Consultant”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_15” “Raging Sociopath”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_16” “Expert Assassin”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_17” “Elite Exterminator”
  • “TF_Competitive_Rank_18” “Death Merchant”`

All information and content revolving around matchmaking is subject to change at Valve’s will for further updates. Beta passes are still waiting to be distributed from those who have signed up for it from Valve’s official Competitive Beta TF2 Group


Midori Ito: Triple axel appreciation post

Midori Ito (JPN) is the first woman to land a triple axel in competition. She is the 1989 World Champion, 1992 Olympic silver medalist, 1990 World silver medalist and a 9-time Japanese National Champion. She is also the first Asian skater to win the world championships, the first woman to land a triple-triple combination in competition, the first woman to land five different triple jumps and seven triples total in a free skate, and the first woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics. She has also completed triple axel-double toeloop combinations in competition.


I’m dead 😹😹💀💀


Competitive!Mix blaming the interviewer despite getting the highest score  ≧◡≦ 


For every choice, there is an echo, with each act we change the world. One man chose a city free of law and god, but others chose corruption, and so the city fell. If the world was reborn in your image, would it be paradise or perdition?


Leo it’s not that deep 😂


theyre competitive boys