Sui/Han’s free skate runthrough from the first day of official practice at Worlds


Hey all! During the two months, I freelanced some 2D Animation with the awesome french studio, Studio La Cachette. The thing that kept me sort of busy during my off times is now publicly online (and now I can bring it up!). It’s for the worlds 2016 event for the League of Legends tournament! It was my first time animating in a sort of Sakuga style of animation since I’m more used to a generic style of hand drawn animation. I had to look up the animation styles of Takeshi Koike and You Yoshinari (since that was the style they were aiming for), so it was a wonderful learning experience for me.

I wanna thank Ulysse for the great opportunity, and the wonderful team (Which was a blast to work with by the way). It was a lot of fun, and I’d love to work with these guys again!

Here be some of my roughs!

i’ve collected some headcanons my 12yr old sister has about Voltron:

  • Pidge has participated in many video games competitions. And won first place every time. she’s a beast.
  • Hunk tried to teach Lance to cook but Lance thought he could just “go with the flow” and ended up burning a hug pot of pasta
  • Lance can dance, swim, and sing like an angel (Cubanly yells AZÚCAR when dancing to anything) [edit: this is a reference to Celia Cruz for some of you who are being ignorant
  • Keith doesn’t know when people are flirting with him 
  • Hunk taught Pidge how to bake bread
    • Pidge really understands the science behind it and actually makes better bread than him.
  • Shiro has amazing rhythm (reasoning: he had to tap out the sentries pattern)
  • Keith is lactose intolerant ((*I swear I didn’t tell her about this being a thing))
  • Shiro KNOWS that’s he’s really beautiful. but he never is obnoxious about it. he’s a cool guy. beautiful and cool. 
    •  He’s also very aware they everyone (literally everyone) has a crush on him. 
  • Pidge and Hunk have a secret handshake
  • Lance is a high-five kind of guy
  • Once Lance said “cool beans” to Coran and now he says it all the time

3/25 HEROS Pre-Worlds fluff on Shoma. Summary: (thanks @suzumoriyuiko​!)

  • Shoma thought last year’s 4CC and Worlds were too far apart in time, so decided to add Coupe du Printemps this year.
  • Reporters gave Shoma a photo of himself crying after 2016 Worlds. Shoma: “My body wouldn’t move, it was my first time. It felt like my body wasn’t mine.”
  • Summary of his season so far and how he “attacked” it
  • Takahito Mura at CDP: “I think it’s amazing he can still move after all these competitions…I think it’s his strong point.” Shoma: “I can never be clean though (laughs).”
  • How many points does Shoma think he can get if he’s clean? Shoma: About 13 more points in the FS. “But that’s only if my jumps are ok and everything else is good too. Concerning interpretation, SS, transitions, spins, quality of jumps, steps, the way I occupy the ice… I’m far away from my ideal.”
  • On this season’s Worlds: “I want to do a performance that won’t leave regrets, I want to end it with a smile and not betray everyone’s expectations. Even if I fail at the beginning, I’m going to keep going til the end.”
  • Daisuke Takahashi’s comments: “He grew up a lot.” “And his expressions too, he’s always been good at it but now it feels more manly too.”

Racism is so endemic online that anyone demanding proof is probably your enemy. They’re pissing in your face and demanding you prove water is wet before complaining, showing total contempt for you and obvious facts. There are countless examples. Relative underdog Hearthstone player TerrenceM played some spectacular games at Dreamhack Austin last year, scoring second place in the Hearthstone tournament. He’s also black. That really shouldn’t be relevant, but you already know what happened next. The tournament’s Twitch chat channel was flooded with more shit than the Aegean stables.

The stream was overloaded with so much racist abuse that even dedicated moderators simply couldn’t keep it all out. This wasn’t part-time moderation like a forum, or deliberate refusal to moderate like Twitter (it turns out a million actual Nazis still count as another million ad views). This was full-time employees immediately deleting racist hate as soon as it appeared, and they simply couldn’t keep up. Racist assholes accused TerrenceM of stealing everything from his own computer to the post-tournament interviewer’s wallet. There were more N-words than the second half of a dictionary, more primate references than a history of evolution, and everyone involved was asking for a mulligan on any good karma that they’d ever received in their lives.

The 7 Most WTF Scandals In eSports History



to my fellow mercy players out there, you can do it!!! ♥ ♥ ♥