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Two days ago I found a very interesting video on youtube about iterative drawing, it gives tips on how to improve with art faster and i think the exercises it gives are really helpful as a warmup as well!
So i wanted to share some exercises i’m doing to improve with anatomy and style, hope they motivate you to practice 💪🏻💪🏻😍😃 



Adorable right? What a great little tutorial.


Yo! I made a cool tutorial on how to make copies of sewing patterns!

It’s super helpful if you need to cut out multiple sizes out of one and allows you to alter your pattern pieces without damaging the original!

Hope it’s helpful!



How I go about drawing torsos, using references to understand the basic shapes and then stylising and exaggerating them, then putting what i’ve learnt into practice with some examples.


Well, It’s time I use all that technology in my pocket and do something fun with it! Clothes moving in slow motion! me doing weird faces when I move in slow motion! It’s all here!

All this studies will definetly help me draw clothes in motion and clothes in all kinds of action poses, I just need to start drawing now!!!

Song: “don’t leave me here now” by Aryll Fae

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For anyone just starting to get their feet wet with storyboarding, or for those who feel like they might like a little refresher, I recommend checking out this tutorial video by “Storyboard Secrets.” I appreciate that he speaks with clarity and at a pace that is neither boring nor too quick. I had this on my other monitor while painting something this morning and it was nice!


Mini Eye Tutorial by Danica Sills


Hey guys! I bring you my first video tutorial showing how to draw female anatomy where I use Ladybug as an example. It’s a very simple recording without many details because the goal is for you to see how my creative process happens first of all.
Everything is still in the test phase, because soon I will record complete materials to help you draw. Until then, I hope this video helps you :)

See the final version


How to Crochet Spiral Flowers – 10 Petal

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