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Jasper Jordan | Brave (by Ilovehertjes)

A short tribute to the broken boy who just wants to save the people he cares about.

K.A.R.D in Toronto Fanaccount

I just read Admin Coffee’s and jfc she’s a mess bUT LEMME TELL YALL

Ok so like I’m not gonna go too much into detail about the performance itself but like KARD has such good stage presence???? Like??? Y'all aint even debut yet how you do that???? And Somin is such a hyper puppy?? BM is such a natural on stage??? J.Seph is such a fuckboy??? Jiwoo is a badass bun???

Anyway, moving onto interactions.

So as a joke (not really a joke) I made a sign asking BM to prom because our prom is next week Friday. So during the fanmeet/concert when there was a talking segment, I held the sign up and BM ACTUALLY SAW IT AND POINTED AND SMILED and obviously I needed to check if it was really me who he saw so I started waving it around aND HE POINTS AGAIN AND STARTS WAVING CRAZILY BACK AND I WAS CRYING BC OMFG HE SAW THE SIGN HDJSHGJSHSIDJSHVOXSNDBSH

Plus these guys were sitting beside me and asked if they could troll BM with my sign after he had seen it (istg every time he looked towards our section afterwards he was looking for my sign but that may just be the spotlight effect idk) and who am I to say no??? And they made eye contact with BM and dabbed with him TWICE which I was like omfg legends.

Ok but y'all it gets better. My Indian ass was fucking ecstatic when I found our J.Seph had watched Rab Ne Bani Di Jodi and I had been amped to see it during the show but unfortunately, since they were running an hour late they had to cut it out. So instead, during HiTouch I was like ok fuck it IMMA SING TUJH MEIN RAB DEKHTA HAI TO HIM IDC and like yALL I DEADASS DID AND POOR BOY WAS CONFUSED AND DIDNT KNOW WTF I WAS SAYING FOR A BIT BUT THEN HE CAUGHT ON AND HE STARTED SINGING BACK BUT SECURITY STARTED YELLING AT ME SO I HAD TO GO AND HE KEPT SINGING AFTER I HAD GONE WHICH IS WHY ADMIN COFFEE SAYS I STOLE HER TIME WITH JSEPH BC HE WAS DISTRACTED BY ME LOLZ SOZ ILY ADMIN COFFEE ❤❤

Unfortunately I can’t remember Jiwoo and Somin during the HiTouch and I cRY BC WHY CANT I REMEMBER WHY DO I ALWAYS FORGET AT LEAST ONE MEMBER

When I got to BM, I had been holding the sign the entire time and he saw it and said “Oh did you miss your prom too?” aND HE LOOKED GENUINELY SAD THAT HE MADE ME MISS IT BUT I HADNT SO I WAS LIKE “Oh what no its actually in two weeks” but ofc security started yelling at me and Admin Coffee had interrupted me to ask her question about his knee so I don’t know if he heard me :(

During the photo op the guys that were beside me during the show were with us and they asked for everyone to dab so we got to dab with KARD YEAAA BOIIIIII

Some miscellaneous things to include:
-J.Seph and BM are tall affff like J.Seph was bending over the table to do the HiTouch
-BM is a fucking tease I hate him
-Somin is a baby bunny princess who needs -Jiwoo is a sensitive lil baby but she can fuck you up
-I will post videos shortly, I apologize for the shakiness and screams in advance

~Admin K(a.r.d)

Miss Jackson & My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Panic! At the Disco & Fall Out Boy)
Music Mix IQ
Miss Jackson & My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Panic! At the Disco & Fall Out Boy)

Thanks so much for following and I’m trying very hard to make more mixes.  Here’s a mix I just finished today: Miss Jackson by Panic! At the Disco and My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light ‘Em Up) by Fall Out Boy.

Let me know what you think and I’ll have videos up on YouTube shortly!

Thanks Everyone!

“Huldra Princess” - Digital painting created in Krita on a Surface Pro 4.

It’s taken a while to get back into things after labor complications required an extended hospital stay, but I’ve finally mostly healed up and gotten some time to paint again! Uploads are probably still going to be slower than usual, and there have been a couple of changes. I’m in the process of transitioning to new hardware and software for my paintings, so this piece was created in Krita on a Surface Pro 4. As a result, I can put up a higher res process video (I’ll be posting it shortly)! There are still some paintings in the pipeline that will be a mix of old and new, but this piece was mostly experimentation to try to translate my workflow to the new gear.

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From The Dark Side Of The Screen (Woozi/Jihoon Imagine)

Summary: After a crappy day, a crappy week, sometimes it’s just nice to hear that’s it’s going to be okay. Especially from someone you know cares. Fluff. 

(AN: based on a request for an “encouraging” Woozi scenario. Turned out waaay more angsty than I anticipated but I hope you still like it. It’s on the shorter side - lol I consider 1200 short. Whatever. And remember if anyone on this blog ever needs a listening ear I’m always here. Please enjoy. -Tanisha<3) 

Another long day filled with serving stupid customers, worrying about school work in the back of your mind, and being slave-driven by a demonic boss. Another day that you just wanted to go home and collapse, but you had a paper due and that couldn’t happen. It was going to be a night filled with Red Bull and textbooks and probably some anxious tears. God, you hated your life right now. Sure, there were people out there who had it worse than you and that thought only served to make you feel worse for already feeling bad for yourself in the first place.

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2016-2017 New Music Playlist (Pt. 1?)

(When you see this the video will be up shortly after) 

1. Aanysa x Snakehips - Burn Break Crash | Brian Friedman Choreography | ALDC LA 

2. Louis The Child - Slow Down Love - Choreography by Jake Kodish - ft Dytto | Sean Lew

3. Brooke Cheek - I Do What I Love

4. *Ex Calling was used in a NBC WOD Snapchat battle between Deja Carter and Fikshun but I could not find footage, so I used a video of a different battle that does not have the song. If you’d still like to see the Les Twins Video it is here. 

5. Cool Girl - Molly Long Choreography

6. *The original song is slower, choreographer edited ASAP Ferg - Jolly ft. Bunji Garlin & Spice - choreography by - @thebrooktlynjai 

7. World of Dance 2017 - Eva Igo: Qualifiers (Full Performance)

8. City of Roses - RMDC

9. Ian Eastwood’s : “Doubt It” [Super Duper Kyle] - WOD LIVE ‘16

10. NY. Joziah German

11. Bruno Mars - Finesse | Choreography by Stephen 'tWitch’ Boss

12. DanceOlogy - Kill The Lights

Getting in shape for selection

After having a nice conversation with a speedskater preparing to train with us, I thought it would be good to make a post here for others to reference when preparing for selection. Selection is a 2-week course designed to weed out the weak, uncommitted, and unprepared and keep only the strongest skaters who are then paid to play with the National Roller Derby League.

You should be in shape and be able to meet these minimums before ever attempting to train with us.

Swim: You should be able to swim a minimum of 1-mile (1650 Meters) in less than 40-minutes

Run: You should be able to run a minimum of 6 miles (9.65km) with at least an 8 minute mile pace.

Skate: You should be able to skate 26 miles (42km) in less than 85 minutes.

Push-Ups: You should be able to do a bare minimum of 50 push-ups in 2 minutes

Pull-Ups: You should be able to do a bare minimum of 15 strict dead hang pull ups

Flutter Kicks: You should be able to do a minimum of 65 4-count flutter kicks.

We will be releasing a video program shortly to guide you through exercises to build yourself up to reach these numbers for each event. They are all easily achievable with hard work & commitment. Our program is designed to be tough & uncomfortable but with a positive mindset and never quit attitude, you will complete the course and be stronger than ever and ready to begin a professional career as a roller derby skater.

Alright! My unboxing video is coming up shortly (rendering/editing) but here are some RARE Alpacassos I am hoping to adopt out :D

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Super Hero Arpakasso
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Shipping starts at $16.5 for 500g to US/Canada by airmail with tracking

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Charles’ Identity

So, I just watched the finale hence my head is spinning with ideas. I just wrote how I think Charles is not Jason’s twin (here) and how I had the feeling he might be Wren. Now I had another thought. What if Charles is not the kid in the video, but he’s a grown man who was watching the video that maybe he filmed? I still think Wren is involved, though.

Here it is: maybe Charles and Mrs. D were lovers, or maybe they were just friends or even related. I don’t know about this. It would make sense if they were lovers, he might even be Alison’s father (and possibly Bethany’s). This could explain his obsession with Ali.

Anyway, the kid in the video might be Wren, playing with Jason. Charles might be Wren’s father, who we know suffers from mental illness. There’s still the drawing of the family farm that Wren was colouring that I think is a big hint. Being mentally ill, Charles could have been locked up in Radley, maybe shortly after the video. In the drawing there was a family of four, and I think the little girl might be Bethany. Maybe, Bethany was/is Wren’s sister, and Charles’ daughter. She might be Ali’s twin, born from the affair between Mrs. D and Charles, or maybe she’s just Charles’ daughter. She might have been left with her father, so that she grew up in Radley, and that would explain the crib in the memorabilia room. Wren’s mom might have died and Mrs. D, being in the Radley committee, might have pushed to let the father have his daughter with him.

Now, about who Charles actually is. They said we have seen him, so he probably goes by another name. There’s one person who has looked suspicious and who has been away for 3 months, a good amount of time to build a real dollhouse and prepare everything for the abduction and torture of the girls. That person is Ted. Have we ever seen if Ted and Mrs. D ever interacted? I don’t remember, hence it’d be great if somebody could tell me. 

Anyway, even though we know that Charles’ motive is related to Alison, we still have no clues why he’s doing this to the other girls.



Promise more interesting footage will be up shortly <3 

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on may 16th, 1991, a very special person was born. he was a beautiful child and graced everyone he met with happiness. he wouldn’t know until he was a teenager that he would be making people happy everyday. whether it’s a cheeky smile or a friendly hello, he can make anyone’s day so much better. he may not wear a cape, but he’s a superhero to over 3 million people. joseph michael graceffa is the light of my life. i am so glad he was born. happy 23rd birthday, sweetie. make it a great one. =)


New Dragon Age: Inquisition video from Bioware!

hi everyone! my name is marykate if you didn’t know and i know SO many of you are really excited for TRXYE which is coming faster than i expected!!

in light of that, i wanted to do something so troye could kind of find a way to see all of our reactions to the EP at once! and i thought about all of the different videos people have made celebrating subscribers and such, but what if we could actually have live reactions to the EP?

so i thought about it and i think troye would maybe appreciate some encouragement on the single “my happy little pill” that way he feels good about the august 15th release of the full EP

it would be kind of like a “teens react” on the fine brothers channel only this is a “fans react” sort of thing where people record themselves listening to the single for the first time (or it could be the second or something just as long as your reaction is genuine) and i could compile the clips together and troye could see us reacting one by one to the song! 

so if you want to join, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • record yourself listening to the song, it doesn’t have to be the full thing but maybe parts of it
  • it’s ok to talk while it’s playing
  • make the music audible so i can edit it together properly
  • add a few words at the end about how you feel in terms of the EP
  • send it to my email which is:

i hope at least a few people join because i really want troye to feel like we support him (which i’m sure he already knows but i want to make this haha)

that’s basically all! shoot me an ask if you have any questions!! and PLEASE reblog/like if you’re going to participate, and also i need help spreading the word about this project :)

love from marykate <3

ps i have no idea WHEN the single comes out but the video will be up shortly after that xx

My first Scene Redraw, and it turned out soooo well. I experimented with some new coloring techniques with this and they turned out great!!! Got an idea for another Scene Redraw I should do. Send me an ask with your suggestion. (I also recorded drawing this, so the Speed Draw video will be up shortly.