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it’s rly weird being bi and knowing that i p much only want to be with other women/nb people and like the only time i’d ever risk like… anything with a man is if he were also lgbt (whether it be bi/nb/trans or whatever)

like i rly… don’t trust men or particularly want to be with them but once and a while i still crush on them i just happen to hate it as it happens

like i hate men but also some of them are cute :|


Layer gifs of best Hannibal art

Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks for sticking around. I joined the fandom just this May and I’ve felt so welcome. Onward to a bloody new year! 


I still can’t believe this happened.


so if you guys wanted to know what I did over winter break

Jackrabbit week 2017 - Day 4: Royalty AU

This is… my favorite thing I have drawn in years. Now you know what all those horse and hare studies were about. The only reason this has a decent background is because I’ve been watching Bob Ross videos while working on it. xD haha That man is truly inspiring!

Here are some notes on this AU, taken straight from google docs. I really love this idea and would love to revisit it in the future. ^^


The story:

The Lunanoff royal family has been slain by Pitch, except for Manny, or Prince Lunar, who grew up in the protective bubble of the Moon Clipper which has completely isolated him from the outside world. While technically still Tsar, he cannot rule over his Kingdom in a necessary capacity, but he’s found a way to communicate with his subjects through magic, so every few thousand years, he chooses a Heir to rule in his stead.

The heirs are chosen from a vast court of lesser royalty that still have at least a drop of royal blood flowing through them, and thus the magic that is meant to protect the Kingdom. Everyone wants to be noticed and chosen, so the competition has grown cutthroat over the centuries and the court has been corrupted from the inside.

As the previous Heir falls prey to Pitch’s machinations, Pitch uses the distraction to gather his forces in secrecy. He’s planning a full-on assault on the unsuspecting Kingdom.

The Guardians are protectors of the Kingdom and are there to support the chosen Heir. While the Guardians sometimes fall and are chosen anew, some, like Bunny and Sandy, have looked over countless Heirs in their lifetimes.

As the ceremony for the choosing grows closer, everyone is speculating who the new Heir will be. To everyone’s shock, the Tsar’s choice falls on someone no one had expected - Jack Frost, a young princeling barely into adulthood, with a very obscure lineage that makes everyone question if there’s any royal blood in him at all.

Of course, Bunny is the most outraged by this decision, because all he’s seen of Jack through the years has been nothing but the young princeling fooling around and causing trouble. He has no faith in the new Heir and no desire to serve him.

Jack is as flabbergasted as the rest of them. He’d always felt left out of the court, but he’s never wanted to take part in the intrigue and certainly never expected to get the title of Tsarevitch Lunanoff. He doesn’t take his responsibilities seriously at first, thinking there has to be some kind of mistake that will certainly be corrected soon.

Everything changes when the Guardians discover traces of Pitch’s evil plot. With cryptic silence from Tsar Lunar, the Guardians have no other choice but to school the young Heir in the skills necessary to fight a coming war.

Forced to work together, Bunny gradually learns more about Jack and grows to respect him for who he is. While he may not be like any of the previous heirs, there’s something in the young man that sparks joy and laughter in the people around him. Perhaps, this is exactly the ruler their Kingdom really needs.


Character profiles:

Bunny - an advisor and head of guard in peacetime, he is always by the Heir’s side. A scout and spy in wartime, he takes risky missions to sniff out information about Pitch’s movements, sometimes quite literally. He is an expert in moving in the shadows or underground, using his speed and quick wits to his advantage.

Toothiana - mistress of the servants in peacetime, she is secretly the Tsar’s spymaster, keeping an eye on the court’s activities thanks to her servant girls. In wartime, she is a strategist and general. She is used to taking command and seeing the bigger picture, but she’s also a proficient sword fighter who is never found on the sidelines, but rather in the midst of battle.

North -  a genius and innovator in peacetime, his countless creations are meant to make everyone’s lives better, while other times, they are meant to entertain. He doubles as the master of ceremony for the Tsar. In wartime, his workshop produces all the weapons and machines needed to arm the fighters. His creative mind isn’t limited to technology, but also helps brainstorm surprising solutions when fighting against the enemy.

Sandy - stable master in peacetime, he provides transportation for all the court’s needs. His favorite pastime is looking after the highly priced dreamsand horses and other creatures created by his magic – when he is not found taking a nap. In wartime, his immense magical power has proven to be an obstacle to Pitch time and time again.


I’ve been doing these sketchy portraits of my favourite fictional ladies over the last few days and having so much fun. I think I’ll probably do a couple more.

I’ve also been posting progress videos while I work on these. You can see those (and more tiny videos about stuff I do) if you follow me on Instagram.


cute hob with his portable fan alskjdskdfl 😭💞💞

hello hello hello and welcome to periscope

part 1

@Lin_Manuel: Oooooooh vas ist das “live” button, TWITTER?! I wanna play with that! Hold up let me eat I’m a play with that at 4.

@Lin_Manuel: BAHAHAHA damnit lemme try again

part 2

@Lin_Manuel: Holy hell what HAPPENED

@Lin_Manuel: So that’s a button to use sparingly. Good to know. Thanks all! It was really fun!

@Lin_Manuel: Still shaking from this and I’m onstage in 15 minutes…

Copic markers and some Prismacolor pencils because I don’t use my babies enough these days. (It’s mostly iPad Pro and the Procreate app.)

@spacehamsterg (Jeff) because I enjoy having his videos playing while I’m working on projects or trying to unwind. He’s a treasure, and I wish there were more YouTubers like him.

Floating alien hamsters of different colors with spacey-type “shimmer” effects because they’re cute.

Orange Chucks because I wanted to use orange. (Yes, I’ll improve on drawing footwear someday, let me master hands first.)

Daryl & Jesus -> “We might be dead by tomorrow.”

Okay, so this is the first edit I’ve ever done. I’m actually pretty proud of it, even though of course it’s nothing next to someone who did this for idk how long. I’m not a pro or anything, still I wanted to try it especially with this song. I hope you like it, it took me so frickin long bc I had no idea how to use svp.

(the watermark is my instagram btw)

BTS reaction: you being a famous youtuber/blogger

I don’t know if you meant finding out after they meet you, or you becoming famous after meeting you, so I’m going to make it a reaction to you being a youtuber/blogger in general. I hope you don’t mind. Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me this long! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He would definitely watch all of your videos, and probably make the other members watch them as well to support you. And he’s a sweet boy, so he’d probably have a playlist of his favorite videos of yours to watch when he’s away and missing you. If you wanted to, he might film a video with you (if you do challenges or something like that).

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

Definitely a huge supporter of you. He’d be so proud of you for succeeding. He’d obviously watch your videos and so on, and I believe he’d be willing to help you if you’ve run out of ideas on what to film. I don’t think he’d want to be featured in any of your videos though, unless it’s something very special.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

Your biggest supporter tbh. Like, he’ll hype you up and shower you in compliments after every video. I feel like he wouldn’t like actually promote you, like “hey, my partner is a youtuber, and you should definitely check their channel out”, but rather be open about being in a relationship with you, and give you more publicity that way. And if you need to film something with a second person, he’d volunteer every time.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’d love to brainstorm ideas for your next video with you, because he would want to support you in any way he could. He probably wouldn’t promote you, just to avoid backlash like “well, they’re only famous because they’re dating a BTS member”, but he’d help you in any other way he could. And he’s another one to have a playlist of his fave videos to watch when he’s missing you.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

He’d honestly find it so cool. Like, you’re famous from social media. Out of millions of people, you managed to get a career! He’d think you’re so amazing. If he saw you mentioned somewhere, he’d get so overly proud of you holy crap. I feel like he’d also love watching you film, although he’d always stay behind the camera.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

Such a fanboy jfc. I’m not sure if he would actually promote you, because of the backlash it could get, but he’s definitely the most likely out of the members. And he’d force all of the members to subscribe to you and watch your videos when they can. He’d also love if you wanted to film something with you, and if you didn’t he’d still stay behind the camera and distract you. 

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

He’d absolutely love it. Like, he’d feel like it’s such an awesome job to have. He wouldn’t actually ask you if he could be in a video, but he’d say yes if you asked him. But, even if you didn’t, I think he’d be in the background in most videos (unless he’s working while you’re filming of course), like, he’ll pass by your room and ask what you want for dinner and stuff like that.

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