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Favorite female villains in video games.


Les Dessinateur Fan Ending

I am a huge fan of the show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir and my favorite episode so far is “Le Dessinateur” where Marinette’s classmate, Nathanaël, becomes an akuma villain. This video is set the next day in class after Ladybug/Marinette cleanses Nathanaël’s akuma and turns him back to normal. So to understand what’s happening here, I highly recommend watching “Le Dessinateur” first! Check out mlsubbing for subbed episodes!

I felt really bad for Nathanaël since he was bullied by Chloe AND his teacher in front of his entire class and didn’t get much closure in the end. So I created my own ending to that episode for fun to help me practice boarding and here it is! This is my first time doing all out boards and I’m proud of myself for finishing it! :D

Characters belong to Zagtoon

Bonus (watch “Le Bulleur”):

oh Adrien you clueless boy <3


Here’s my own interpretation of Dr. Eggman based primarily on a combination of his designs in both the Genesis and Game Gear versions of Sonic Spinball.

While his sprite in the Game Gear version of the game is clearly based on the doctor’s AoStH design, I was mostly inspired by the creepy Robotnik face on the computer screen shown at the beginning of each stage.

And since you never see what he looks like aside from the top-half of his face in-game, I based the rest of his design on his sprites from the Genesis version, with a bit more influence from his AoStH design. I also added a cape because he looked a bit too plain otherwise.

I also sketched up a couple silly faces to show his range and also show that he’s not to be taken too seriously despite his somewhat imposing appearance. (I mean, this is the same guy who tried to Sonic-proof his base with giant pinball tables lol)

I like to imagine this version of the doc having the voice of either Long John Baldry or Deem Bristow. (I can’t decide!)

I really like how this turned out. Perhaps I’ll use this design for something in the future.

batman villain social media would honestly be so wild??? like it’s Frowned Upon to follow supervillains on twitter and instagram but i’m willing to bet they have some of the largest followings in the DCU and take all the best selfies. u know harley is the most subscribed youtuber for beauty and fashion tutorials. there is a lot of batfam/villain discourse on social media because these Receipts!!! also just like lots of drunk videos of villains dancing to ke$ha songs while throwing money in the air. batfam is constantly annoyed because they cannot top this, they’ve tried asking bruce for a couple thousand to make it rain but he’s like ‘we are not sinking to their level’


villain who can’t be taken seriously because of his unintimidating evil laugh

[Person 1: Will anybody own up to this crime?
-dramatic “the villian appears” music playing-
Person 2: It was me! (pressed) aH YAH!
Person 1: Anybody?]