video villain

When people keep asking you what’s under your paper bag

This was so much fun to make!The moment I saw a video of the meme,I just had to.It was an opportunity I had to take.

(If ever the YouTube video doesn’t work,I put one that’s above,just in case)


Alan talking about the delete scenes from the previous shorts.

He was so cute searching for the cursor of his computer.

Translation by me

Original Meme

Song: K'NAAN - Bang Bang ft. Adam Levine
Fandom: Villainous
Pair: PaperHat

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This one is for @avenoire and @drawinggheys who are both wonderful friends AND GREAT ANIMATORS WOW GO AND CHECK THEIR STUFF FAM

I translate a little of the Q&A from Alan’s workshop when he talks about Villainous and making Black Hat voice (he is the VA of Black Hat btw)

sorry for the quality, it’s the only one that I can find and if there are some sentences that doesn’t make sense or anything is because Alan was so nervious that he didn’t complete his sentences and he hesitate a lot, and that was so cute! (✿◕‿◕) 

if you have any questions just ask, and sorry if I have some grammar errors, I did it by ear and sometimes I translate very literally.

“hey gang wat is dis place”

“oh i kno let’s ask dat old lady over there”

“she looks safe ‘n’ perfectly normal an’ not at all like da widards from–

– dat game Magicka.”

“dis is totally unsuspicious, an’… wat?”

“why old lady do dat”




“i think the best punisher stories are the ones that are personal and i think you [can expand on that].”

“yeah, i think, i think deb said it, too. he’s a guy who … he lives in this world of darkness – reeling from what happened to him. and i don’t – i think he does not want people to affect him. he doesn’t want to bring emotion into it. but they do. and i think what steve and this team of writers have been able to accomplish is, is it is very personal to him. and he’s, he’s, he’s dragged very much into a, a, a personal war. uh, uh and he cares. and like deb said, i mean karen is a, is a character that he very much cares for. whether he wants to or not. and i think he’s the kind of guy who views that as a weakness. but, you know, the heart is a tricky thing. and when your heart’s affected, your heart’s affected.” – jon, sdcc17