video vibes

Listening to @levislittlesecret’s audio today and I found this image lying in my camera roll since five months ago (and I don’t even remember where I got it from…)
Pretty sure I heard Mikasa saying this line in that audio. This seems to be a part of their conversations in the PS4 game. Here is my translation: 

Levi: You have splendid skills, don’t you?
Mikasa: No… My skills are incomparable to yours. 

 (When Ackermans awkwardly praise each other XD)


Bringing that nerd swagger!

“Laffy Taffy” by D4L | Choreography by Scott Forsyth

ft. The Brotherhood | First Place finish at Vibe | Link to full video

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Stretch 2-3-4 by @watchtheduck and @pharrellwilliams

Dancer/ Choreographer: Jessica Pinkett

IG: a_tribecalled_jess
Twitter: a_tribecalled_j
Tumblr: @jessicaqueendompinkett