video switcher

Switchable Church

A few years ago, Kress Memorial SDA Church decided to go online. It was a change that I had been looking forward to for a long time. But where we really moved forward was recording our sermons and uploading them online. This was something huge. Besides the simple setup, we had managed to archive our church services and make them available to the internet. I was Excited.
We’ve upgraded now to a computer based switcher called the Tricaster. It is made by a company called Newtek, and it was an answer to most of my prayers. The tricaster bundles many of the features into one box, allowing us to just concentrate on the service. The box has done wonders for us, and has allowed our services to look 100 times better.
Looking forward to the future, I am currently working on the next revision of the church site, upgrading from joomla 1.5, to joomla 1.6. Unfortunately, since there was so much done to the next version, its not as simple as dropping new files into the server and the upgrade is done. So I am taking this time to start from scratch and explore new ideas.

Of the new ideas, what I have implemented so far has been:
-Mp4 video archives to make it iOS compatible (iPhone, iPod and iPad)
-New template, simpler but yet more options for me
-CD/DVD request form online

What I hope to do:
-Mobile compatible template
-Complete content for all ministries at Kress

So i’m almost done. Thank goodness, but with the onset of all the other work I have been doing lately this has been pushed aside. It might be time to dedicate some weekend time, but either way, its coming and Im loving the new changes and possibilities.