video store review

Roller Ball Massager
Bought at: Five Below
Cost: $5

So technically this isn’t a stim toy, but yet it makes a great one. I’m actually kind of obsessed with it at the moment. It’s like the roller ball on the fidget cube, but for your whole hand. It has a little weight to it too, not too much weight that it would make your hand tired though. I enjoy just holding it, and moving the ball around with my thumb. It’s incredibly relaxing in my opinion, and good quality for such a low price. They are found in the workout item area in Five Below (normally towards the back of the store). I’ve also seen these types of massagers in stores like target, meijer, and of course there is a ton online on eBay and Amazon. They are super common, though not always as cheap as $5.

I totally forgot to post about the xbox controller phone charm I got from BityKity some time ago! I wanted to do a full out review but I got busy with moving places and I didn’t have time. However, I still want to talk about my feelings on the charm and my experience so here’s a mini review!

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