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The Sims 4 Toddlers Update Overview Skills


Advance skills by walking around, playing with adults, dancing, playing with blocks, playing Blic Block Baby using the toddler tablet and attempting to climb stairs.

  • Level 1: Stumble around less.
  • Level 2: Can climb stairs, play wrestle with adults.
  • Level 3: Walks faster and learns to dance.
  • Level 4: Can run and build towers with blocks.
  • Level 5: Very stable, and fast at climbing stairs.


Advance by studying flash cards, talking with teddies and watching toddler videos on the special toddler tablet.

  • Level 1: Beginning to learn skills.
  • Level 2: Learn to hug, hit and learn animals from playing flash cards.
  • Level 3: Toddlers can talk about toys, trucks, yell, say nonsense, ask for dessert.
  • Level 4: Talks about parties, favorite animals, knock-knock jokes.
  • Level 5: Advanced verbal skills – tell story, tell goofy story and talk about dinosaurs.


Advance by having a adult train the toddler and by using the potty instead of the diaper more.

  • Level 1: Toddler doesn’t prefer potty over diaper, will not use without an adult present.
  • Level 2: Can use without an adult, but still diaper sometimes.
  • Level 3: They will always use the potty over diaper.


Advance thinking and independence by being curious. Play with flash cards, nesting blocks, SimShape on the tablet, and make sure to ask ‘Why?’

  • Level 1: Throw fewer tantrums, can take better care of themselves.
  • Level 2: Study shapes and acts less defiant.
  • Level 3: Learn numbers from flash cards and sleeps better through night alone.
  • Level 4: Starts to ‘Ask Why.’ Will stop splashing in the toilet as much.
  • Level 5: No tantrums, can learn letters, practice spelling and sleep through the night like a child would. Solves almost all needs independently.


Advance by playing with toys, such as dolls and Draw with Llama on the tablet, watching TV, listening to music and looking at toddler books.

  • Level 1: Imagination skill starts teaches toddlers to read, and play with imagination and creativity.
  • Level 2: Can play with others and look at picture books.
  • Level 3: Toddlers can name their toys, dolls, and stuffed animals.
  • Level 4: Can read toddler books.
  • Level 5: Can view and react to art.

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Sherlock Trailers Through The Years

I just thought this was interesting to compare the trailers from past seasons to the new one. I can’t help but notice how they’ve progressively gotten darker and moved further into” relationships” and away from “he’s a robot detective” 

 P.S. I couldn’t post all the trailers released bc of tumblr restrictions.

Season 1 

Season 2 (all combined in one video!) 

Season 3

The Special 

Season 4


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