video shoot


Behind the scenes of the masterpiece that is the TNHMB Music video 😻👏🏼

I’m sorry what Shawn said yesterday in the Q&A where the director will say to Shawn look at her like your in love and he felt so uncomfortable so Ellie made sure he felt comfortable and there’s still people coming after her for playing her role as Shawn’s lover

Video Shoot Panic

“Can I look?”, you asked, hands in front of your eyes, peaking between your fingers.

The noise of the helicopters was deafening and you had to yell to be heard.

Someone padded you on the back. “Maybe not quite yet.”, Jeff said.

You groaned. “Oh gosh! WHY? Why did he have to do this?”

You couldn’t see it, but you were sure Harry’s manager shrugged.

“You know the kid. He’s always going that extra mile. First with his music, then with the promo and now with this. Nothing we can do about it.”

Finally you dropped your hands, just to glare at Jeff.

“Please! You’re his manager! You could have told him this was too dangerous or too expensive! Something! He listens to you.”

He chuckled. “Right. The same way he listens to his girlfriend.”

You rolled your eyes and looked over to where the choppers were flying over the ocean, Harry dangling meerly by a rope below one of them. You shook your head, turning away again.

“I feel sick.”, you muttered, walking over to one of the cars and sat down in the open trunk.

Harry stayed up there, with icy wind blowing in his face, for a while, until they had everything they needed.

Then, after what felt like hours of panicking, at last they came back and sat Harry gently back on the ground. The wind was stronger due to the whirling helicopter blades. It was hard walking against that, trying to get to him. By the time you got within a few feet of him, one of the workers had already loosened the snap hook from his harness and he was walking freely in your direction. When he saw the worried look on your face, he smiled and gave you a thumbs up. You bit your lip and ran over to him, immediately slinging your arms around his chest, burying them inside his coat. He chuckled, hugging you back.

“‘M fine, love.”, he muttered into your hair, pulling you closer.

You could feel him shiver against you though.

“Why do you have to be so extra?”, you whined.

He laughed, took one arm away from you, so he could move you a bit away, take your chin between his fingers and tell you, with crinkles by his eyes: “‘Cause that way I can be sure no other guy can ever compete with me, so I got you all to myself.”

You rolled your eyes and pouted. “That won’t help anyone if you’re dead, you know?”

He smiled broadly. “I will not die, my love, not for as long as I got you.”

You groaned. “Cheeseball!”

For a moment you just looked at each other, then you both burst out laughing and Harry caught your lips in a passionate kiss.

You sighed when he retracted.

“Next video will just be you in a white, padded room, where you lay on the fluffy carpet singing seductively into the camera, ok?”

Harry smiled, kissed your nose and nodded. “K.”

Then he wrapped you in his coat and the two of you cuddled until he was warm again.