video projection art


* all the sounds in this video are placeholder. also, music. get in touch, audio guys

i actually got really lucky with this sequence and just didn’t capitalize on it. if i had just made the choice to throw that smoke grenade earlier (which would have reduced the vanguards’ accuracy) i could have burned through all the sweet grass in my inventory for a couple turns worth of healing and blown them away with the 40 shotguns the game was dumping on me

anyway, shotguns and explosives are area of effect weapons that (as soon as i get around to it, tomorrow) interrupt enemy attacks by resetting (or at least backsliding) their move timers and serve as defensive / ‘fuck this battle and fuck all of you’ options that allow you to defend yourself while you use healing items, put buffs on yourself, or buy time to cook up one of Jack’s weapons

which right now admittedly aren’t looking so threatening but hey, that’s works in progress for ya

battle theme’s from ffIV. field theme’s from umihara kawase

this miiiiiight be the last post before i put up a demo so stay tuned


Guns and Ships- Hamilton [Animatic]_(Genderbend)

thats all i can do for my project ;P



There’s a new animation up on my channel!


Hey There!

Most of this week is just art progress for the tilesets. I’m calling the caves tileset done for now. I messed around with the colors and made it a lot brighter to work with the existing assets and also just not be too dark. Now I’m working on what I’m calling the ‘Twisted Forest’ Tileset which is coming along nicely. You can see a small WIP shot of the “walls”.

I also completely re-did the water sprites and animation because it was just too plain. Hope you like the tilesets so far. I will try to finish up the Twisted Forest next week and put them all in game. 

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Question: If I were to do some streaming, what time would be ideal?

ayyyyee, a little thing I did for the @ygoreanimate​ project! x
I did phui’s suggestion on inserting cameos for the bg characters haha

Working on the 3 main dungeon tilesets that I have so far. Others are coming but I’m focusing on getting these ready for Greenlight and Beta/Early Access. I’m calling the main Dungeon one (Right) ready but the others still need some heavy tweaking, especially when it comes to colors (too dark or bright etc).

I hope you guys are liking the project so far. If you are interested in seeing more experimental and or work in progress bits, follow me on my Twitter where I’m a lot more active. Thanks!

Sorry for the gif quality, but Bacteriophage Claudio has some cool moves.

I still need to do the little battle portrait and some animations/icons.

(her shield is actually a thing! You can even counter when you guard~)


Hi tumblr! I made an animation as a project in my illustration class and wanted to upload it. It’s my first attempt at doing an animation of this caliber and I’m pretty proud how it turned out. Hopefully i’ll do more stuff in the future with animation.

Updated the weapon generation to also include colors. Colors can either reflect the type or element or just be random if the weapon has no special attributes. I also updated the attack animations so that the slash reflects the color of the weapon instead of always being white. This was particularly annoying to do since the slash and the character animation where a single sprite, so I had to separate them first BUT, I think it was worth it.

I also trimmed some frames from the attack animations because of input lag. There were 2 frames of winding up before actually bringing the sword down. Those 2 frames made it look smoother however the input lag was very obvious and most players would find that very frustrating. Combat feels a lot better now and faster now.

The generation for the weapon colors needs a bit of tweaking but I’m going to call this closed for now so I can go back to focusing on the Greenlight trailer. That’s all for now!


Working on making a Video game for our school project. This be the protagonist of the game we doing, i get to design the characters~! I made a crappy gif of the protagonist as well X3


Hey There!

I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would give an update to let you all know what’s up. I am currently working on putting together that Greenlight trailer however I am also working on putting the game together. What I mean by that is I am putting together a working, fun, game that someone can play and experience in a somewhat playable state.

All the features I have been posting on this blog are almost all created in a test environment or “Room” and once I got them to work I just move on to the next feature. This left me with a bunch of features that are in separate bubbles that work on their own and not at all tested in a typical game cycle. The actual game is just a sequence of (somewhat broken) empty rooms connected together meaninglessly with just one enemy type and haphazard obstacle placement.

So that is what I’m dealing with right now, no more features for a while, just putting everything together and MAJOR bug fixing. It’s already feeling much better but there is A LOT of work left. However once I have a stable game cycle I would have a good idea of the state of the actual game and maybe start working towards a beta and put up a development road-map.

Also while messing with the chests I updated the animation because it was awful and made chests explode with gold when opening which feels really satisfying. That’s all for now. Cya!


Ki-No-Ko Silent Hill Original Short

A short and suitably disturbing video art project called Ki-No-Ko by some of the members of Team Silent, the team behind the Silent Hill games.

Created by Masashi Tsuboyama, Suguru Murakoshi, Takeshi Miura and Akira Yamaoka