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Spring ‘17 Video Press Kit 💥💥

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The ultra rare Press Kit for Spyro 1, shame there was not one for 2 and 3, or later games at all.


Kit Harington - Interview - CINEMA-Redaktion 

Was it Worth it?

So she’s left but she’s not gone. And she left in her wake the wreckage of what used to be Josh Hutcherson’s fan base. 

“What is he doing?!”

“No one buys this bullshit!”

“I can’t support him right now.”

Those are some of the things I’ve read and have said myself. This girl and her seven-week “look at me” publicity tour has left even the most ardent Josh fans shaking their head in disgust. 

Josh, you have heavily damaged the good will and support of a huge percentage of your fan base by continuing to shove this farce of a relationship down our throats. You want proof? Just look at the notes on posts about you on your fan blogs. 

24 notes - that’s what a post on your volleyball game got. 

Posts about your generic new slasher flick struggled to reach 150 notes. 

Your fans have been left disappointed and disgusted. 

And for what? To promote a two-year old bomb of a movie and a talent-less, bland actress who will never amount to anything. And just like every other stunt before this one, you can clearly map out why this happened and how it benefited this leech.

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