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Diving with sharks in South Australia

I’m still so absolutely blown away by all the support on the original Haikyuu/Bungou Stray Dogs intro crossover I did (seriously you guys are all so lovely and wonderful and amazing I can’t express), and it inspired me to make an alternate version!

Original Video


Port of Amsterdam

Adventures with Steam’s recommendation queue #137:

1. VR-only game whose gameplay has absolutely no reason to require VR

2. Title whose store page is gated behind an age warning and you can’t figure out why

3. Solid wall of lewd visual novels because the last thing you played had the “Female Protagonist” tag

4. NES retroclone that gets the colour palette completely wrong

5. High concept indie title whose core mechanics are so abstruse, you can’t figure out how it works even after watching a three-minute gameplay video

6. PS2 port from 2003 with no gamepad support

7. Zombies

8. That one game that keeps popping up that you have absolutely no interest in, but is just close enough to what you’re actually into that you don’t want to give Steam the wrong idea by blacklisting it


Short lightning storm near Trieste, Italy


July 25 2015 -  Haiti marked the 100th anniversary of the first U.S. invasion of the country with protests in Port-au-Prince under the slogans of “Enough” and “No More Occupations”. 

One hundred years ago, U.S. corporations turned Haiti into a source of cheap labor and 400,000 workers were forced to go to other parts of the Caribbean and work in U.S. enterprises. The anti-imperialist protesters demanded the withdrawal of U.N. forces and reparations for historical losses inflicted on Haiti. 

As one protester said “The goal of this march is to say: Death to the dictatorship. Death to the occupation. Long live Haiti and the Haitian people. The USA are terrorists”. [video]

  • kerrimurph A penguin video to get through the middle of the week. One of my favorite days shooting was near Port Lockroy, an old British station/post office that has been turned into a historical site and museum. We hung out with thousands of Gentoo penguins for several hours. The summer staff at Port Lockroy not only maintains the site, but they also study the affects of tourism on the penguin colony (as this site is one of the most visited in Antarctica). Later in the evening, the clouds over the mountains in the back of this video opened up for sunset. A few of us who weren’t frozen solid hiked up the glacier and sat in awe (more like took a ton a photos in awe) at the beauty of the changing light through almost midnight. We kept saying ‘amazing’, 'breathtaking’, etc. etc. I’d say this was the best photographic day I’ve ever had (photos to come).

Now with color and all! After I animated and colored it in Adobe Animate then ported the video in After Effects to add the glow to the lasers. Woo-boy was that a little frustrating! Especially since I was using the program for the first time. But it must be done, especially since I plan to use AE for future animation. 

I can say that I’m very pleased with this animation test. Gives me a little bit more confidence that the “Shard vs Metal “ animation project might not be so bad after all!