video outtakes


Extras 2016


New J2M outtakes video. Take a shot every time there’s a unicorn laugh :)


brian turns dan into grump


The mascot can’t walk on ice.  I love this.


NEW VIDEO! I thought I would put together some old clips to put us all in a good mood 😋


Olivia Jensen DIY Video Outtakes


In case not everyone knew where to find the outtakes-video…here it is :)

Practice Makes Perfect

So, from what I’ve seen in @therealjacksepticeye’s Bloopers/Outtakes video, and I kinda realized something- he might seem 100% perfect in all videos, but there are tons of outttakes and unneccessary things, and that is because he is still learning.

A lesson, from a measly, pathetic sketch/traditional artist- Practice Makes Perfect. It seems like a cheesy old timey saying but it has strong values. Every day, every single sketch I make has at least 70 eraser marks and 1,000 alterations. With a million mistakes in between. Even after 17 years of blood, sweat and tears going into my drawings, I still have tons to learn. Imperfection is okay, and Practice Makes Perfect. 

You wanna do some warm-ups with your vocals? You do that. Practice in front of a mirror, build up your confidence, you are beautiful and deserve to be in the spotlight, you are a magnificent creature built from the stars.

You want to write that romance story or fanfic but got major writer’s block? Look at your surroundings- gather inspiration, write down little details, like the clock ticking away on the wall.

You want to draw that gorgeous fanart of your fave youtuber? REFERENCES HELP. Look ‘em up on the Googles, watch their videos, watch the way their faces change and move, study their eyes, look and observe at all the hairs, wrinkles and the sheer beauty of their uniqueness. Wanna talk to yourself about it? Go ahead!

Wanna make those awesome gifs or edits? Have at it! You are making the best thing ever, literal Harry Potter magic there, and make your followers flip their shit while looking at your creations.

You want to make that YouTube video as smooth as a calm Sunday Morning? Practice your intro until you loathe saying those words, and check everything until you are 900% sure that everything is in tippity-toppity shape. Got a few badgers in your throat? Take a glass of water, and swish it around in your mouth and swallow, and moisten- *Cringes at word*- that esophagus and stretch those vocal cords. Take the deepest breaths and look in that mirror, fix that cowlick and brush your hair a couple times, look into the mirror and smile- look at that astounding person in the mirror. Look at the hair, and admire the way you look. Today is another day to show the world your beautiful face and get ready to rock the world with your talent- you got this.

This is coming from a 17-year experienced, measly little Artist from Maine who holds the record for the worlds lowest self-esteem. 

So Jack, don’t be ashamed of your work, and be proud- getting 13 million subscribers in 4 years? Dude, you deserve a high five, that is a riot! Cherish all those awesome people and be proud of every video you make, because you are a hero that millions look up to and thank every day for getting them into a better place. 

Don’t give up, and just keep practicing.