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           Eyebrow Dance Specialist

My favorite part of the last episode. What Osomatsu and Choromatsu are doing is called the “Maeken Dance.” It’s a stretch workout that Maeda Kenta, a professional baseball pitcher, does during the middle of his games to stretch his shoulders. People who don’t know what it is often have no idea what’s going on, although it’s funny to look at.


So this isn’t really comic related, but I finished up a dance animation I was working on for the past few days. :V

You can right click the video to make it loop!

guys i want to do something...

so right here is camila discusses about the trolls and the issues she has been through and what she decided about them…

she seems now got over the trolls but most importantly is the damage it caused which is taking down her previous animation “do or die” which caused the lose of views and that made her revenue on youtube go extremely down which is sad and disappointing youtube is her job and it won’t be good if it’s of no use anymore….

sooooo i am going to help a little by that…

open any 10+ minutes video of her and make it in a loop …. idk if that actually works but it won’t harm to try i want to raise the views for her so she could retain the damage that has been done….she is my first idol and my inspiration to start animating seeing her like that hurts me inside….she actually going to upload another speedpaint later today and it’ll be 10+ minutes as she said i am going to watch it enjoy it then put it in a loop and enjoy the music after that for as long as i can….if you want to help then that’s awesome from you :D…and if not then it’s ok i am gonna be the lonely viewer here :’D

@camilaart you are strong and i am always supporting you

Gate of Time - Turning
Skyward Sword
Gate of Time - Turning

So ive been getting a lot of skyward sword feels lately, and i got reminded of how oddly calming i find the Sealed Temple, and especially the steady turning sound of the Gate of Time…

So i decided it was time for someone (me) to make a loop of said endless turning sound.

Darkiplier Theory Time!!

💚Ok so this has been itching at my brain for a while now, but what if Darkiplier has been with Mark way before his YouTube career, I mean all the way back to Marks childhood.

Because recently in Marks new video (Five Nights At Candies3) everything seemed completely fine the game started off great. Of course it had its jump scares and Mark made his hilarious cursing comebacks. But then Mark started talking about nightmares he had as a child. It was kinda strange of Mark just to bring it up out of the blue so suddenly.

(Mark: “I had nightmares all the time as a child. I still do. I do have nightmares”.)

Of course it seems like nothing wrong it’s just Mark talking to us about a past memory to go along with the game but he then goes more into depth with it.

(Mark: “I would have nightmares pretty much every other night to the point where I’ve just gotten used to it so much. It doesn’t phase me, I had nightmares all the time and they were vivid with vividly real like. Incredibly real every single night I would wake up from something scaring me into dreams”)

At first it doesn’t really seem like anything to look into, but why would Mark share his personal memory with us….one word “Darkiplier” We all know that Dark and Anti both thrive off of the energy we bring to the channel. But Dark needed energy and since the channel didn’t exist at the time. Marks happy energy was the only thing keeping him afloat. The Nightmares Mark was having was caused by Dark taking away his happy energy.

Mark then continues on: “I remember one more distinctly than any other it was a pretty typical nightmare. I was being chased by someone with a chainsaw. I must have been like seven or eight at the time. And I was running, but I could see his face very clearly like just a huge angry face just burned into my mind then I woke up”

I did some digging and found that a chainsaw in a general (Dream state) can suggest Saddness in ones life and shows that great change is about to happen . Was this maybe…Darkiplier trying to show Mark in a (Dream) that big change was gonna happen in his life. That Dark would soon take over Marks Body, Mind and Soul?

Mark continues “Could still see that face…that face was literally burned into my eyes. When I looked into the door way in front of my bed…at the foot of my bed. I saw his face”

Was this Dark showing himself for the first time to Marks childhood self. Was Dark just hiding in the shadows just leaving only his face visible so that Mark could never forget him.

And remember what Darkiplier said “I can take you to the places you want to go….and especially the places you don’t want to go”

Have us Fans ever questioned was Dark speaking on a psychical level or a mental? What I mean is did Dark mean he could bring our worst nightmares true and this case Mark could have so easily as a child been open to mental attacks that Dark could have done to him without Mark even knowing it was him.

As the video plays out Mark say “ What’s even weirder is that my nightmares are sometimes recurring. Like I will I’ll have nightmares in the exact same place and when I’m in a dream. I will remember the nightmares but not the fact that it’s a dream. Even if it’s day, I’ll have nightmares in the exact same places that I’ve been to multiple times”

And who do we all know that has the power of time looping “Darkiplier he can repeat a scene as many times as he likes, like in the “Date with Markiplier” video we see Darkiplier looping us back once when we failed to make the decision Dark deemed worthy.

Mark: “I was hesitant to play horror games because they scared me, but in a way they helped me conquer my fear. But there still there all the time.

So Mark has found a way to deal with his fears by playing more horror games, but he says that the Nightmares are still their all the time. Is this maybe Darkiplier waiting for another chance to get out again. Did Darkiplier manipulate Marks childhood self into forming a contracted with him? Has Dark literally been here since the beginning sitting quietly and patiently like a shadow just waiting for Mark to slip up?.

Sorry it’s so long but I hope it was worth it and I didn’t just wast any of your guys time on this, I never did a theory on Darkiplier before so hope u peeps like it. ;) Also if you peeps have your own theory’s about this then plz comment I would love to hear yours. 💚


Colourful Animation from Michael Shillingburg

Hello! I’m Michael!

I’m a 22 year old graphic designer and a recent graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art. I primarily make video games, iOS interfaces, and looping GIFs! I’ll be posting little tidbits of what I’m making on this blog, stay tuned!

If you’re looking to hire me for a project, send me an inquiry at I’d probably be happy to work with you!

My main inspirations are Nintendo games like Kirby 64, Mario Sunshine, and Wind Waker. I love bright color and incorporating motion wherever I can!

I make apps, games, GIFs and more! I’ll be posting various things I’m making on this blog.


I jut got back from Easter Brunch with the fam. But on my phone, I saw the thumbnail to Mark’s new video. Let me say I was excited. But, I want to delve into the video a bit more.

Everything is fine and dandy through the beginning of the game/ video. There was one hiccup in the webcam right after the screen and game curved with the creaking noise that I thought was my video rendering, but no. It was put there. It around 2:57. It’s almost exactly like the Antisepticeye glitch in the PAX East video where the video looped. The quitting making the game warp and the creaking sound was interesting. I think that was more of a “show them what’s going to happen”. 

As Mark continued playing and started writing the script down on paper, he was looking at the camera when saying the phrases, especially “Do you understand me? No one does. Listen.” Now, don’t quote me on this, but I think this is a puzzle that Mark/ Dark wants us to solve. When looking at the file that this game was in, it said this game was bought on March 19th…so. What if Mark solved it and is using this to help Dark’s lore continue.

 I’ve already seen some people trying to solve it, I’m not sure if anything is completely 100% proven yet so I’m not going to write it here, but I liked some of the phrases. But, there is one more thing I want to say. Those of you out there that said this was an easter egg…I think you’re right. This is a stepping stone, a sneak peak, and easter egg of something that is coming later, whether the next video for today or a video in the future days. Either way. this is Dark’s way of saying to not forget about him.

EDIT: I completely forgot to talk about the ending of the video when he said goodbye. The voice was completely normal, nothing changed. It was 100% Mark, but the screen when black and white with the VHS filter and the ringing static. I thought this was interesting to say that, yes, Dark is a manipulator. He can make us think that Mark is fine, that he’s normal and everything is perfect, but underneath, it’s not. 


Android users: Go forth and GIF 

Your Tumblr app makes GIFs now, just like the iOS app does.

Any video on your phone can be giffed. You’ve probably already shot tons of them, and they probably contain tons of giffable moments. Just:

  • Open a new photo post. 
  • Pick a video. 
  • Thwack!—it’s a GIF.

Speed it up. Slow it down. Make it eternally loop, or fool it into rebounding back and forth across time. Have fun figuring out the things you can do with your GIF.

Some additional tips for your GIF-making pleasure:

  • The shorter your GIF is, the better it’ll look. 
  • Speeding up a slow-mo GIF to 3x or 4x makes for a crazy-smooth normal-speed GIF.
  • Tap the rebound once to make your GIF go back and forth, twice to make it run in reverse. 
  • Sometimes life is too complicated for just one GIF. Make a photoset.