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Vine Update

Community and Creators,

In October we let you know that we’re shutting down Vine. Since then, we’ve been working closely with creators to find out what’s important to you, to answer your questions, and to make sure we do this the right way.

Here’s what’s coming: in January, we’re transitioning the Vine app to a pared-down Vine Camera. With this camera app you’ll still be able to make six-second looping videos, and either post them directly to Twitter or save them to your phone. In the coming days we’re also rolling out a way to make it easy for your Vine followers to follow you on Twitter – stay tuned for a “Follow on Twitter” notification soon. And last but not least, you can now download your Vines through the app or the website.  All of your Vines will continue to live on the website so you can browse all of the amazing videos you created over the years.  See our FAQ for more details and stay tuned on our website, app and @vine on Twitter for updates.

Thank you for the culture that you have helped shape, and for the content you’ll continue to make everywhere. You make the world a funnier, weirder, richer, more beautiful place.

– Team Vine & Twitter

Update: The Vine app will become the Vine Camera on January 17. Please download your Vines before then.

Hey-o, the Tumblr GIF maker is in iMessage now.

Yup, we’re in your texts. The Tumblr GIF extension for iMessage lets you make a GIF, then send that GIF directly to anyone you want.

The specifics:

  • Shoot GIFs on the spot, or make them from your videos, Live Photos, and bursts.
  • Make the GIF loop faster or slower. Whichever suits your lifestyle and aesthetic.
  • Make it run backwards, even. You maniac.
  • Put text on it. Any color. Three fonts. Three good, strong fonts.

If you’ve upgraded to iOS 10 and don’t already see the Tumblr GIF button among your iMessage buttons, here’s what to do:

  • Open your Messages app.
  • Open a conversation, if one isn’t already open.
  • Tap the app store icon next to the message field.
  • Tap the + icon.
  • Take a snack break. You’ve earned a light, healthy snack.
  • Tap the “Manage” tab.
  • Tap the switch next to “Tumblr.”

Whew. Now you’re ready to GIF things for the people you love.

By the way, you don’t even need a Tumblr account to use this thing. Just search the iMessage App Store for “Tumblr,” download the extension, and start giffing away.


                                                       “You stupid, stupid coward.”



A lot of you have asked about how I make my tape loops and how you can make your own, so I decided to make this instructional video for all of you. There are lots of variations on how to make tape loops, but in this video I show you my personal approach and method to the most basic tape loop. Let’s start this new year off right everyone - here’s to to creating more art, building more community, sharing more skills, and spreading more love in 2017! <3

So who do I believe got VeggieTales going? College kids and young, single adults. More specifically, college kids and young, single adults who worked in Christian bookstores. In the early 1990s, most Christian bookstores were small independents that often filled out their staffs with college kids and young singles working parttime. Particularly in less vital areas of the store, like, say, children’s products. By 1994, with the home video boom in full swing, just about every Christian bookstore had a TV and a VCR in the back, most often in the kids’department where some Christian kids’video invariably looped away all day long, making the young staff member assigned to that area a little, well, loopy. When VeggieTales came along, it was at least worth a look. So these college kids and young adults would open a VeggieTales video and pop it in just to check it out. And they loved it. The Monty Python references, the severe tongue-in-cheekiness, “The Hairbrush Song.”It was exactly what college kids and young single adults had never seen before in a Christian kids’video: something they would actually enjoy watching. We first discovered this dynamic in early 1994, when a woman sent us a copy of an invitation she had created for a VeggieTales party. “Cool,”I thought, “a VeggieTales party for her kids.”But on the back of the invitation, she had written, “By the way, this was a party for young adults. No kids were invited.”
—  Me, Myself and Bob by Phil Vischer
Ficlet: Reminiscing

Wheee! Mad Love’s been on my mind and I guess this is a belated Vday minific of this ship that wow am I really that invested in this? Did I convince other people to ship this? Really? XD

Good BGM for this fic:

This on half speed - click on the gear and select 0.5 under speed, and then right click on the video and select Loop to make it run longer! On with the minific!

Soli Deo Gloria

“Caroline…my love, my heart….”

The same phrase, reedier and higher than in centuries past. Now that their master was gone, they had a chance to reflect on the time gone by.

For whatever reason, Sliske had decided to include a large amount of chocolate cakes in the rations of the soldiers, likely to boost morale on the battlefield. In any case, Carol held and was consuming one now. She sat cross legged, across from Sliske’s most terrifying and monstrous general, whose teeth were presently red with elven blood. She had fetched both fixings, the cake and the fallen Cywir soldier herself, like she had always done.

“Don’t mention it, Greggie. Hee hee hee!” She smiled broadly, stuffing another slice of cake in her mouth while her husband followed likewise with his meal.

“Ahehehehe….Now that Master is gone, we can do as we please, Caroline.” He said, licking the blood from around his mask. “Think about it…Freedom!” He grinned widely, letting out his signature peal of mad laughter. It sent chills through his preys’ spines, but flutters through his wife’s stomach.

“That’s true, Greggie! I don’t have to stick around on the platform all day! I can always be with you, hee hee hee!” Apparently one benefit of being undead was not having to watch her diet and weight; she shoved another slice of cake into her mouth.

“Indeed…but why leave here? I still smell the power of the armies coursing out over the field, and of their generals…If I could drool, Caroline…” He stared out across the cavern of the Heart, relishing the sounds and screams of battle like fine music. He simply had to lurk long enough until the right time. Two of the generals would get into a scuffle. He would wait in the wings. They would wear one another down.

Then…he would feast.

“Greggie, I was thinking….we could visit the old place in the swamp! Where we worked together… It could just be for a little while…” She said, piping up. Now the cake she was consuming was half gone.

“Ahehehe…it’s probably worn away by now, dear Caroline. It has been centuries, after all.” He replied, chuckling a bit nervously.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce.” She cooed, then reaching out for her husband’s chin. She gave it a slight scratch. The smile on the mask widened, and Gregorovic’s head inclined upward a bit. He emitted an odd purrlike sound, as if suddenly he were a mere housecat.

“And maybe we can get a bit more variety in that diet of yours, hmm? She said, continuing to scratch as the purring noise got deeper and the undead mannequin appeared to relax.

“Ahehehee….I like the way you think, my dear wife.” He reached out one spindly, gangly arm and booped her on the nose with his claws. A purplish blush filled her undead cheeks as she giggled, seemingly delirious from his affection.

“Sometime soon then?” She said.

“Of course.”

The two streams of laughter melded together and echoed out over the Necropolis.

P.S  you will pry this ship from my cold dead hands and then I’ll turn into a wight and I’ll take it right back thanks for reading

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This Twice/BTS thing is getting really ugly. Fans/Anti/whoever Adding their video to the page on loop just to increase their views makes them look bad as a group. People keep saying it was an anti of both groups but we won’t know until they know. Why would an anti want to increase the views of Twice…either way it’s just sad and gross. No thanks.

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When a local Fox affiliate aired footage of a protest held in the wake of the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, two young black men killed by police officers under questionable circumstances, viewers were shocked to hear the crowd chanting, “We won’t stop, we can’t stop, so kill a cop,” like a Miley Cyrus / Ice-T mashup remix.

Clearly, the race war that Fox has spent the past several years warning everyone about was ready to explode…except, of course, for the part where that’s not at all what happened. As it turned out, the protesters were actually chanting, “We won’t stop, we can’t stop, ‘til killer cops, are in cell blocks.” … The audio of the video was deliberately altered by looping of the phrase “killer cop” to make the protesters sound like a pack of bloodthirsty psychopaths.

The 6 Stupidest Acts Of Journalistic Fraud Ever Attempted