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Mean Girls x the @taylorswift school of dance.

ID #31937

Name: Kristýna
Age: 17
Country: Czech Republic

My name is Kristýna and I am an awkward weirdo.
I’d like to exchange letters with someone through snailmail.

In my free time I like to watch Tv shows (like Sherlock, Doctor who, Hannibal, X-files…) and movies. I absolutely love reading and playing video games. I’m also into music, I can’t imagine my day without it. My favourite bands and singers are: Twenty one Pilots, Muse, The killers, Declan McKenna, Melanie Martinez, The 1975, The neighbourhood, Bry, Arctic monkeys and many many others.

So contact me if you’re interested! ^^

Preferences: No preferences at all

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This will be multiple posts so I'll number it (1) I miss one direction and louis and harry actually being friends and niall loving food and zayn teasing harry and taylor dancing to wmyb and paper airplane necklaces and central park dates and the boys with their colorful pants and their cheeky interviews and their bubblegum pop songs and 1d day and their concerts and haylor and ed karaoke and when they hated but loved each other and before zayn became a douche and #dontlickanythingharry

“2) and harry eating bananas and getting pantsed and carpool karaoke and harry’s taylor smile and harry calling out gemma’s date and water fights and taylor? Like swift? and the boys falling on stage and the wax figure surprise and being pranked on nickelodeon with supportive harry and oddly calm niall, and brit award chats, and harry being late to the brits, and harry’s rice farmer outfits, and harry twirking and his single ladies dance, and niall playing 22 and harry dancing,

(3) and harry being late to the brits, and harry’s rice farmer outfits, and harry twirking and his single ladies dance, and niall playing 22 and harry dancing, and harry whistling for taylor at the amas, and when niall fractured his foot, and harry and liam doing the worm and niall failing, and icarly, and harry crying on stage during over again, and when harry told louis he could of told him and no control, and even louis and zayns twitter feud (lol) and TORN OMG,

(4) and harry’s pussy-slaying high note in cant stop moving on the xfactor, and the eyeliner in the xfactor songs, and THE VIDEO DIARIES!!!, and kevin, and vas happenin’, and louis’ crush on mary, and zayn as a girl, and harry’s foul language on the xfactor, and night changes acoustic, and the fresh prince of bel air rap, and harrys beanies, and tattoo roulette, and ed singing with them, and harry building legos with ed, and ed and harry’s matching tattoos, and white eskimo, and zayn and perrie,

(5) and the first vmas, and liams shaved head which louis made fun of, and MSG, and THIS IS US, and niall’s braces and when they came off, and harry saying he doesn’t like it when a girl spits, and anne’s wedding, and gemma’s graduation, and all of louis’ siblings, and LUX AND LOU TEASDALE, and their impressions of her, and the boys crush on harry’s mom, and NICK CAR ON CHATTY MAN, and SNL, and meeting Princess Kate and Prince William, and Jimmy Kimmel’s obsessed grandma, and making the surfboard

(6) and harry’s floral suits, and zayn’s skunk hair, and the shade at the 2013 vmas, and the football!!, and jingleball, and the haylor kiss, and the nurf guns, and when they were all the same height, and their awkward dancing, and zayn missing the dance, and all of their auditions, and liam’s tweet about the snake habitat, and louis’ moms wedding, and harry’s embrace of his style, and HIS BOOTS, and harry’s stupid but brilliant tweets, and harry supporting gay rights,

(7) and louis confirming he would be a dad, and elounor 1.0, and niall wearing glasses, and niall’s tweet about hoping everything works out, and HARRY’s ALL THE LOVE, and when their baby faces would light up on the xfactor, and the history music video, and harry’s awkward purple shoes, and all the memes, and everyone spelling Niall’s name wrong, and the iconic louis and harry hug, and when they ducktaped their nametags, and when they would all hang out publicly,

(8) and when their pants were actually loose, and when they were super tight, and when they went to the Pokemon event, and louis’ scarves, and when they hung out with cher lloyd, and their crushes on cher (the judge), and harry and caroline flack, and BEFORE THEY HAD TATTOOS, and pre-stuble zayn, and finding out they would be a band, and their first official photo taken by jay, and coming in third, and the olympics, and their trip to ghana, and harry crying, and hobama, and harry speaking french”


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LWYMMD the dance movies.  Exhibit A:

Sure, we maybe are supposed to think she’s making a gun with her hand.  In all honesty, it’s more likely @taylorswift found inspiration for this late one night while throwing cat toys.

tbh I'm so proud of VIXX

Like they seriously are the first kpop group to do dark concepts constantly and successfully.

2PM’s “Heartbeat” may have jumpstarted the trend, but VIXX perfected it and they have perfected it even more with this latest comeback.

Many groups have claimed for their performance to be dark, but honestly- they have never done it to the level of VIXX (from voodoo dolls where they literally stab themselves and open the doors of hell in the performance to jekyll and hyde to vampire/aliens wearing neon green contacts and actual stage makeup to goddamn love slaves )

But also, throughout these concepts, they grew alot as performers and I am so proud of them.

A lot of starlights can agree with me, that their first music videos were awkward or messily done. They would make mistakes in the music videos, there would be awkward acting, and sometimes their costumes would just be plain ugly.

But this comeback with their conception series and “Fantasy” definetely shows how much they’ve grown in these past few years. Like do you see the sets??? their costumes?? the quality in directing/editing??? amazing. And the fact that this choreography was made by Keone Madrid, who also starred in Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself and created BTS’s Fire???

I’m so excited for this comeback and I am so excited for VIXX to go back to their roots.
Let’s make them proud guys :)


Ed Sheeran makes a Shortland Street cameo