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Laura Kate: a let’s player who is actually good

in the wake of this whole mess regarding a Certain Youtuber fucking up yet again, i thought i’d make a recommendation post for one of my favorite let’s players who is completely underrated, laura kate / laurakbuzz!!

her channel is here, and she’s currently doing a playthrough of the legend of zelda: breath of the wild! here’s some facts about her:

  • she is charming and funny with great commentary
  • she’s a trans woman
  • she’s british
  • she’s got blue hair
  • she posts a new video of her current LP every day!

besides her zelda playthrough, laura has also done LPs of undertale, dark souls 3, life is strange, and many other popular games. she also has a series where she reviews video game butts

i highly recommend her and if you’re looking for a new let’s player to follow, you should go check her out!

okay this one might be a stretch but...

When Jackson was recording in the FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE trailer we all noticed that the elapsed time was stuck on the last possible second of the day it was released

But we didnt really pay attention to the time of remaining space being 24 mins,

Which is almost the exact amount of time it takes to watch the entire trilogy plus trailers???

Enough time for Jinyoung to rewatch all his friends die without him for us to keep reliving FLIGHT LOG over and over again


It. Is. Here. Holy shit guys! My Sterek LP is here!!!! First episode! *hides behind curtains


Laura Pergolizzi, the Long Island singer songwriter better known as LP, just gave us a double dose of audio visual bliss by dropping two music videos at once. I was an immediate fan of this striking artist from the very first moment I encountered her voice close to three years ago. I don’t think there’s many artists out there with a comparable sound when it comes to her scratchy emotive delivery and her immaculate range, stretching from deep resonating to lofty spry. Watch LP strum and coo away in the video for sooty chugging Other People above, then watch the video for passionately blazing Tightrope below. LP’s 2016 EP Death Valley is available for purchase from iTunes.


Episode 3 is here!